Temple of Light

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Temple of Light
Temple of Light.png
Released17 October 2005 (Update)
LocationBetween Tirannwn and Kandarin
MusicTemple of Light
Temple of Light map.png

The Temple of Light is an ancient structure built by the elves to protect the death altar. The temple can be found under West Ardougne at the end of the tunnels leading from the Mourner's HQ, and is accessed during Mourning's End Part II.

The temple is a complex maze, with the manipulation of light being necessary to proceed. A Crystal trinket is required to enter after the quest is complete, which can be obtained from Arianwyn on the ground floor of the altar in Lletya, or can be found in the chest in that same location after starting Song of the Elves.

The temple is swarming with level 73 Shadows that can easily hit 13s. Players may also find dark beasts east of the entrance, which require 90 Slayer to kill. Located in these tunnels is also a single runite rock at the Mourner Tunnels mine.

History[edit | edit source]

The Temple of Light was built after Seren discovered the death altar in the caves beneath the Galarpos Mountains. Seren tried to use the death altar to counteract her bond with the elves, infusing a fragment of herself with energy of darkness and death. This however failed and Seren had the temple built to imprison the fragment, that she could not get herself to destroy, and the death altar itself. The temple was sealed with a magic security system to prevent anyone from entering. Over time the temple was forgotten.

Millenia later, after the God Wars and the shattering of Seren, a young Lord Iorwerth discovered a message from Seren in the Grand Library by breaking one of Seren's nine seals, revealing that a part of her was hidden in the Temple of Light. Lord Iorwerth became obsessed with freeing what he thought was the elven goddess. This eventually led him to strike a deal with King Lathas of Kandarin, claiming to work for the return of a 'Dark Lord'. This allowed Iorwerth to let his elves, disguised as mourners, search for the lost temple beneath West Ardougne and faking a plague to kidnap and enslave citizens to excavate the tunnels.

In Year 169 of the Fifth Age the entrance to the temple was rediscovered, but the scouts that discovered it were killed by the shadows that roamed the temple before they could report of their discovery. Fortunately an adventurer, who had been used by Lord Iorwerth and King Lathas, but then decided to work against them, had infiltrated the Mourners and were appointed to search for the scouts. With the help of the rebel elves of Lletya, the adventurer was able to enter the Temple of Light and restore its weakened protection system, thus the temple was saved. However the adventurer discovered that a group of dwarves had managed to gain access to the temple by excavating a tunnel from the Underground Pass directly into the final chamber of the temple.

Lord Iorwerth soon learned of this backdoor to the temple and eventually attacked the dwarves' camp, although not without massive resistance from the dwarves, the rebel elves, the elven clan leaders and the soldiers of King Tyras. In the ensuing chaos Lord Iorwerth managed to sneak in and break free the dark fragment of Seren, although it did not last long as both Lord Iorwerth and the Fragment of Seren were defeated.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Mourner gear is required to enter through the front door in West Ardougne since it is in the basement of Mourner's HQ (unless the player has completed Song of the Elves). If the player has completed Mourning's End Part II, the new key is required to enter the dungeon from the basement; it can be found on the Head Mourner's desk in the basement. After the quest is complete, you'll need the Crystal Trinket from Arianwyn on the ground floor of the altar in Lletya to re-access the temple. After Song of the Elves, it is instead found in a chest on the ground floor.

Alternatives without Mourner gear would be to go through:

Players then proceed to the dwarf camp at the southern wall, and use the tunnel to the death altar. The player can also enter the Abyss, go to the death rift, and then use the portal to teleport next to the altar.