Temple of Marimbo

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Temple of Marimbo
Temple of Marimbo.png
Released6 December 2004 (Update)
LocationApe Atoll
Advanced data
A map of the Temple of Marimbo

The Temple of Marimbo is a temple in Marim, Ape Atoll; it is dedicated to the monkey goddess, Marimbo. Marimbo takes the shape of a giant gorilla, yet she is a shapeshifter. The temple is only accessible during and after Monkey Madness I.

Players use the temple for melee training without the use of any food or prayer potions. Players teleport to the temple with good prayer armour and use Protect from Melee to fight level 167 Monkey Guards. If a player can manage to maintain their hitpoints at a low without the risk of dying (if poison is healed) it is possible to use Dharok the Wretched's equipment to do massive damage. When their prayer runs low, a player can pray at the gorilla statue which functions as an altar near the gorilla spawns. The altar confers the advantage of being able to run many prayers at once, such as Incredible Reflexes, Ultimate Strength, Chivalry, or Piety.

Since the gorillas occasionally heal, a player can get a good amount of experience from one gorilla. The bearded gorillas near the trapdoor can block players from moving past them, similar to barricades in Castle Wars, so it's best not to get trapped since a monkey greegree cannot be used during combat. There is also a spider which can attack players and poison them. They do not need to damage a player to poison them. Once they are tolerant, going up the stairs behind the altar doesn't make it aggressive again but going up any other ladder, going too far south or west will make it attack the player again.

The Temple of Marimbo Dungeon is found under the temple, and is visited during Monkey Madness I and the Awowogei section of Recipe for Disaster quests.

The outside of the temple.