Temple of the Lesser Gods

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Temple of the Lesser Gods
Temple of the Lesser Gods.png
Released26 April 2005 (Update)
MusicCity of the Dead, Back to Life
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The Temple of the Lesser Gods in Sophanem is a house of worship for the four lesser deities of the Menaphite Pantheon: Apmeken, Crondis, Het and Scabaras. It is located in the north-eastern corner of the city (surrounded by a swarm of giant locusts) and overseen by Jex, a priest of Icthlarin who is also versed in the worshipping rites of the lesser gods. He used to hold services for them until the temple and its basement, the bank of Sophanem, were severely damaged by an incursion of the Sect of Scabaras from the tunnels below and their subsequent repulsion by the Sophanites.[1] Following the death of several Sophanites who entered the dungeon, the tunnels were shut off by a trapdoor with a complicated lock and two Sophanem guards were stationed in the remains of the bank.[2]

Jex and the Temple are visited in the Contact! quest, when the player accesses the Scabarite tunnels to find a way into Menaphos. As part of this mission, the player brings Osman to Sophanem, where he knocks Jex unconscious and sneaks into the temple. Following the quest, the basement and bank are restored and put back to use.[3] The temple itself, however, remains in its wrecked state. Jex blames this on the fact that Sophanites mainly worship Icthlarin, whereas the lesser deities are more popular in Menaphos, coupled with the fact that the plagues of Sophanem and the subsequent quarantines have taken their toll on the cities' economies. To add insult to injury, the treasure hunter Simon Templeton stole some of the temple's broken stonework.[4]

Although the altar remains broken and unusable, the wall decorations symbolising the four lesser gods are intact. There is a ladder leading to the roof in the corner of the temple, but there is nothing there.

References[edit | edit source]

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