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Released24 March 2021 (Update)
RaceSea spirit
LocationTempoross Cove
ExamineA mass of angry wet.
Advanced data
NPC ID10572

Tempoross is a minigame-style boss that is fought using non-combat skills. Also known as the Spirit of the Sea, it is an ancient entity believed to be as old as Gielinor itself. It is able to create intense storms that make sailing difficult, and has recently awoken after having laid dormant for centuries, wreaking havoc upon sailors who were unfortunate to cross its path in the seas.

The Spirit Anglers, a group of fishermen from Al Kharid, have established a port at the Ruins of Unkah in the southern desert to investigate the reason behind its sudden resurgence and to create safe passage through the seas by keeping it subdued. In order to help them subdue Tempoross, players must have at least level 35 in Fishing.

Tempoross is considered a boss and not a minigame. Therefore, while players take no damage directly from Tempoross or the surrounding environment, the normal rules relating to the loss of items still apply, and Hardcore Ironmen will lose their Hardcore status if they die while fighting Tempoross (e.g. from poison).[1]

Followers and pets are allowed to be brought in the Tempoross fight, and the fished harpoonfish can be fed to kittens when hungry.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

There are several ways of reaching Tempoross. Beware of desert heat while travelling there. These options, ordered from fastest to slowest, are:

Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing 35 Fishing is the only requirement to take on Tempoross.

Fighting Tempoross[edit | edit source]

Four cannons fire harpoonfish at Tempoross.

Players can begin the encounter by boarding the ship located at the end of the dock in the Ruins of Unkah. Tempoross can be fought alone or with a group. Captain Dudi announces a countdown for when the next encounter will depart; however, the boat will leave immediately if the maximum number of players allowed in one encounter is reached.

Multiple instances of the encounter can run simultaneously, so players will not have to wait for an in-progress encounter to return before a new encounter can begin. The boss fight scales by the amount of players and combined fishing levels. Doing it solo or in smaller groups mostly does not put you at a disadvantage. However, with fewer players, fires will be harder to put out.

After the ship departs, players will arrive at Tempoross Cove on board one of two ships, both of which are identical in function and role in defeating Tempoross. A selection of equipment, including ropes, buckets, hammers, and harpoons are available from the crates on deck should the player have lost or forgotten any items.

Players must help the anglers subdue Tempoross by draining its essence to zero. To do this, players must first deplete its energy by firing cannons found on the decks of both ships, using harpoonfish as ammo. The fish are gathered via harpoon spots found in the waters around the island and can optionally be cooked to deal more damage. Occasionally, a fishing spot will have jumping harpoonfish. Fishing at these spots allows for the chance of catching two harpoonfish at a time. Raw harpoonfish drain 10 energy per fish, while cooked fish drain 15 energy per fish. In solo mode, Tempoross has ~266 Energy at 100%

Double harpoonfish!

Once its energy is depleted to zero, Tempoross will submerge and the second phase of the fight will begin. During this phase, players must catch the energized fish from Tempoross by fishing at the whirlpool at the end of each dock. Doing so will reduce its essence. If the essence depletes to zero before Tempoross has fully restored its energy, it will retreat and the encounter will be successful. However, if Tempoross fully regains its energy before its essence is fully depleted, it will emerge and the first phase of the fight will repeat again. Any essence depleted from Tempoross in the second phase will remain depleted. This cycle can be repeated up to three times, after which Tempoross will gain too much energy, becoming "enraged", and the encounter will end unsuccessfully.

If the encounter is successful, the player will be automatically sent back to the Ruins of Unkah after approximately 20 seconds. Players can skip the wait by using the right-click leave option on any of the NPCs around the Cove.

Tempoross' attacks[edit | edit source]

Dispersing the magical fish forming Tempoross's essence.

During the fight, Tempoross will attempt to disrupt the player's efforts by unleashing an array of attacks. These attacks do not deal any damage; rather, they hinder the player's movements and can cause players to lose some of the fish and tools gathered during the encounter. The only items that can be lost during these encounters are the Hammer, Rope, Bucket, Bucket of water, Raw harpoonfish, and Harpoonfish. All other equipped and inventory items are safe from Tempoross’s attacks.

A colossal wave closes in...
  • Wave Attack - A huge wave covers the entire cove, pushing players a few tiles away. Players can avoid being swept away by using rope to tether themselves to masts or totem poles found on the ships and islands respectively. Tethered players will be unaffected by the wave attack but will be unable to move for the duration of the wave (though players can freely tether/untether themselves). The wave can also break masts and totem poles, which will need to be repaired with a hammer before they can be used to tether again. The wave will also extinguish any fires started by the lightning attack. The wave attack will not start if Tempoross' energy is 10% or lower.
A strong wind blows as clouds roll in...
  • Lightning Attack - Large grey clouds move over the island and ships, expand, and then emit lightning bolts. Players can put out the fires with buckets of water, but if not done quickly, fires will spread to more tiles. As with the wave attack, the lightning attack will not start if Tempoross' energy is 10% or lower. However, fires will continue to spread.
A zapped cannon
A charged torrent of water surges towards a nearby cannon...
  • Torrent Attack - A swirling pillar of water is launched towards a cannon, which temporarily disables it and stuns any player currently loading the cannon. This can be avoided by quickly stepping away or switching to another cannon onboard. The Torrent Attack will not start if Tempoross' energy is 10% or lower.

Activities[edit | edit source]

  • Fishing harpoonfish (5 points/fish) - Collect raw harpoonfish by fishing at the designated fishing spots.
  • Cooking harpoonfish (10 points/fish) - Cook harpoonfish to increase their damage output when used as ammo.
  • Depositing harpoonfish (raw/cooked/crystallised) (20/65/20 points/fish) - Deposit harpoonfish into the crates next to the cannons on the ships. Depositing cooked harpoonfish yields significantly more points.
  • Repairing totems/masts (40 points/repair) - Over time, the totem poles and masts players tether themselves to will get damaged and need to be repaired with an Imcando or normal hammer. Doing so provides 4 times the amount of your current construction level in experience.
  • Dousing fires (40 points/fire) - Douse the fires created by Tempoross' lightning attack.
  • Surviving the wave (10 points/wave) - Tether to either a totem pole or mast to survive the colossal wave.
  • Harpooning spirit pool (55 points/scatter) - Fish in the whirlpools to drain Tempoross' essence.

Experience rates[edit | edit source]

Not Cooking[edit | edit source]

Not cooking the harpoonfish means getting lower amounts of points/loot but significantly more exp. With Crystal harpoon and a fishing level near 99, this is the fastest experience in the game if not using tick manipulation methods. With no crystal harpoon or if not near level 99 fishing, drift net fishing will yield higher experience rates.

Fishing Level XP/h
Harpoon.pngRegular[n 1] Dragon harpoon.pngDragon Infernal harpoon.pngInfernal Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal
35 30,000 N/A N/A N/A
70 62,000 66,000 N/A 72,000
80 65,000 69,000 71,000 77,000
90 68,000 72,000 74,000 80,000
99 70,000 74,000 76,000 92,000[n 2]
  1. ^ The standard harpoon, the barb-tail harpoon, and Barbarian Fishing all have the same experience rates.
  2. ^ Using another account to shorten the waiting time between games, up to 102,000 experience per hour is possible.

Cooking[edit | edit source]

Cooking the harpoonfish means lower experience rate but significantly more points and, therefore, loot. It is recommended for iron players and pet hunters to use the infernal harpoon when they reach the level requirements.

Fishing Level XP/h
Harpoon.pngRegular[n 1] Dragon harpoon.pngDragon Infernal harpoon.pngInfernal Crystal harpoon.pngCrystal
35 22,000 N/A N/A N/A
70 52,000 54,000 N/A 58,000
80 56,000 58,000 60,000 62,000
90 60,000 62,000 64,000 66,000
99 64,000 66,000 68,000 70,000
  1. ^ The standard harpoon, the barb-tail harpoon, and Barbarian Fishing all have the same experience rates.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

During the fight with Tempoross, players primarily gain Fishing experience, with additional opportunities to gain experience in Cooking, Construction, and Strength. Unlike Wintertodt, no experience is awarded upon Tempoross' defeat. Players also receive one reward permit for the first 2,000 points scored and additional permits for every 700 points beyond 2,000. Any remaining points award a linearly scaling chance for a final permit. Up to 8,000 reward permits can be stored in the reward pool at the Ruins of Unkah. The final reward can be collected by fishing from the reward pool with a small or big fishing net. Rewards are determined by the player's Fishing level at the time they are fished from the reward pool.

This drop table has a calculator: Tempoross reward pool

Points Guaranteed Reward Permits
2000 1
2700 2
3400 3
4100 4
4800 5
5500 6
6200 7
6900 8
7600 9
8300 10
9000 11
9700 12
10400 13
11100 14
11800 15
12500 16
13200 17
13900 18

Unique Rewards[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Spirit flakes.png: Tempoross drops Spirit flakes with rarity 40/160 in quantity 32-64Spirit flakes32–6440/160Not sold32–64
Casket (Reward pool).png: Tempoross drops Casket (Reward pool) with rarity 8/160 in quantity 1Casket (Reward pool)18/160Not soldN/A
Soaked page.png: Tempoross drops Soaked page with rarity 149/8,000 in quantity 5-9Soaked page5–9149/8,0007,740–13,932510–918
Fish barrel.png: Tempoross drops Fish barrel with rarity 1/400 in quantity 1Fish barrel11/400[d 1]Not soldN/A
Tackle box.png: Tempoross drops Tackle box with rarity 1/400 in quantity 1Tackle box11/400[d 1]Not sold510
Big harpoonfish.png: Tempoross drops Big harpoonfish with rarity 1/1,600 in quantity 1Big harpoonfish11/1,600Not sold2,100
Tome of water (empty).png: Tempoross drops Tome of water (empty) with rarity 1/1,600 in quantity 1Tome of water (empty)11/1,6001,562,62811,700
Dragon harpoon.png: Tempoross drops Dragon harpoon with rarity 1/8,000 in quantity 1Dragon harpoon11/8,0001,359,13033,000
Tiny tempor.png: Tempoross drops Tiny tempor with rarity 1/8,000 in quantity 1Tiny tempor11/8,000[2]Not soldN/A
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 Replaced with 25 Soaked Pages if already owned.

The debris can contain some unique rewards:

Combat Achievements[edit | edit source]

The following Combat Achievement tasks involve Tempoross.

Name Description Difficulty Category
Tempoross Novice Subdue Tempoross 5 times. Easy Kill count
Master of Buckets Extinguish at least 5 fires during a single Tempoross fight. Easy Mechanical
Calm Before the Storm Repair either a mast or a totem pole. Easy Mechanical
Fire in the Hole! Attack Tempoross from both sides by loading both cannons on both ships. Easy Mechanical
Tempoross Champion Subdue Tempoross 10 times. Medium Kill count
The Lone Angler Subdue Tempoross alone without getting hit by any fires, torrents or waves. Medium Perfection
Dress Like You Mean It Subdue Tempoross while wearing any variation of the angler outfit. Hard Restriction
Why Cook? Subdue Tempoross, getting rewarded with 10 reward permits from a single Tempoross fight. Hard Mechanical

Music[edit | edit source]

Track Details
Play track Tempor of the Storm. Plays upon arriving at Tempoross Cove.
Play track Plays upon successfully subduing Tempoross.
Play track Plays when failing to subdue Tempoross.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
18 May 2022

Tempoross Fishing Spots no longer have holes in their clickbox.

1 December 2021

You’ll now receive a Big Harpoonfish (if you’ve previously received one) rather than 25 Soaked Pages to showcase how many you’ve got in the Collection Log. The Retired Sailor will still trade you pages for your fish.

17 November 2021

Players can no longer attack the Tempoross Fishing spots.

6 May 2021

The aforementioned change to Tempoross' behaviour below 10% energy has been reverted.

5 May 2021
  • Reducing Tempoross' energy to 10% or lower will now prevent it from attacking for 15 seconds rather than indefinitely. If players don't continue to shoot fish within that time, it will begin to attack again.
  • Fire hitboxes are now slightly bigger, covering more of the 2x2 space they occupy. In addition, the height of the fire will no longer change mid-animation.
  • Fires now remove resources every two ticks (1.2 seconds) rather than one (0.6 seconds).
  • The wave attack won't disrupt as many actions when it's incoming, such as when cooking at the shrine.
28 April 2021
  • A new overlay has been added to the lobby and the surrounding area. This will show how many players are waiting in the lobby, and indicate how long until the ship takes players to Tempoross Cove.
  • Player's Personal Bests and Time Taken stats are now displayed after successfully defeating the boss. They've also been added to the Spirit Angler stats board in the Ruins of Unkah.
  • A quick-climb option has been added to the Tempoross lobby ladder, as well as a water pump aboard the ship.
  • UI on both mobile and PC has been moved to create more space on the screen.
14 April 2021
  • Items that require setting up (e.g. dwarf multicannons, mithril seeds, box traps, etc) can no longer be used on the ship taking players to Tempoross Cove, nor can players light fires on it.
  • Players can no longer stall to run through fires.
  • Points from dousing fires and fixing totem poles have been increased from 20 to 40.
  • Fishing XP may now be gained in Tempoross encounters on world 345.
7 April 2021

The ship taking players to Tempoross Cove will now sail there after 30 seconds instead of 60.

29 March 2021

Players without a house will no longer gain Construction experience when repairing the mast or totem pole.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

A player transformed into a Tempy snowman.
  • Dying at Tempoross is considered an unsafe death, however since the boss doesn't do damage to the player, this can only be managed through self inflicted damage, poison, or venom.
  • Players can transform into a Tempy snowman by using a snowman ring, which resembles Tempoross.
  • Cats can be brought to the fight, and can be fed raw harpoonfish.

References[edit | edit source]

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