The Ascent of Arceuus

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The Ascent of Arceuus is a quest in the Great Kourend quest series which focuses on Arceuus.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A Death![edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Weapons and armour

Speak to Mori who is north of the pub in Arceuus. Upon speaking with her, a shocked Mori tells you that her friend, Thana, has died. As members of the Arceuus House have achieved immortality a thousand years ago during an event known as the Ascent of Arceuus, this is considered impossible and she asks you to seek help from David Andrews, the leader of the Kourend Council, the current ruling authority of Great Kourend.

Location of councillor

Travel just south-west to Kourend Castle and speak to Councillor Andrews on the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. He will tell you that the Arceuus family have chosen to keep their knowledge secretive, and thus the Council cannot lend their assistance.

Return back to Mori and tell her that the Council will do nothing to help. Mori informs the player that the Council doesn't often provide help and actually were never meant to rule the Kingdom. She suggests that if the Council wont help, maybe Lord Arceuus will, as she guesses that he will not be able to ignore a death among his own people.

Walk north-west to the Tower of Magic, just west of the Arceuus Library. Speak to the Tower Mage outside the doors and inform them that there has been a death in Arceuus. They say that the tower has been experiencing issues, but as your investigation may be linked to their problems, they allow you enter.

Upon entering the tower, the player will be faced with several Tormented Souls, which seem to be attacking the mages inside. There are five spirits: one which immediately attacks the player, and four attacking the mages. Bring a decent weapon to kill them faster. Defeat all of them before heading to the upper level.

Lord Trobin Arceuus in a magical trance.

Speak with Asteros Arceuus, the son of Lord Trobin Arceuus. He will tell the player that a short while ago, their instruments detected fluctuations in power from the Dark Altar, causing them to feel a strange loss of power, as if the Altar itself had failed altogether.

After realising this, Lord Trobin Arceuus used himself as a conduit to channel what little power the Dark Altar had left. This failure of the Dark Altar is what caused the experimental trapped souls to break free and turn feral, and caused Thana's death. Lord Arceuus' power is the only thing keeping his people alive.

Asteros reveals to the player that his father isn't the one who discovered the knowledge of immortality, despite the belief by most that he did. Rather, the knowledge was given to him by three volcanic creatures known as the Tasakaal. These ancient beings reside in the sulphur volcano of Mount Karuulm and possess far more knowledge of the Dark Altar than anyone else in Arceuus. Asteros will ask that you contact them to find a way to restore power to the Dark Altar.

The Tasakaal[edit | edit source]

Items recommended: Two Battlefront teleports

The Tasakaal, seated in the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
The ancient grave the Tasakaal mentioned to you.

Make your way over to Mount Karuulm, which can be quickly accessed with the fairy ring code CIR or by using a Battlefront teleport. Having 62 Agility will make navigating the mountain slightly easier and quicker.

Enter the Karuulm Slayer Dungeon on the mountain's summit via the elevator; you do not need to bring foot protection. Speak to one of the three Tasakaal; they will initially dismiss you, but will listen to you after hearing the name "Arceuus". They will tell you that Trobin and Asteros came to them long ago, pleading to help his dying wife. They granted them the knowledge of immortality, but misused it to grant the people of Arceuus immortality, upsetting the balance of the world: "For every death, there must be life. For every life, there must be death. Perfectly balanced. As all things should be." Thus, they will refuse to help them, as their time has long been overdue.

You will offer to help the Tasakaal in exchange for saving the people of Arceuus. They will admit the Arceuus' work with souls has been useful in helping to maintain the balance. The Tasakaal will agree to help you, provided that you help them with a task of their own. They will tell you to free a trapped soul in a grave south-east of the mountain before they will assist you.

If you have a second Battlefront teleport, use it to directly arrive at the ancient grave. If not, leave the mountain and head south-east of the mountain to get to it. Inspect the ancient grave and follow the tracks by inspecting the plants to the end east of the Farming Guild, where a Trapped Soul will attack. Make sure to inspect each plant on the pathway there to reveal the footprints or the trapped soul will not appear. Importantly, the soul pops out of a bush, by running to the other side the Trapped Soul is safespottable. The Trapped Soul will crawl back into the bush if you run out of sight of it. The Trapped Soul will disappear if you take too long to kill it, making this fight tricky for very low levels.

Once the soul has been disposed of, return to the Tasakaal. They tell you that they have found the cause of the problem; the Dark Altar is working as normal, but someone has placed a device to redirect its power to a construct nearby.

Finishing up[edit | edit source]

Head to the Dark Altar, north-east of the Arceuus Library. You can use the fairy ring code CIS if you have repaired it or games necklace (wintertodt teleport) . Inspect the rocks around it until you find a strange device, which you automatically smash. Return to the Tower of Magic, and speak to Lord Arceuus to complete the quest. He will be concerned that someone has deliberately tried to sabotage the Dark Altar and that he has sent researchers to find out how the device works, thanking you for saving his people.

Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Ascent of Arceuus reward scroll.png

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The conversation you have with the Tasakaal contains a reference to a line from Thanos in the 2018 superhero film Avengers: Infinity War, where he states that maintaining equilibrium between life and death is "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be."
  • The word "Tasakaal" means "balance" in Estonian.
  • The device you destroy resembles the dark relic.
  • The Tower Mages' exclamations of "Clear off!" and "Get out of it!" while being attacked by the Tormented Souls may be a reference to the characters "No Slacking" and "GetOutOfIt" from ChuckleVision, who frequently say the same lines.