The Fremennik Exiles

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The Fremennik Exiles is a quest in the Fremennik quest series. Here, the player assists Brundt the Chieftain in a simple investigation and what they discover gets them exiled from Rellekka by the Fremennik Council of Elders. With the help of Brundt, the player must regain the trust of the Council and save the Fremennik Province from an ancient threat.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

A disturbance in Rellekka[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Mirror shield, Combat equipment to kill a level 53 Basilisk Youngling
Items recommended: 650+ to purchase 2 kegs of beer from Thora the Barkeep

To start the Fremennik Exiles, speak to Brundt the Chieftain, in the Rellekka Longhall, and ask for a quest. Brundt will request the player to investigate a minor disturbance that occurred the previous night near the sand pit.

Go north to the house next to the sand pit and speak to Freygerd. Freygerd will retell the terrifying events of the previous night and how she was spooked by a pair of red eyes staring at her from outside the window. Go outside and investigate the surrounding area for clues.

A wild basilisk appeared!

Search the rockslide, directly west of Freygerd's house, to obtain a venomous fang. Search the boxes outside the house to obtain the venom gland. The last clue can be found by searching the sand pit to uncover an aggressive level 57 Basilisk Youngling that will immediately attack you. The Basilisk Youngling will consistently do 6 damage rapidly and drain the players' stats unless a mirror shield is equipped.

An unsealed letter will be dropped upon killing the basilisk. Read the letter which contains information about an approaching basilisk invasion and the re-emergence of the Jormungand. Return to Freygerd and either tell her the truth or a comforting lie, after which you should head back to Brundt the Chieftain to report.

Chieftain Brundt is horrified of the news of the basilisk invasion. Brundt reveals the history of Jormungand enslavement of the Fremennik people. The Jormungand, also known as the Serpent King, was the leader of the Basilisk army. His army, along with the three generals, Typhor, Vritra, and Bakuna brought terror to the lands. Freedom was restored after the hero, V, confronted and magically sealed the Jormungand on the Island of Stone. Chieftain Brundt begins to panic at the powerlessness of the Fremennik army against the upcoming attack. You start reassuring Brundt and begin to plan a strategic countermeasure.

The player is exiled from the Fremennik Province.

A cutscene will play where the Council member Agnar arrives and inquires about the basilisk found in the town. Brundt informs Agnar that the situation will soon be resolved by you and Brundt. The enraged Agnar begins to blame you, the outerlander, for the disasters that have fallen upon the city ever since The Fremennik Trials. Agnar refuses to acknowledge you as a Fremennik and declares that seven of the twelve members have voted to exile you from the province. Brundt disagrees with the decision but is honour bound to follow the instructions of the council. Brundt, reluctantly, exiles you from the province while gesturing to the south-east.

The citizens of Rellekka will no longer view you as one of their own; attempting to interact will result in hostile warnings like prior to completion of The Fremennik Trials.

Redeeming the exile[edit | edit source]

Exit Rellekka from the southern entrance and head south-east along the dirt path. You will find Brundt the Chieftain nearby. Brundt apologizes for the situation and explains why you were exiled. He requests that you forgive the Council members as they are being irrational due to the End of Things prophecy. The End of Things was foretold to begin after the Jormungand is freed. Brundt suggests you restore V's shield to regain the Council members trust and worth.

Brundt will explain how to obtain the four components required to recreate V's shield. The shield was constructed with the assistance of the Moon Clan to create a shield that could reflect the Serpent King's gaze.

Map of the Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Fremennik shield[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Rune thrownaxe, Pet rock for reaching Bardur
Items recommended: Stamina potions, Combat equipment, Food

The Fremennik shield (not the tradeable Neitiznot shield) can be obtained as a drop from dagannoths within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon and more rarely from market guards, which will require the player to kill numerous of either of these to obtain it as a drop.

Alternatively, the player can go find Bardur, located deep within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon, to obtain a shield, either by paying 150,000 or for free by charming Bardur while wearing the ring of charos (a) (this is a one-off exchange). It is possible to take Jarvald's boat to Waterbirth Island despite being in exile.

Should the player choose to find Bardur, the dungeon contains enemies with all three attack styles, so bringing combat equipment, food, and using protection prayers is advised. To reach Bardur, the player should make their way through the first level of the dungeon by unlocking any of the three gates. This is done by dropping the pet rock on one floor button, standing on the other button, then interacting with the gate. At the end of the floor, the player must then use the special attack of the rune thrownaxe on the door supports to access the ladder leading down to the lower levels. From there, follow the ladders, up until the room with 2 ladders. Take the southern one there, and follow the ladders to end to find Bardur. The dungeon map shows a clear route to reach Bardur. A more comprehensive walk-through of the dungeon can be found on its wiki page.

Lunar glass and V's sigil[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Seal of passage (Unless elite Fremennik Diary is completed), Molten glass, 100 Astral runes, any pickaxe, Hammer
Items recommended: Teleports to Lunar Isle, Teleports to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)

Talk to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle about making Lunar glass. She will require a piece of molten glass and turn it into molten glass (i), which must then be brought to the astral altar along with 100 astral runes to infuse it to make lunar glass.

Before heading to the astral altar to create the lunar glass, enter the Lunar Isle mine north-east of the city, and mine three lunar ores from the stalagmites. These three lunar ores will be required to make the V sigil.

Now, head to the astral altar and use the molten glass (i), along with the 100 astral runes to create the lunar glass.

Return back to Rellekka and head to the furnace and anvil in the south-west part of the city. Smelt the three lunar ores into lunar bars using the furnace. Then, use the three lunar bars and a hammer on the anvil to create the V sigil. After doing so, the sigil must be brought to Fossegrimen, who can be summoned from the strange altar on the small peninsula south-west of Rellekka. Fossegrimen will need to be summoned by interacting with the strange altar. She will happily oblige to enchant the sigil in gratitude to V.

Polishing rock[edit | edit source]

Items needed: Pet rock, Fishing rod, Ice gloves, Glassblowing pipe, 2 Kegs of beer
Items recommended: 2 teleports to the Mountain Camp (Slayer ring or fairy ring access), Teleports back to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)

To obtain a polishing rock, Brundt suggests submerging a rock in the hot springs in the mountains east of Rellekka. (Interaction with Brunt about the polishing rock is optional.) Go to the Mountain Camp with your pet rock (which can be obtained from Askeladden) and attempt to put it into the large geyser, which is on the south side of the lake, near the climbable tree. The player can not bring themselves to submerge their pet rock, due to their fond memories with their pet rock, and thus believes the only solution is to ask Peer the Seer to wipe their memory of the pet rock.

Peer the Seer erases your memories of you and your pet rock

Return to Rellekka and ask Peer the Seer to make you forget about your pet rock, which he will oblige to. Head back to the large geyser in the Mountain Camp with your emotionally unattached pet rock, a fishing rod, and a pair of ice gloves. Wear the ice gloves, put the pet rock into the geyser and retrieve it again with the fishing rod to obtain the polishing rock. (If you forget to put your ice gloves on and you drop the rock into the geyser, simply pop them on and use the rod on the geyser to fish the rock out)

With all four components and a glassblowing pipe, V's shield is recreated, and your pet rock is returned. Return to Brundt the Chieftain south-east of Rellekka, who will be astonished by your craftmanship, and asks you to wield the shield in the upcoming battle against the basilisks. However, Brundt will have to return to Rellekka, end your exile and declare you as part of the Fremennik force against the basilisk invasion.

Before returning, he will ask you bring him two kegs of beer (if you forgot to buy them before starting the quest, buy them from Rasolo or on the Grand Exchange. The keg of beer from the table in the Longhall does not work), which you find out after giving him them that he needs them to get drunk enough to have the courage to declare ending your exile and rejoining the Fremennik. Before drinking the second keg, he will ask that you return to the Longhall.

Basilisks in the Market[edit | edit source]

Items needed: V's shield, Combat equipment, Food,
Items recommended: Teleports to Lunar Isle, Teleports back to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)
Items kept on death.png

This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death, all unprotected items will be moved to a grave outside the instance. Any items left on the ground will be lost.

Fighting the basilisks in the market alongside Brundt and Koschei

Return to the Longhall and talk to Brundt again, who has sobered up. He will tell you that the Council has decided to end your exile after your success of recreating V's shield, and will declare you a Fremennik once more. He will ask that while the basilisks invade the town, you and he will travel to the Island of Stone to ensure The Jormungand's prison remains sealed. However, as you ask when you'll be leaving, the basilisks invade the marketplace.

Wield V's shield and fight the basilisks until you reach 100%. You have to hit a basilisk at least once to make its death count towards completion.

Once you have defeated enough basilisks, Brundt will direct you to the north-westernmost Fremennik Boat. Board it to travel to the Island of Stone.

Once you've travelled to the Island of Stone, you can freely travel back and forth by speaking to Haskell. You can leave to recuperate for the next battles.

Island of Stone[edit | edit source]

Items needed: V's shield, Combat equipment to fight Typhor (level 218) and The Jormungand (level 363), High-healing food, 1-2 Super restore(4)
Items kept on death.png

This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death you can pay Brundt the Chieftain to retrieve any lost items. You will be charged Coins 10000.png 50,000 for this service. Should you die an unsafe death a second time before retrieving all your items, they will be lost completely.

Upon arriving on the Island of Stone, Brundt discovers that The Jormungand's prison has already been breached, and that the basilisks have resealed the door. The door puzzle is similar to the real-life game of Mastermind, but uses six different rune symbols instead of coloured balls (air, water, earth, fire, astral and cosmic):

  • Each green check means one of the runes is perfect.
  • Each red check means a rune is correct but in the wrong position.
  • If you fail to solve the combination eight times, the puzzle will reset and the solution will change.
  • A rune can appear more than once in the solution.
The player and Brundt fight the Jormungand's basilisk generals.

Once you solve the puzzle, the door will open. The door is a checkpoint; once opened you will not have to solve the puzzle again. You will see Bakuna, Typhor and Vritra attempt to awaken The Jormungand. Brundt will fight Vritra, while you will fight Typhor. When it is over half health, pray Protect from Melee, and pray Protect from Magic once it is less than half health[confirmation needed]. As Typhor may attack with either magic or melee, players with high melee defence and/or low magic defence (i.e. most melee armour) may find it more helpful to pray protect from magic for the entire fight. This fight is a checkpoint, meaning that if you slay Typhor but die to the Jormungand, when you return to battle you will not have to fight Typhor again.

Bakuna frees the Jormungand from his imprisonment.

Regardless of your efforts, Bakuna successfully awakens The Jormungand, who consumes Bakuna in order to restore his strength. You and Brundt now must battle the Jormungand. It is level 363 and is weak to crush attacks; pray Protect from Magic, and Piety if possible, for the fight. If you teleport away from the Jormungand before killing it, you must restart the fight, but you will not have to kill Typhor again.

The Jormungand has two special attacks that players should note:

The Jormungand uses one of his special attacks, which can be negated by walking away from him.
  • The Jormungand will prepare a powerful attack indicated by the player's screen turning red. Face away from the Jormungand to avoid it, otherwise players will take up to 50 damage and have their stats drained by 20.
  • The Jormungand will launch a projectile that encases the player in stone. Repeatedly attempt to attack the Jormungand to quickly break free. If players take too long to try freeing themselves, the stone will violently break, dealing over 40 damage. The mechanic is virtually identical to the vines used by the Hespori.

Once the Jormungand is defeated, the player will wonder whether the End of Things had already begun; Brundt will refute this by saying that if it had begun, they would have already noticed. Content, you and Brundt will return to the longhall to drink and celebrate.

From now on, the Fremennik will refer to you by your Fremennik name followed by the honorific, Dräpare. Congratulations, quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Exiles reward scroll.png

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Name Unlock details Music track
Jaws of the Basilisk Unlocked during the basilisk invasion
Lair of the Basilisk Unlocked upon entering the Jormungand's prison
Fight of the Basilisk Unlocked during the fight with Typhor
Reign of the Basilisk Unlocked during the fight with the Jormungand
Ballad of the Basilisk Unlocked during the final cutscene

Transcript[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • When you happen to already have two kegs of beer in your inventory, Brundt the Chieftain will state that you are more of an alcoholic than he is.
  • The name "Dräpare" that you've been given after the end of the quest is Swedish for "Slayer".
  • The examine text of the Monstrous Basilisk is a reference to the Harry Potter series, in which phoenix tears are one of the only cures for a basilisk's powerful venom. However, basilisks in RuneScape aren't venomous.
  • In Nordic mythology, Jörmungandr is a giant serpent and the son of Loki. He was exiled to the Midgard sea by Odin and is the arch enemy of Thor. When Ragnarok comes, Jörmungandr dies from Thor's hammer and Thor dies from Jörmungandr's venom.
  • During the section in which you are exiled from the Fremennik region, there is some additional dialogue between you and your pet rock.
  • First pitched in early 2017, development on the quest was done in Mod Ed and Wolf's personal project time, with a large chunk of the quest being completed before personal projects were cancelled in mid 2018, halting development of the quest until August 2019.
  • If the player interacts with the pet rock while exiled, text will play showing the pet rock is ignoring the player.