The Giant Dwarf

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The Giant Dwarf is the first quest in the Rise of the Red Axe quest series. It involves the dwarven capital Keldagrim and The Red Axe consortium who are in control of the city.

Details[edit | edit source]

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Dwarven Boatman chathead.png
Crashing into the dwarf statue.

To start, speak to the Dwarven Boatman inside the dungeon east of Rellekka, which is located south of Olaf. The fairy ring code dks also drops you off very close to this dungeon entrance.

Upon entering, go through the Cave entrance between the two statues; don't go south, as that takes you to the base of Trollweiss Mountain.

When you enter, speak to the Dwarven Boatman (not the Dwarven Ferryman) and ask him to take you to Keldagrim. A cutscene will ensue where he tells you about Keldagrim's rich history, before the "boat" malfunctions and crashes into the statue of King Alvis. Upon arriving at Keldagrim, you are arrested by two Black Guard Berserkers, and taken to the Black Guard headquarters. Commander Veldaban will say that your arrest was for nothing but to talk with him, and asks you to replace the statue.

Talk to Blasidar the sculptor. He lives in the eastern side of Keldagrim, across the bridge, south of the kebab shop/north of the bar. He will make the statue if you can get him clothes, an axe and boots fit for a king. (Riki will wear them as a model for the statue.) Players may find it prudent to complete the clothes portion, boots portion, and then the axe portion of the quest, as Thurgo will teleport the player directly to Blasidar and Riki.

Audio options icon.png
Sailing Theme 2
The music which plays during the boat ride to Keldagrim.
Note: Throughout the quest, the drop trick cannot be used to obtain multiple quest items; however, this can be bypassed for every item except the boots by using Telekinetic Grab. Since the items cannot be equipped, there is little reason to keep them.

Clothes fit for a king[edit | edit source]

Items required: 200 coins, coal, logs and a tinderbox.

Note: A tinderbox can be purchased from the general store on the west side of town, and coal can be mined on the east side of town

Vermundi's Location
The librarian's location

Talk to Vermundi who is in the southern corner of the east marketplace (indicated by the silk symbol) and ask her about making the king's clothes. She can, but first she needs a picture of the clothes. Talk to the dwarf librarian in the library, which can be found near the bridge on the west side of Keldagrim. He will tell you to search the library for a book about dwarven clothes. Climb any bookcase with a ladder in front of it to find the book on costumes.

Note: You must speak with the librarian before you are able to find the book. If you weigh 30 kg or more, you will be unable to climb the ladder. You can deposit your items in the nearby bank to reduce your weight, or simply drop them on the ground then climb the bookcase and pick items back up after.

Give Vermundi the book. (If you do not yet have three sapphires, there are some available for purchase at the gem stall north of Vermundi.) You now need to fix her steam-powered spinning machine. Use the coal on her machine with logs in your inventory. Now light it with your tinderbox (you will need Firemaking 16 Firemaking for this part, else it will never ignite, even with 99 Firemaking you can still get the message, "Perhaps you should improve your firemaking skill? Or just try again..."). If you fail to light the machine, just use your tinderbox on it again. Once the machine is lit, talk to her again and pay her 200 coins to get the exquisite clothes.

Boots fit for a king[edit | edit source]

Items required: A law and air rune.

Go to the southwestern anvil on the west side of Keldagrim (south of the Black Guards' HQ) and ask Saro about the boots. He sold them to Dromund, another dwarf in Keldagrim. Speak to Dromund in his house just north of the bank. He refuses to sell you the boots, so you will have to steal them from him.

When Dromund is not looking towards you steal the left boot from the table next to the door (requires 14 Thieving). The right boot is on another table, but you can't steal it even when his back is turned because of his cat watching over it. In order to steal the right boot, you need to go outside, stand in the window where the right boot is in plain view, then use Telekinetic Grab on it, as Dromund will not permit anyone to use magic inside the house. Like the left boot, you'll have to wait for Dromund to have his back turned first.

Once both boots are obtained, they turn into Exquisite boots.

An axe fit for a king[edit | edit source]

Items required: A redberry pie (if you have not given Thurgo a redberry pie in the past, with The Knight's Sword not counting as a past pie), an iron bar, 3 sapphires

Santiri's location
Thurgo's location

Talk to Santiri, who is in the sword shop north west of the bank in Keldagrim, right next to Dromund's house. He talks about how his family came to possess the Dwarven battleaxe, and then mentions that it has been damaged and that the sapphires on the hilt had either been stolen or washed away. During the dialogue where you offer to repair the axe, Santiri may note your mastery of Smithing but exclaims that even you aren't skilled enough.

Use three sapphires on it to rebuild the hilt. Talk to Santiri again. He then says that the blade itself is not up to scratch anyway, but that only an Imcando dwarf could repair it. If you have not completed The Knight's Sword, Santiri will refer you to the librarian, just east of his shop, who you ask about finding an Imcando dwarf.

If you have completed The Knight's Sword, your character will mention that they know an Imcando dwarf and you can go straight to Thurgo. If you have not yet learned about the Imcando dwarves, however, you must go to the librarians in Keldagrim and ask about the Imcando, then go to Reldo in the Varrock Palace library and he will teach you about them. In order to get to Varrock, you can use a cart in the eastern part of Keldagrim to ride to the Grand Exchange, rather than use a Varrock teleport or walking there.

Go to Thurgo with an iron bar and a redberry pie, and ask him to repair the axe. He is in the house with an anvil symbol in Mudskipper Point, southeast of Rimmington and south of Port Sarim. If you have access to the fairy ring system, the quickest way to get there is to take the Boatsman's boat up the river back to where you started the quest and use the fairy ring just outside the cave entrance of the Fremennik slayer dungeon (east of the Golden Tree). The code to Mudskipper Point is AIQ. Alternatively, you can also use a charged Amulet of Glory in order to teleport to Draynor Village. If you give Thurgo the pie before asking if he's an Imcando, you will need another pie in your inventory to unlock the conversation tree but you do not need to give it to him. Do not attempt the drop trick with the completed axe once Thurgo has repaired it. Thurgo will supply you with another (iron bar) repaired axe if you drop the one in your inventory, but it is ungemmed and you will need to repair it with another three sapphires. You will be unable to pick up the axe you have dropped. You can pick up the dropped axe using the Telekinetic Grab spell.

When Thurgo is finished with the axe, you have the option to return immediately to Keldagrim. This will place you back in Blasidar the sculptor's house.

The Head[edit | edit source]

Use the axe, clothes and boots on Riki to give them to him, then speak with him. Speak to Blasidar. He explains that the Consortium want the head of the statue modelled after one of their directors, but they have not agreed which one. He asks you to go and help them make a decision. You will see a short cutscene of the incomplete statue.

Make sure to complete this step before starting the tasks below, or the tasks for the director will go on indefinitely!

Joining the consortium[edit | edit source]

There are eight mining companies in the Consortium, which are located upstairs in either the east or west marketplace. You will need to join one of them, and this choice will not have any significant impact on the quest. Players should choose a company on the west side of the building for faster bank access if they bought all the ores and bars beforehand, and on the east side if they need to purchase them from the Grand Exchange, for faster minecart access.

The companies are:

Talk to the secretary of the company that you want to work for. You will be given a task to collect a certain kind of ore within a time limit. You must complete several errands for the Secretary. All of the ores can be found nearby but cannot be returned in noted form. It is recommended to buy 5-10 of each ore (can exclude the expensive ones) before beginning, and then simply talk to the secretary with 4/5 of each of your ores on you, allowing you to immediately finish tasks. If you don't like the proposed task, just simply start the conversation with the Secretary over.

Note: Ensure you perform tasks only for the company you choose, as the progress for each is separate.
Note: There is an alternative for all the ores except clay; they may be purchased downstairs in the Blast Furnace from Ordan.
Note: Do not hop worlds / Log out while doing the task, all your progress will be lost.
  • Clay - Mine it in Rellekka if you've completed The Fremennik Trials.
  • Copper - If you sail out of Keldagrim by talking to the Dwarven Boatman, you can mine it directly east in the dwarven caves.
  • Tin - If you sail out of Keldagrim by talking to the boatman, you can mine it in the dwarven caves. Use the ferry.
  • Iron - Outside the entrance to the caves, you can mine iron in Fremennik Province.
  • Silver - Mine it in Rellekka if you've completed The Fremennik Trials or steal it from the silver stall in Keldagrim.
  • Coal - There is a mine in the northeastern part of Keldagrim.
  • Gold - There is a single gold vein in the dwarven caves in the southern mine shaft.
  • Mithril - There are two rocks located in the mining area east of Rellekka, or go to the Grand Exchange. You can use the minecarts southeast of the consortium to do this now that you have started the quest.

You can ask the secretary for a new task if you cannot do the one you have been given. If you fail a task, you may need to log out in order to receive a new task. A great method of efficiently doing the errands is not to choose the option 'I'll take it', unless you like the proposed task or have the ores/bars needed in your inventory. By talking to the Secretary you can find out what they want. You can keep doing this to get the tasks that you prefer. Another way to do this is to buy 10-15 of each ore from the Grand Exchange, then simply take out the ores that are needed for each task from the bank or take the minecart directly to the Grand Exchange and take the ores from the bank there. The minecart trip is free of charge.

After you have done 4-5 tasks you should notice that the Secretary's dialogue will become more friendly towards you. Ask to speak to the Director, and if you've done enough tasks, they will say "Certainly, the Director is right over there." At this point you may start the Director's tasks. Tasks for the Director function in the same way as those for the secretary, but require bars instead of ores (2-5 bars per task). You can start the director's tasks as soon as you talk to him. Since you should already have the bars in your bank, simply run to the Keldagrim bank and grab them. If not, you can use the minecarts at the East and travel to the Grand Exchange.

Do tasks for the Director until they ask you whether you're considered joining their company, or until the Director states that you don't need to be doing running errands for them anymore. If you're lucky, you may only have to deliver one set of bars to the Director. If you refuse too many tasks, you'll have to start over with their secretary. To refuse a task, simply click out of the dialogue without confirming nor denying it.

Art by committee[edit | edit source]

Hreidmar storms out of the Consortium meeting.
The completed statue.

Ask to join the company. Then, tell the Director that Blasidar sent you and after a short conversation tell them you will volunteer to support them at the next Consortium meeting (you must talk to him again even after he accepts you into the guild, you must say Blasidar sent you and say long live the clan). Return to Commander Veldaban (west of the bank) to go to the meeting and support your chosen director. Note that the meeting is 4 minutes long. You can skip the cutscene by refusing to go to the meeting; players who wish to view a summary of it can read the meeting notes received after completing the quest.

Audio options icon.png
The Consortium
The music which plays during the Consortium meeting.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Giant Dwarf reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

The completion of The Giant Dwarf is required for the following:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 February 2014

The statue in The Giant Dwarf no longer has huge vertical gaps between its component parts.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There was a graphical glitch that appeared during the cutscenes that shows a closeup up the Giant Dwarf statue: the body appeared to be floating above the legs, and the head (once it had been added) was floating above the body.
  • When you are getting the Dwarven battleaxe repaired by Thurgo, the player mentions Keldagrim- to which he responds "Ah, Keldagrim. We have not been there for a long time." which indicates that there are other living Imcando Dwarves.
  • When asking Santiri about battleaxes, he offers you a blue or red one, saying "red is on the rise". This is a reference to the name of the quest series, Rise of the Red Axe.
  • The cutscene between the company leaders at the end of the quest actually takes place in a static non-instanced room; a glimpse of this room can be seen during normal gameplay from the third room of Pyramid Plunder. This is because Jagex was unable to create instanced areas for cutscenes at the time of the quest's release.[1]
  • When speaking to Santiri about repairing the axe, his dialogue acknowledges if the player has 99 Smithing. "The axe is beyond repair, even for a master such as you."

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Ash's Twitter account. 16 August 2019. (Archived from the original on 16 August 2019.) Mod Ash: "Sort of. Before developers could generate instanced copies of areas on demand, cutscenes had to take place in static copies of the map, and you're seeing one of those."