The Knight's Sword/Quick guide

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Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Speak to the squire in the courtyard of the White Knights' Castle in Falador.
Official difficultyIntermediate
DescriptionSir Vyvin's squire is in trouble. He has accidentally lost Sir Vyvin's ceremonial sword. Help him find a replacement without Sir Vyvin finding out.
Official lengthShort
Items required
Enemies to defeat None
Ironman concerns
  • Smithing 15 Smithing (not needed if obtaining iron bar from drops)
  • Mining 15 Mining (not needed if obtaining iron bar from drops)
  • Cooking 10 Cooking (Pie dish can be found easily in the kitchen of Varrock Palace, and can be cooked there as well. Best to come here after speaking to Reldo)
For ironmen to obtain the iron bars, head to the trees located in level 18 Wilderness next to the bears west of the Graveyard of Shadows. A safer alternative is to kill dwarves in the mines under Falador.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the Squire in the White Knights' Castle. (Chat 1211)
  • Talk to Reldo in the library of Varrock Palace. (Chat 3) ((Chat 4) if Shield of Arrav not started.)
  • Talk to Thurgo south of Port Sarim (by the anvil, north of the fairy ring AIQ) and give him a redberry pie. (Chat 2) ((Chat 3) if The Giant Dwarf quest is in progress.)
  • Talk to him again. (Chat 1)
  • Go back and talk to the Squire.
  • Climb-up the ladder on the eastern side of the castle to the 1st floor[UK]2nd floor[US]. Go west and climb-up the staircase. Search the cupboard in Sir Vyvin's bedroom for a portrait. He must not be looking at you.
  • Proceed back to Thurgo and give him the portrait. (Chat 1) Bring iron bars with you.
  • Go to the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon using the trapdoor to the east of Thurgo.
  • Once inside, follow the path west, north, and then east. Keep along the southern wall in the icy area and mine a blurite ore. Mine another if planning on doing the Falador Easy Diary.
  • Talk to Thurgo with your iron bars and blurite ore. (Chat 1)
  • Bring the sword to the Squire.

Quest complete!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

The Knight's Sword reward scroll.png