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The Myreque (pronunciation: /ˈmaɪ.ɚ.ki/ "mai-er-KEE") is a resistance group trying to liberate Morytania from the grasp of Lord Drakan and his vampyres.

History[edit | edit source]

The Myreque (meaning hidden in myre) has been trying to put an end to the Drakans' reign of terror over Morytania. It was founded by Veliaf Hurtz and Safalaan Hallow some years prior to 169 of the Fifth Age operating in secret trying to gain support and fight back against the vampyres. It consists of two cells; one in the Mort Myre Swamp and one in Meiyerditch.

The player first learn about them from a stranger in the Hair of the Dog tavern, who claims to want to assist them, though in actually he's plotting to kill them. Having followed the adventurer to the Myreque hideout in Mort Myre, the vampyre Vanstrom Klause killed two Myreque members: Sani Piliu and Harold Evans and left his Skeletal hellhound to finish the rest, although the adventurer managed to kill it, thus earning the favour of the Myreque.

The Myreque's new base in Burgh de Rott.

After the attack, the Myreque realized their base was no longer safe and had to go through the trouble of finding a new one. They since relocated to Burgh de Rott, but during the toils of moving, Ivan Strom left to go to Paterdomus, devastated that Sani had been killed. After relocating, the two parts of the order have gotten back in touch.

Vanstrom Klause assaults the player on the Vyre Wall.

The Myreque soon discovered that werewolves had crossed the River Salve into Misthalin where they were kidnapping men and women and bringing them back to be blood tithed. Once the Myreque contacted King Roald of Misthalin, he reacted by enabling a "mercenary protocol" but has been tied up with the Edicts of Guthix to actually launch a full scale invasion. With the two nations now coming closer to war, the Myreque find themselves in a troubling situation. The adventurer managed to locate the Sanguinesti order in Meiyerditch and helped their leader Safalaan Hallow in a scouting mission to get drawings of Castle Drakan. A mission that almost ended fatally, when the adventurer was attacked by Vanstrom Klause on the Vyre Wall surrounding the castle. The adventurer was however saved by Sarius Guile, servant of Vanescula Drakan, and the Myreque escaped almost unscathed. The adventurer also uncovered the secret Meiyerditch Laboratories, where they found a book about Haemalchemy, which could prove useful in the battle against the vampyres.

The player fighting Ranis Drakan.

Not long after Vanstrom Klause and Ranis Drakan went to Ver Sinhaza, also known as Theatre of Blood, to borrow a creature from Verzik Vitur to track and end the Myreque. After falling into a trap set by Vanstrom which caused the death of half of the Sanguinesti Order by a horrific Abomination, the remaining members with the help of an adventurer managed to create the Ivandis flail, a weapon capable of harming vampyres, and the adventurer carried the Ivandis flail with them to Ver Sinhaza where Ranis Drakan was prepared to announce the end of the Myreque to the people of Meiyerditch. The adventurer used the flail to kill Ranis and afterward spoke to the people trying to instilt real hope within, showing them another way to hope and freedom than the Theatre of Blood.

Veliaf Hurtz declares the Myreque dead.

During Sins of the Father, the Myreque attempt to stop the vampyres from enslaving the town of Slepe by infiltrating Darkmeyer. With the help of Vanescula Drakan, the Myreque launch an attack on Castle Drakan. However, they are discovered by Lord Drakan and Vanstrom Klause, and in the ensuing fight, Polmafi, Vertida, Kael, and Radigad are killed. Safalaan is also captured after inadvertently killing his father, Vanstrom. With the Myreque virtually wiped out (save for the player, Veliaf, Ivan, and Safalaan), and with the new knowledge that their leader, Calsidiu, was nothing but a lie invented by Veliaf and Safalaan to inspire hope, Veliaf disbands the remainder of the organisation.

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