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This fight takes place in an instanced area.
On death you can pay Shura to retrieve any lost items. You will be charged Coins 10000.png 60,000 for this service. Should you die an unsafe death a second time before retrieving all your items, they will be lost completely.

The Nightmare of Ashihama, often simply referred to as The Nightmare, is a large, otherworldly horror who feeds on the life force of sleeping people, giving her victims horrible nightmares until their life force is completely drained and expires. There are no requirements to fight The Nightmare other than access to Morytania.

The Nightmare currently resides within the Sisterhood Sanctuary under the town of Slepe. While her physical body is found in the Sisterhood Sanctuary, upon starting the fight, players will be transported to her dream world, where the fight arena takes on a different appearance which contains various Eastern motifs, such as Torii gates.

History[edit | edit source]

The Nightmare's true origins are unknown, but according to a legend in Ashihama, it was told that an ancient ritual was performed by several shamans, birthing an otherworldly horror that took on the appearance of a large, hag-like woman. For as long as the sirens of Ashihama can remember, The Nightmare has plagued them, their dreams stolen and feasted upon. These shamans appeared to have attempted to fight off The Nightmare, eventually culminating in the creation of four totems that could channel power to stop her, but the shamans were wiped out before they could use them on her.

One day, a group of sirens, led by Shura, defeated The Nightmare in its lair. Driven out of Ashihama, it fled west to the mainland, where it arrived in the Morytanian town of Slepe. Shura, wary of the danger The Nightmare poses, decided to pursue her to protect her home from the eldritch horror.

The Nightmare arrived at an opportune moment, with the town suffering from the sleeper plague. This in turn has allowed The Nightmare to draw victims into her dream world, stealing their dreams and feasting upon them, becoming stronger in the process. Shura, in turn, has enlisted the aid of numerous adventurers to keep The Nightmare in check, until she can defeat the Nightmare once and for all.

For a single week, The Nightmare attempted to harvest Phosani's dreams, but adventurers tasked by Sister Senga were able to drive her off, although the power she gained from the former Justiciar remains unknown.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

The quickest methods of reaching Slepe, where The Nightmare resides, are:

  • Teleporting to Ver Sinhaza via Drakan's medallion, then running north. Once players pass the small dock, they can run east to arrive at Slepe.
  • Teleporting to Darkmeyer via Drakan's medallion after completion of Sins of the Father, then running to the shortcut on the east side of the city (requires 63 Agility and two long ropes to unlock). Players can then run east to Slepe.
  • Using the Ectophial to teleport to the Ectofuntus, then heading north to the small dock and paying Andras 10,000 coins to row to Slepe. The player will arrive at a dock just south-west of Slepe. Players may also pay Andras a one-off fee of 1,000,000 coins to gain permanent access to his boat for free.

Fight overview[edit | edit source]

To begin the fight, approach The Nightmare's unconscious body and select the Disturb option. Players may join in the following 30 seconds before the fight begins: afterwards, players must wait until the fight is over (with The Nightmare or all the players defeated) before they may join.

Unlike other boss fights, The Nightmare's health and combat stats scale to the number of players in the fight (ranging from 5–80 players), though players can fight her with fewer than five. If The Nightmare is floating in the centre rather than lying on the ground, it is an indication that she is fighting a group of players; the symbols on the ground also indicate the phase she is in.

The Nightmare's melee attack ignores accuracy and always hits. In addition, players take 20% of her base damage if using Protect from Melee, and 120% of her base damage if using the incorrect protection prayer. If the Nightmare has very low combat stats, her max hit will be at least a random number between 1-5, subject to the effects of prayer.

Drops[edit | edit source]

A large group of players in a mental battle against The Nightmare of Ashihama.

Every player in the fight who reaches the minimum damage threshold (which requires dealing damage to both The Nightmare's mental shield and the totems) will be eligible to receive a drop, with the quantity increasing based on how much damage they have done.

The player who deals the most damage in the fight will receive big bones and 10% additional non-unique loot. Additionally, when unique drops are rolled, a weighting system based on damage dealt determines which player will receive it. Players eligible for a unique drop will receive regular bones as a drop.

Drop rates estimated based on 251,259 kills from the Drop Rate Project, unless otherwise cited.

100%[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Big bones.png: The Nightmare drops Big bones with rarity Always in quantity 1Big bones1Always[d 1]2150
Bones.png: The Nightmare drops Bones with rarity Always in quantity 1Bones1Always[d 2]940
  1. Big bones are only dropped for the player who deals the most damage in the fight.
  2. Regular bones are only dropped for players eligible to receive a unique drop.

Uniques[edit | edit source]

With each kill, The Nightmare has a chance to roll two unique drop tables, one containing the armour, mace, and staff, and one containing the orbs; both table rolls can be successful with each kill. The armour, mace, and staff drop table has a 1/120 chance to roll, and the orb drop table has a 1/600 chance to roll.

Additionally, there is a chance that both are rolled a second time (independent of the first rolls), with this chance being , clamped between 0 and 75 percent[1] (meaning that with a full party, the armour, mace, and staff drop table has a 1/68.6 chance to roll and the orb drop table has a 1/343 chance to roll).

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Nightmare staff.png: The Nightmare drops Nightmare staff with rarity 1/400 in quantity 1Nightmare staff11/4001/228.830,749,8130
Inquisitor's great helm.png: The Nightmare drops Inquisitor's great helm with rarity 1/600 in quantity 1Inquisitor's great helm11/6001/343.1254,793,5080
Inquisitor's hauberk.png: The Nightmare drops Inquisitor's hauberk with rarity 1/600 in quantity 1Inquisitor's hauberk11/6001/343.1412,949,2970
Inquisitor's plateskirt.png: The Nightmare drops Inquisitor's plateskirt with rarity 1/600 in quantity 1Inquisitor's plateskirt11/6001/343.1490,454,2460
Inquisitor's mace.png: The Nightmare drops Inquisitor's mace with rarity 1/1,200 in quantity 1Inquisitor's mace11/1,2001/686905,224,6673,000,000
Eldritch orb.png: The Nightmare drops Eldritch orb with rarity 1/1,800 in quantity 1Eldritch orb11/1,8001/1,028.8162,387,7750
Harmonised orb.png: The Nightmare drops Harmonised orb with rarity 1/1,800 in quantity 1Harmonised orb11/1,8001/1,028.81,536,020,9470
Volatile orb.png: The Nightmare drops Volatile orb with rarity 1/1,800 in quantity 1Volatile orb11/1,8001/1,028.8273,433,7190

Runes and ammunition[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Adamant arrow.png: The Nightmare drops Adamant arrow with rarity 3/100 in quantity 32-488Adamant arrow32–4883/1001,408–21,4721,536–23,424
Rune arrow.png: The Nightmare drops Rune arrow with rarity 3/100 in quantity 12-515Rune arrow12–5153/100660–28,3252,880–123,600
Cosmic rune.png: The Nightmare drops Cosmic rune with rarity 4/100 in quantity 15-214Cosmic rune15–2144/1001,935–27,606450–6,420
Nature rune.png: The Nightmare drops Nature rune with rarity 4/100 in quantity 6-138Nature rune6–1384/1001,302–29,946648–14,904
Death rune.png: The Nightmare drops Death rune with rarity 4/100 in quantity 24-165Death rune24–1654/1004,704–32,3402,592–17,820
Blood rune.png: The Nightmare drops Blood rune with rarity 4/100 in quantity 13-129Blood rune13–1294/1005,226–51,8583,120–30,960
Soul rune.png: The Nightmare drops Soul rune with rarity 4/100 in quantity 12-74Soul rune12–744/1001,704–10,5082,160–13,320

Resources[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Pure essence.png: The Nightmare drops Pure essence with rarity 2/100 in quantity 420-3280(noted)Pure essence420–3,280 (noted)2/100840–6,560840–6,560
Uncut emerald.png: The Nightmare drops Uncut emerald with rarity 3/100 in quantity 1-26 (noted)Uncut emerald1–26 (noted)3/100655–17,03030–780
Uncut ruby.png: The Nightmare drops Uncut ruby with rarity 3/100 in quantity 2-35 (noted)Uncut ruby2–35 (noted)3/1002,572–45,010120–2,100
Yew logs.png: The Nightmare drops Yew logs with rarity 4/100 in quantity 14-111 (noted)Yew logs14–111 (noted)4/1003,038–24,0871,344–10,656
Magic logs.png: The Nightmare drops Magic logs with rarity 4/100 in quantity 3-50 (noted)Magic logs3–50 (noted)4/1002,931–48,850576–9,600
Gold ore.png: The Nightmare drops Gold ore with rarity 4/100 in quantity 14-79 (noted)Gold ore14–79 (noted)4/1002,128–12,0081,260–7,110
Coal.png: The Nightmare drops Coal with rarity 4/100 in quantity 16-253 (noted)Coal16–253 (noted)4/1002,352–37,191432–6,831
Mithril ore.png: The Nightmare drops Mithril ore with rarity 4/100 in quantity 15-69 (noted)Mithril ore15–69 (noted)4/1001,710–7,8661,455–6,693
Adamantite ore.png: The Nightmare drops Adamantite ore with rarity 4/100 in quantity 8-50 (noted)Adamantite ore8–50 (noted)4/1008,856–55,3501,920–12,000
Grimy cadantine.png: The Nightmare drops Grimy cadantine with rarity 4/100 in quantity 1-8 (noted)Grimy cadantine1–8 (noted)4/1001,511–12,08813–104
Grimy torstol.png: The Nightmare drops Grimy torstol with rarity 4/100 in quantity 1-16 (noted)Grimy torstol1–16 (noted)4/1008,769–140,30415–240

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Shark.png: The Nightmare drops Shark with rarity 6/100 in quantity 1-15Shark1–156/100737–11,055102–1,530
Bass.png: The Nightmare drops Bass with rarity 6/100 in quantity 1-18Bass1–186/100165–2,97024–432
Prayer potion(3).png: The Nightmare drops Prayer potion(3) with rarity 5/100 in quantity 2-10Prayer potion(3)2–105/10013,160–65,800182–910
Saradomin brew(3).png: The Nightmare drops Saradomin brew(3) with rarity 5/100 in quantity 1-10Saradomin brew(3)1–105/1005,338–53,380105–1,050
Zamorak brew(3).png: The Nightmare drops Zamorak brew(3) with rarity 5/100 in quantity 1-8Zamorak brew(3)1–85/100989–7,912105–840
Sanfew serum(3).png: The Nightmare drops Sanfew serum(3) with rarity 5/100 in quantity 1-11Sanfew serum(3)1–115/10022,171–243,881144–1,584

Coins[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Coins_10000.png: The Nightmare drops Coins with rarity 2/100 in quantity 2717-41575Coins2,717–41,5752/1002,717–41,5752,717–41,575

Tertiary[edit | edit source]

Multiple players can receive the tertiary drops each kill. The MVP has a 5% higher chance of receiving each.[1]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Clue scroll (elite).png: The Nightmare drops Clue scroll (elite) with rarity 1/190 in quantity 1Clue scroll (elite)11/190; 1/200Not sold12
Jar of dreams.png: The Nightmare drops Jar of dreams with rarity 1/1,900 in quantity 1Jar of dreams11/1,900; 1/2,000914,1210
Little nightmare.png: The Nightmare drops Little nightmare with rarity 1/3,800 in quantity 1Little nightmare11/3,800; 1/4,000Not soldN/A

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Pre-release gallery[edit | edit source]

This gallery contains previews shown on a livestream on 22 January.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
16 July 2020
Pets can no longer be brought to the Nightmare fight.
2 July 2020
Crowded fights will no longer cause The Nightmare's broadcast messages to be truncated.
26 March 2020
Players can now permanently dismiss the warning message that appears when leaving The Nightmare's dream world.
12 March 2020
The standard loot quantities were increased. Unique and tertiary drops were made more common with their drop mechanics changed.
20 February 2020
  • Players will now be given fake XP drops when charging the totems in The Nightmare fight.
  • Ironman Mode players now may fight alongside ordinary accounts instead of only being able to group with other iron players, and subsequently the Pool of Nightmares was removed.
13 February 2020
  • The player's Hitpoints Orb now changes pink to indicate a parasitic infection.
  • A scoreboard has been added near Shura, which shows personal and global kills, deaths and fastest kill time.
  • Players can now spectate players fighting by right-clicking the entry portal.
  • To improve readability, messages that appear during the boss fight now have different colours.
  • The volume of The Nightmare defend sound has been reduced again.
  • The Nightmare has been added to the Boss Kill Count section of the HiScores page.
7 February 2020
  • The surge attack delay has now been increased by one tick.
  • The volume of The Nightmare defend sound has been reduced.
  • The MVP will now receive big bones as a drop.
  • There is now a greater chance to receive food and potions as a drop, and their quantity has been increased.
  • The nightmare staff now has a separate roll from the other uniques.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Nightmare's examine text is a reference to the song Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) by British pop duo Eurythmics.
  • Ashihama is an island in The Pincers region in the Wushanko Isles (Eastern Lands) in RuneScape. It is described as "a heavily fortified island known for the refinement and ambition of its citizens". "Ashihama" (芦浜) is also Japanese for a reed beach or shore.
A pre-release teaser in which a ghostly face of The Nightmare rises as the player dies.
  • Prior to The Nightmare's release, two teasers were silently released in an update on 16 January 2020:
    • Sleepwalkers spawned in various locations, and made their way to the entrance of the Sisterhood Sanctuary, where they would climb down (but actually despawn).
    • If a player died anywhere (except a PvP death), there is a 10% chance that a ghostly face of The Nightmare would rise.
  • A unique drop from The Nightmare, the siren's charm, which is used alongside a mage's book to create the Siren's tome, initially passed The Nightmare of Ashihama poll. However, a decision was made a day after the poll closed to withhold it from being released into Old School RuneScape, due to continued concerns on how it would devalue the arcane spirit shield.[2]

References[edit | edit source]

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