The Sisterhood

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The uniform of members of the Sisterhood.

The Sisterhood is an ancient Zamorakian order dated back to the Saradominist kingdom of Hallowvale in the Second Age. The Sisterhood was originally a Saradominist order, but after the fall of Hallowvale in the Third Age, some of the surviving members abandoned Saradomin and swore allegiance to the Zamorakian invaders led by the vampyre Lord Drakan. After this the Sisterhood became a Zamorakian order and founded the town Slepe in eastern Morytania.

Not much is known about the Sisterhood as it is a very secretive order, with a large hidden sanctuary hidden beneath the Slepe. They are however known to be highly skilled in an art called Blood healing. In the recent days the members of the Sisterhood has become occupied with a mysterious illness known as the 'Sleeper sickness'. The afflicted people has been brought to the Zamorakian church in Slepe, where members of the Sisterhood attend them.

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