The eight clans

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The eight clans is a hymn found in the Grand Library in Prifddinas, which requires completion of Song of the Elves to access.

The hymn sings of the eight Elven Clans and their specialties.

If lost, it can be reclaimed from any bookshelf in the Grand Library, or from a bookcase within a player-owned house.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:The eight clans.

In Gielinor we live in diff'rent clans,
Working as one towards Seren's plans.
We hone sep'rately our varied skills,
To aid our kin and shape the hills.
As one without scorn or hate,
We form our clans, the mighty Eight.

First we sing of the clan Amlodd,
Against whose mages none dare trod.
Our enemies are struck by spell,
And ne'er return with tales to tell.
Not all their work is of that sort,
Just request a handy teleport!

Next we come to Cadarn,
Through hunt and fight good will they garn.
None surpass their skill with bow,
Loosing arrows not just for show.
All beast of wood they do track,
So food and fur none shall lack.

Now the rhyme for clan Crwys,
Their skill with nature none can miss.
Their work stands 'round for all to see
Yonder home was once a tree!
Of other skills Crwys are sound,
Able to pull nigh all from ground.

A swift verse for the clan Hefin,
With minds and bods above the din.
They are elves you'd dare not cheat,
For they swiftly fly on nimble feet.
Be fooled not be their quick flight,
There's none closer to Seren's light.

Now we sing of Iorwerth,
Those of high and noble birth.
All fell beasts do they slay,
Ready to fight on any day.
In combat none exceed their skill,
Protecting us through their good will.

In this song is clan Ithell,
Unequaled for their crystál.
Tireless they perfect their song,
To supply our tools so ever strong.
To say that's all now would be daft,
Ithell set to work on any craft.

The next clan is that of Meilyr,
Their craft makes all belts tighter.
When they pay visit childrén will squeal,
For all know they produce a kingly meal.
And when tasty food adds unwanted pounds,
Drink charmed draught, Meilyr's without bounds!

The final clan is named Trahaearn,
All stone and ore does their work churn.
When one such such elf does find a rock,
That geode is in for quite a shock!
From thence they bring the ores to smelt,
In all metal their impact is felt.

And thus do form the eight clans of elves,
Who ne'er think solely of themselves.
By Seren's light the realm they shape,
Brought to this land by World Gate
With these skills elves are at the fore,
To start a bright life in Gielinor!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Eight Clans was written by a player named Sundays as part of a lore writing competition to commemorate the release of Song of the Elves, in which their name can be found in-game by searching the desk by the Elven Crystal Chest in the Tower of Voices. In addition, they were sent an engraved crystal decoration in real life to commemorate the quest.