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Theatre of Blood's Hard Mode is a Theatre of Blood raid with increased difficulty. As with normal mode, the lineup is the same, but the encounters within possess new mechanics:

  • The Maiden of Sugadinti: The blood spawns cannot be destroyed, and the trail of blood they leave behind lasts much longer. The Maiden is now guaranteed to spawn every single Nylocas Matomenos at each spawn interval. Any Nylocas Matomenos that reaches the Maiden also increases her attack speed alongside the increased damage and healing. Damage ramps up if a player tanks consecutive hits, especially after 3+ hits.
  • Pestilent Bloat: Body parts will continually fall throughout the entire fight. Bloat can change directions multiple times during each walking phase
  • Nylocas chamber: All incorrect-style damage dealt to any Nylocas is now reflected 100% to the player in addition to blocking the player from doing any further damage. During the pre-fight phase, three Nylocas Prinkipas will appear in the middle of the platform as the Nylocas waves deplete, occurring on the tenth, twentieth, and thirtieth wave. These are essentially weaker versions of the Nylocas Vasilias and attack players upon appearing, instead of focusing on the pillars. Vasilias itself also punishes players harder for mistakes they make, and is capable of killing a player at full HP in one hit if the player is praying incorrectly. During the boss fight, damage during the blue phase increases if players are far away from each other so they should stand together. During the green phase, damage splashes so players should stand away from each other
  • Sotetseg: Two red balls are also launched at a time instead of one, and deal more damage if not dealt with correctly. All but one player will be chosen to enter the shadow realm, with the maze path being divided into segments amongst those teleported.
  • Xarpus: At the start of the fight, Xarpus will launch poison at the edges of the arena except barrier area leading to him, covering two tiles from it. During the reaction phase, Xarpus will immediately look at the direction from which the last hit came from a second after it hits him, which overrides his natural rotation.
  • Verzik Vitur:
    • Stage I - After hitting a pillar with her magic attack, rubble will fall within a 3 tile radius from the edge of the struck pillar, dealing up to 35 damage and stunning the player if hit.
    • Stage II - Verzik's ranged attacks leave behind a poisonous pool that lasts 16 ticks after hitting the ground, dealing 9-10 damage per tick if stood on. The ranged attacks also deal more damage than in normal mode. Additionally, Nylocas Matomenos that Verzik spawns will explode and deal damage to nearby players when they heal Verzik if left alive.
    • Stage III - Verzik's charged attack hits three times for each player, with three individual tiles each to protect from each strike. They cannot be tick-eaten. Verzik's green ball attack will now instantly kill a player if the ball is not bounced at least once. The damage from the green ball can be nulled with Redemption if timed perfectly. Verzik's healing tornadoes now heal Verzik triple the damage they deal to the player. When Verzik is taken below 5% HP, she will yell "You think this is over?" and heal 30% health as a one-time occurrence. This cannot be avoided or skipped.
    • During all phases, nylocas spawns will deal increased damage, change colors, and will not despawn unless popped or killed. The explosion radius is also much larger and more difficult to avoid. Hitting the nylocas with the correct style will kill them in one hit, with the exception of the twisted bow.

Hard Mode Exclusive Rewards[edit | edit source]

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Sanguine dust.png: Theatre of Blood/Hard Mode drops Sanguine dust with rarity Unknown in quantity 1Sanguine dust1Unknown[h 1]Not sold0
Sanguine ornament kit.png: Theatre of Blood/Hard Mode drops Sanguine ornament kit with rarity Unknown in quantity 1Sanguine ornament kit1Unknown[h 1]Not sold5,700
Holy ornament kit.png: Theatre of Blood/Hard Mode drops Holy ornament kit with rarity Unknown in quantity 1Holy ornament kit1Unknown[h 1]Not sold5,700
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Only obtainable in Hard Mode.