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This list contains documentation of Theatre of Blood records. Only records from Jagex's official Theatre of Blood records page are listed here. As information on the Old School RuneScape wiki must be updated manually, there may be discrepancies between the official Theatre of Blood records page and the information displayed here.

Completions and deaths

Record Record value Team
World First Completion 37:24 B0aty, Woox, Cloud Badass, Zulu, H ard
Fastest Completion Time 16:57 Golpar seed, Oblv Crabs, Dream Realm, Kitten, Oblv Catreus
Most Completions by an Individual 2,493 N/A
Total Theatre Completions 255,106 N/A
Total Deaths in the Theatre 1,904,447 N/A
Total HCIM Deaths in the Theatre 5 N/A

Fastest boss kill times

Record Record value Team
Fastest Maiden Completion 1:32 Oblv De0, BoringName, Dumpster, Bogi153, Hoodler
Fastest Pestilent Bloat Completion 1:14 lost a tick, BoringName, Aurosallia, Hoodler, Dumpster
Fastest Nylocas Completion 3:51 Oblv Rusty, Catreus, Dream Realm, Legit Cursed, Golpar seed
Fastest Sotetseg Completion 1:41 Arkeela, Miqup, TRACTORBOB, TRACTOR KING, TURBOTRACTOR
Fastest Xarpus Completion 2:58 Oblv De0, BoringName, Aurosallia, Dumpster, Oblv Spices
Fastest Lady Verzik Completion 4:20 Oblv Catreus, Oblv Gitz, Oblv Tamam, Oblv Classix, Oblv Karl