Theatre of Blood/Story Mode

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In Story Mode, the player is given three tries per boss in the event of death. If the player dies after the third try, it is considered a normal death. Hardcore ironmen will lose their status on the first death.

After killing the Pestilent Bloat and Sotetseg, the chest may be investigated to find ten bandages. These bandages act as a shark, prayer, stamina, super combat and super ranging potion (which also boosts Magic by the same scaling) in one. These bandages do not carry over from each boss unlike the points system in normal mode.

  • The Maiden of Sugadinti: The blood spawns and Nylocas Matomenos have less health. The Nylocas also appear slower.
  • Pestilent Bloat: The stomp attack deals less damage.
  • Nylocas chamber: Normal Nylocas have two health, while the larger ones have three health. Explosions from the Nylocas deal around 9-10 damage. The pillars deal slightly less damage if destroyed.
  • Sotetseg: The red ball deals up to ~80 damage (15 damage when in a solo encounter). Running off-path during the maze mechanic deals up to 15 damage.
  • Xarpus: Retaliation damage in the final stage deals up to 35 damage.
  • Verzik Vitur:
    • Stage I - All attacks deal less damage.
    • Stage II - The electrical ball deals significantly less damage in a solo encounter. The Nylocas Matomenos have less health.
    • Stage III - The green ball and yellow orb attacks deal less damage.