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This is a guide for training the Thieving skill.

General information and tips[edit | edit source]

Tip for pickpocketing: Go to the options menu, go to the game controller at the top right, and select "Hidden" under "NPC 'Attack' options". This will turn the 'Pickpocket' option into a left click, rather than a right click. Also, one may pickpocket more than once in a single animation, so spam clicking will maximise experience.

When training with blackjacks, sometimes victims will catch you every time you try to knock them out. When this happens, the victim may be in an alert state. To fix this, go through the Lure dialogue until the victim is successfully lured.

Ardougne diary[edit | edit source]

Different tiers of the Ardougne diary grant an increased chance to successfully pickpocket various NPCs. Completion of the Medium Ardougne Diary increases the player's chance of success when pickpocketing by 10% within Ardougne, whereas the Hard Ardougne Diary extends this bonus to all of Gielinor. Having the Ardougne cloak worn or within your inventory is not required to benefit from this bonus.[1]

Rogue equipment[edit | edit source]

While wearing components of the rogue equipment, there is a chance of pickpocketing twice the loot from an NPC. Wearing the full set guarantees double loot. Experience drops remain unaffected, however.

The set consists of the rogue mask, rogue top, rogue trousers, rogue gloves and rogue boots. Items from the outfit can be found while looting the wall safe at the end of the Rogues' Den minigame, which can be accessed at 50 Thieving, with 80 Thieving granting an additional shortcut to make it faster.

Dodgy necklace[edit | edit source]

Dodgy necklace detail.png

Dodgy necklace gives the wearer a 25% chance to not be stunned and damaged when failing to pickpocket an NPC, making it very useful for pickpocketing. The necklace has 10 charges until it crumbles to dust.

Shadow Veil[edit | edit source]

Shadow Veil icon (mobile).png

While under the effects of the Shadow Veil spell, players have a 15% chance to avoid being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing NPCs. This stacks multiplicatively with the dodgy necklace, for a total of 36.25% chance to not take damage from a failed pickpocket[2].

Gloves of silence[edit | edit source]

Gloves of silence detail.png

Gloves of silence increase players' success rate while pickpocketing by 5% while they are equipped. Wearing them requires level 54 Hunter. Gloves of silence can be bought from the Grand Exchange for 3,640 each or created at the Fancy Clothes Store in Varrock from 2 dark kebbit furs for a cost of 600.

The Ardougne Diary perks override the gloves of silence 5% success rate. Therefore, the gloves of silence become obsolete within Ardougne after completing the medium Ardougne Diary, or completely obsolete after completing the hard Ardougne Diary.

Gloves of silence are damaged each time that the player is unsuccessful in a pickpocketing attempt. They are destroyed after 62 failures, if counted from when they are new. If a player has multiple gloves of silence then they will all display the same status when their condition is checked. However, if the gloves of silence currently being used do fall apart, then any other pairs that the player owns are reset to the "new" condition. The condition of the gloves is only relevant to the player owning them, and is not a property of the gloves themselves. Players with at least level 64 Crafting can restore their gloves of silence to "new" condition by using 1 dark kebbit fur, costing 862, and thread, costing 6, on the gloves.

Fastest experience[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–37: Questing[edit | edit source]

Early levels can be skipped by completing quests that give Thieving experience. Completing Biohazard, Hazeel Cult, Fight Arena, Tower of Life and Tribal Totem grants a total of 7,200 experience, which will get the player from level 1 to 24. These quests can be easily done at a low level and they have minimal requirements, however some of them involve some sort of combat.

Furthermore, completing The Queen of Thieves, The Giant Dwarf, Death to the Dorgeshuun, The Golem, Creature of Fenkenstrain and The Feud grants a total additional 22,500 experience, which will get the player up to level 37.

Levels 1–5: Men/Women[edit | edit source]

From level 1 to 5, the only viable option is to pickpocket men or women around RuneScape. Players who have their respawn point in Lumbridge do not need food for this, as they can pickpocket men/women around the Lumbridge Castle and simply let them kill you. Acquiring level 5 Thieving from pickpocketing men and women takes 49 successful pickpockets. Draynor Village has a house right by the Agility Course that has a man that you’re able to pickpocket while trapping him with the door closed, preventing him from moving away from you.

Levels 5–25: Bakery stalls[edit | edit source]

Safespot for the Baker's stall in East Ardougne.

From level 5 to 25, the fastest experience is gained by stealing from bakery stalls in East Ardougne market or in the courtyard outside Kourend Castle. There is a safespot from the guards in East Ardougne, simply stand under the baker behind the bakery stall further east and the guards cannot spot you. The bakery stall in the Kourend Castle courtyard also has a safespot where you cannot be spotted (unless a guard accidentally walks back there, which doesn't happen often) when stealing from behind it. Players can gain up to 19,200 experience per hour if dropping everything.

Even though the tea stall in Varrock is available at this level, it is significantly worse than bakery stalls due to slower respawn. Silk stalls also offer worse experience rates.

Levels 25–45: Fruit stalls[edit | edit source]

Fruit stall locations in Hosidius.

Stealing from fruit stalls in Hosidius offers the fastest experience from level 25 to 45. This requires 15% favour in Hosidius and gives 28.5 experience per fruit. The best place to do this is in the easternmost house near the beach (see the map), which has 2 stalls close to each other and no guard dogs patrolling nearby. Steal from both stalls as fast as possible and drop the fruit while running between them, eat the strange fruits you get or use stamina potions to replenish run energy. Alternatively, you can steal only from one stall which is easier and does not require running. Players can gain up to 42,750 experience per hour if stealing from both stalls, or 34,200 experience per hour if stealing only from one.

Banking the fruits is not recommended as this lowers the experience rates a lot. Ironmen who wish to bank the fruits should use the stall in the market instead and use the bank just west of it (see picture), and bring 15–20 baskets and fill them to fit more fruits per trip. However, there are three guard dogs defending the stall that may interrupt the player. Both dogs can be attacked simultaneously and trapped directly behind the fruit stand.

Levels 45–49, 65–91/99: Blackjacking[edit | edit source]

Blackjacking in action.

Requiring 45 Thieving, blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach offers the fastest experience until level 49, and then from level 65 to 91. While there are three different types of bandits the player can blackjack, the method is the same for all of them: knock out the bandit and pickpocket them twice while they are unconscious. If the player fails to knock out the bandit, they will hit the player for 4 Hitpoints and become aggressive.

For blackjacking, players must have partially completed The Feud quest and have a blackjack of any kind. The type of blackjack does not matter for blackjacking. Getting full rogue equipment at level 50 is recommended for double loot per pickpocket, though this does not increase experience rates.

Players will also need food to heal themselves, as the bandits do frequent damage even at higher levels. Bring Saradomin brews or high-healing inventory blocking food (such as pies or curry) in banknotes, and unnote them at the Banknote Exchange Merchant located next to the general store when needed. Alternatively, jugs of wine can be bought from Ali the barman, who is located in the bar on the south end of Pollnivneach. Wearing the Hitpoints cape for faster health regeneration is recommended if the player has one.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. The rates vary depending on performance and the type of food used.

Thieving Level XP/h
45 103,000
55 138,000
65 203,000
75 221,000
85 239,000
95 257,000
99 265,000

Stealing artefacts offers faster experience from level 49 to 65, and the Pyramid Plunder minigame past level 91, but this method remains viable up to level 99. This method is fairly click-intensive however, so players may find it easier in the long run to try other methods listed below.

If using this method from level 45 to 91, the player will make 2,500,000 coins, or 5,000,000 coins when wearing full rogue equipment.

Resetting aggressiveness[edit | edit source]

Using a safespot to reset aggressiveness.
Switching weapons to reset aggressiveness.

When the player fails to knock out a bandit, they become aggressive. If this happens, it is best not to pickpocket again, as failing a pickpocket will result in you not being able to attempt a knock out for a few moments. If you are quick enough, you can do the following:

  • Keep trying to knock them out again and you will eventually succeed. This is the best option but requires quick reactions.
  • Pickpocket the bandit with a full inventory. You will not actually pickpocket, but selecting the dialogue prompt will reset aggressiveness. It should be noted that you can attempt to knock-out again immediately after the dialogue prompt, even though you will appear stunned.
  • Pickpocketing the bandit with 28 coin pouches in your inventory will make you unable to attempt a pickpocket but will stop the NPC from becoming aggressive after a failed knock-out attempt.

If you are not quick enough and the bandit starts attacking you, you cannot pickpocket or knock out the bandit while in combat. The following tactics will reset the bandit's aggressiveness in this case:

  • Go to a nearby safespot and wait until your health bar disappears, then immediately knock them out again.
  • Switch weapons (other than blackjack) and click Knock-Out to make them no longer aggressive. Wait a few seconds before switching back to a blackjack, as the bandit will keep attacking you if you do this too quickly.
  • If the bandit is lured to a house that has a ladder, you may also use it to reset aggressiveness.
  • Clicking the lure option when a hitsplat appears on you and hold space spacebar to complete the lure dialogue before he would hit you again breaks the aggro. Sometimes the lure will fail and the bandit will say "I'm busy", if this happens just repeat until it works.

Tips[edit | edit source]

Lure a bandit to a spot where he gets trapped and cannot move elsewhere. Make sure the bandit is not able to walk through you; this can be done by knocking out the bandit, quickly running away from the bandit and going back in front of him. The bandit will not teleport to its respawn location as long as you keep blackjacking. One of the best houses to lure a bearded or regular Pollnivnian bandit in is Ali the Dyer's house in the northern part of Pollnivneach, which is very small and has a ladder which can be used to quickly reset aggressiveness if needed. A Menaphite Thug can be lured into the southern part of the house just next to the bar.

It is recommended to have a full inventory using inventory blocking food (such as Saradomin brews, wines, stews, pies, etc.) in your inventory. This minimises the possibility of getting stunned by the bandit while pickpocketing. The time saved from avoiding being stunned will significantly increase experience rates. It should be noted that having full inventory does not completely prevent you pickpocketing a conscious bandit however, since even with full inventory you are able to do so on the same tick the bandit becomes conscious. If you are using Saradomin brews for healing, it is recommended not to have automatic vial smashing enabled so you have a full inventory after drinking the potions.

For minimal mouse movement (similarly to training Construction), set NPC 'Attack' Options to "Hidden", use resizable mode, zoom in and set the camera angle so that when you right-click on a bandit, the mouse cursor is on "Pickpocket" option.

Players are able to pickpocket unconscious bandits twice with proper timing. The timing is right when you get an experience drop every 2 ticks, and it is therefore very useful to turn on experience drops for a visual cue. Players have to click on the next action on the same tick they get an experience drop from the previous action; click to pickpocket on the same tick as you get the experience drop from knocking out the bandit, and click to pickpocket a second time as you get the experience drop from the first pickpocket.

Levels 49–65/99: Stealing artefacts[edit | edit source]

Stealing artefacts.png

Stealing artefacts in Port Piscarilius offers the fastest experience from level 49 to 65. This method remains as a feasible alternative for players who prefer something less click-intensive, or for players who want to train Thieving while doing actions that can be done while moving. Such actions include burning logs, cutting gems, blowing molten glass, and fletching ammo.

Players must have 75% favour in Port Piscarilius for this activity. Lockpicks are required for this activity. Since this method involves constant running, players will need to use stamina potions to restore run energy. Having the graceful outfit and the ring of endurance with at least 500 charges is recommended. Alternatively, players can teleport to their house and use a revitalisation pool or higher to refill run energy, although this will lower experience rates slightly.

It is also strongly recommended to have completed A Kingdom Divided for the book of the dead, which offers a quick teleport to Port Piscarilius via The fisher's flute option. Using this teleport to get closer to the houses will increase experience rates notably. Kharedst's memoirs can also be used, but it holds fewer charges. The book can be recharged by inspecting the Old Memorial north of Land's End. Players can get there using the Rada's blessing teleport to the Kourend Woodland, or the Xeric's talisman teleport to Xeric's Lookout. Each charge requires 1 law, 1 soul, 1 mind, and 1 body rune.

  1. Talk to Captain Khaled to engage in stealing artefacts from those living in the residential district.
  2. Teleport to Fisher's Flute with the book of the dead (or the Kharedst's memoirs), and steal the artefact from drawers inside the assigned house.
  3. Smuggle the artefact without attracting the attention of the patrollers.
  4. Bring the stolen artefact to Captain Khaled, and repeat the process. Recharge the book of the dead whenever needed.

Each successful heist yields Thieving experience and 500–1,000 coins. Getting caught will lower experience rates fairly notably, so it is usually better to wait for an opportune moment to sneak past the patrollers than risk getting caught.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. With good practice and when using stamina potions, it is possible to steal up to 55 artefacts per hour.

Thieving level XP/h
49 150,000
55 163,000
60 174,000
65 186,000
70 197,000
75 208,000
80 219,000
85 230,000
90 241,000
95 252,000
99 261,000

Levels 91–99: Pyramid Plunder[edit | edit source]

Pyramid Plunder.png

The Pyramid Plunder minigame offers the fastest Thieving experience in the game from level 91 onwards. The strategy for Thieving experience is to loot the golden chest and all the urns in the last room, golden chests along the way, and some urns in the second-last room if there is time. Players can begin training at Pyramid Plunder at level 71 or 81 as an alternative method to blackjacking or stealing artefacts, however the experience rates are a lot lower before level 91.

Players will need to have access to Sophanem by having started the quest Icthlarin's Little Helper, or using a pharaoh's sceptre teleport to Jalsavrah. High-healing food (such as Saradomin brews), some stamina potions, and some form of antipoison are needed inside the pyramid. For the highest experience rates, players will also need a charged pharaoh's sceptre for a direct teleport to the guardian mummy and noted artefacts for recharging it. Completing task sets in the Desert Diary will increase the amount of charges the pharaoh's sceptre can hold. Should the player not be able to get a pharaoh's sceptre, completing Contact! is recommended to access the bank near the pyramid. Otherwise, the player would have to travel back to a bank far from Sophanem every time they need more supplies.

While training, players may loot a pharaoh's sceptre from the golden chests. It can be sold for profit or kept for use. Banking the artefacts is not recommended as this would lower experience rates a lot, and the artefacts are not very valuable. The golden artefacts can be used to recharge the pharaoh's sceptre, however.

Players can gain up to 270,000 experience per hour from level 91 onwards. Before level 91, players can expect to gain up to 125,000 experience per hour at levels 71–80, and 190,000 experience per hour at levels 81–90. Higher rates can be achieved by having a duo partner or an alternative account.

It takes approximately 335 games to get from 91 to 99 in Pyramid Plunder.

Other methods[edit | edit source]

Levels 1–25: Chambers of Xeric[edit | edit source]

Stealing from the chests in the Thieving room inside the Chambers of Xeric is another training option for the early levels. There are no requirements for this, but a stamina or super energy potion could come in handy and having a lockpick in your inventory will allow you to open chests faster. To begin, scout until you find a raid with the Thieving room first, begin the raid, proceed to the thieving room, and steal from the chests. Each time you find a cavern grub in one of the chests you gain 40 experience. Some chests will damage you slightly when opening them, they will do this every time so avoid them once you locate them. Be sure to drop or bank your grubs when needed rather than depositing them into the trough, as you can no longer gain experience this way once the room is complete.

Players can gain over 21,000 experience per hour with a lockpick in their inventory.

Levels 25/85–99: Underwater[edit | edit source]

With the completion of Bone Voyage and access to the Fossil Island, underwater thieving (also known as "swimming") becomes available.

Unlike most other training methods, it focuses on training two skills at once, Thieving and Agility, and while it is slower Thieving experience than other listed methods, the rate at which both skills are trained makes it efficient overall at some levels. Due to the rate scaling per level, both Thieving and Agility levels play a part in whether the method is worth it over alternatives. However, it tends to become consistently efficient from level 85 Thieving onwards. Alternatively, the experience can be gained in either Thieving or Agility rather than both, but this is generally inefficient due to the scaling used.

Levels 55–99: Knights of Ardougne[edit | edit source]

Using different items, or completing the medium Ardougne Diary tasks will change experience rates.

Pickpocketing Knights of Ardougne is a slower, but easier and slightly more profitable alternative to blackjacking from level 55 onwards. However, because this method is quite slow at lower levels, players may want to consider using faster methods until around level 80–90 Thieving. At higher levels the experience rates become comparable to the fastest training methods, only being slightly slower than blackjacking from level 95 onwards.

Players may consider completing the medium tasks in the Ardougne Diary for this method, as this increases the success rate of pickpocketing in Ardougne by 10%. Without the perk players will fail to pickpocket much more often and will get a lot worse experience rates. Players stop failing to pickpocket Knights of Ardougne at level 95 with the medium diary perk. It is strongly recommended to use dodgy necklaces to have a lower chance being stunned and taking damage, which increases experience rates slightly. Wearing full rogue equipment is also recommended for double loot per pickpocket. Training from level 55 to level 99 on Knights of Ardougne would yield approximately 7,500,000 coins without rogue equipment, and roughly 15,000,000 coins with the full set.

Experience rates are shown in the table below. The rates assume the player has completed the Ardougne medium diary and is using dodgy necklaces. They also assume some time is spent on mistakes and opening the coin pouches. From level 95 onwards, the tick-perfect rate is 252,900 experience per hour. Players can expect to use roughly 200 dodgy necklaces and need to heal 16,000 hitpoints worth of damage (with natural regeneration taken into account at 1x hitpoints restore rate) from level 55 to 95.

Thieving level XP/h
55 65,000
65 100,000
75 130,000
85 165,000
95 240,000

Lure north of the market[edit | edit source]

Attack a knight located south-eastern part of the Ardougne marketplace and lure him towards the building to the north of the marketplace. Go stand in the doorway of that building so that the knight is standing south next to you. Run two squares west so the knight should stand east of you. Then run into the square south of the doorway so the knight will stand on the doorway. Use the dragon spear's special attacks on the knight, and quickly run inside and close the door before the knight is able to walk back outside. You can also walk under the knight to force it to walk backwards but it may take a few attempts for it to walk the right direction. After waiting a while, the knight will move to most southern squares of the house and he will only be able to move between those two squares. If he is able to move elsewhere, you have lured a wrong knight and you will have to do this once again.

Players can also simply hop worlds until you find one where the knight has already been lured.

After the knight has been lured correctly, go stand north of him. Turn your camera west and all the way down, and zoom in. This way you are able to spam-click the same spot (around the chest) to pickpocket. It is important that you do not stand on any of the squares he is able to walk on, as he will get stuck and will despawn after 5 minutes of stationary activity.

Lure south of the market[edit | edit source]

The starting square to place the knights, using the dragon spear special attack to trap him in the building
Two Ardougne knights trapped by the docks

Arguably the best, albeit most complicated, lure to setup involves trapping two knights south-east of the southern bank. The benefit of this technique is that it does not require a second account to splash, and once setup, the player does not need to move their mouse, even to open coin pouches.

To do this technique, a dragon spear and runes for snare or entangle are required.

  1. Attack one of the two knights found in the southern half of the market and lure it to the square shown (right).
  2. Stun the knight with snare/entangle
  3. Use the dragon spear special attack 3 times until the knight is just north of the door, taking care to make sure you only attack the knight from the northern square
  4. Open the door, push the knight one more time with the dragon spear special attack and close the door behind it
  5. Run south to ensure that the knight is no longer aggressive
  6. Repeat steps 1–5 with the second knight (ensuring you have enough special attack)
  7. Once the two knights are trapped in the building, use the second door to the east and stand in the square marked (right)
  8. Set your camera facing west and all the way down, placing your coin pouch in the top right of your inventory
  9. Change your settings; by clicking options, Advanced options and enable side-panels so that you can open and close your inventory with the Esc key (enabling mouse keys is also recommended)
  10. Place your cursor in the very top right of the coin pouch and keep it here, close your inventory (Esc) and pickpocket the knight

By following these steps, with your inventory closed you can pickpocket the eastern knight as it moves between the two tiles without moving your mouse. When you need to open your coin pouch, simply press Esc and your coin pouch should be under your cursor. By remaining one square south of the two knights, they will never despawn.

Splashing[edit | edit source]

Another option is to use a splashing account to keep a knight into place. This can be done anywhere if the splashing account simply tanks the knight, but this requires having high Defence and wearing good defensive armour along with the Hitpoints cape and regen bracelet. Alternatively, lure a knight to a spot where the splasher is able to safespot the knight, such as in the south-eastern bank of Ardougne where it is possible to use the fences as blockades. The knight will not despawn as long as he is aggressive towards the splasher, and the splashing account stays logged in if it is attacking or tanking the knight.

Players can also bring a stack of law runes and a staff giving unlimited water runes instead of food to make the process more simple. After death two law runes and the staff will be kept, enabling the player to quickly teleport back to the Ardougne marketplace. Pick up your coins and stack of law runes off the ground and continue pickpocketing. Enabling Rapid Heal can help extend trips longer.

Levels 78–99: Dorgesh-Kaan Rich Chests[edit | edit source]

Dorgesh-Kaan rich chests are marked in red and average chests marked in green.

At level 78, players can lockpick rich chests in the cave goblin city of Dorgesh-Kaan. To lockpick the chests, players must bring a lockpick and have completed Death to the Dorgeshuun. This low intensity method can be ideal for players with low hitpoints and Ironmen, as you take no damage, and do not require food or supplies (such as dodgy necklaces or antipoisons).

The method involves entering one of the two houses in Dorgesh-Kaan that contain two rich chests, lockpicking both chests and then hopping to a new world. The chest's loot will respawn after around 5 minutes and gives 650 Thieving experience each pick. This equates to roughly 12–13 World hops before the chest loot respawns.

Without banking, players can expect to gain up to 210,000–230,000 experience per hour providing there are not many other players hopping between worlds (assuming 340 chests per hour; 170 worlds). However, if players run to the bank on the ground floor they can expect around 190,000 experience and 300,000 coins per hour. Using a gem bag if banking can increase experience per hour. It is recommended that players who wish to bank wear weight-reducing clothes such as the graceful outfit.

Levels 1–99: Sorceress's Garden[edit | edit source]

The Sorceress's Garden minigame consists of navigating through a maze while avoiding guardians to pick fruit and squeeze them into juice. A pestle and mortar is used to squeeze the fruit into juice and a beer glass is used to hold the squeezed juice. Beer glasses can be crafted, purchased, or obtained by searching the shelf in the Sorceress's house. Only one sq'irk can be obtained per trip through a garden.

To unlock access to the garden, talk to Osman in front of the palace about sq'irk juice to unlock the Sorceress's garden. He is also the one to whom you trade your glasses of sq'irk juice in return for Thieving experience.

Experience rates are unknown for some of the lower level gardens, however maximum 'realistic' experience rates from the Sorceress's Summer Garden requiring 65 Thieving is 140,000 experience per hour.

Thieving levels Garden Notes
1–25 Winter Requiring 5 sq'irks to make one glass of juice, each glass of winter sq'irkjuice turned in rewards 350 Thieving experience.
25–45 Spring Requiring 4 sq'irks to make one glass of juice, each glass of spring sq'irkjuice turned in rewards 1350 Thieving experience.
45–65 Autumn Requiring 3 sq'irks to make one glass of juice, each glass of autumn sq'irkjuice turned in rewards 2350 Thieving experience.
65–99 Summer Requiring only 2 sq'irks to make one glass of juice, each glass of summer sq'irkjuice turned in rewards 3000 Thieving experience. At level 65, 4196 glasses of juice are required to make it to level 99. This translates to 8392 trips through the Summer Garden.

Level 82–99: Pickpocketing vyres[edit | edit source]

Pickpocketing vyres from 82 with rogue equipment, dodgy necklaces, and the hard Ardougne Diary completed will get 120,000–180,000 experience per hour and profit 2,833,578.92 coins per hour, depending on thieving level. This will require completion of the Sins of the Father.

Level 85–99: Pickpocketing elves[edit | edit source]

Pickpocketing elves starting around 94 can generate good profits and decent experience for players seeking both. It is recommended to have completed Song of the Elves before starting to pickpocket the elves, as they will drop enhanced crystal teleport seeds.

At Level 99 players can expect around 150,000 experience per hour and profit 3,309,183.27 coins per hour, assuming that players use dodgy necklaces, and full rogue equipment.

Levels 94–99: Master Farmers[edit | edit source]

At level 94 and with the hard Ardougne Diary bonus, you can pickpocket master farmers at 100% success rate. They commonly yield ranarr and snapdragon seeds, which can be sold for very high profit; the rates for these profitable seeds is dependent on Farming level, so a high Farming level (71+) is recommended. Even though master farmers become available at level 38 Thieving, they catch you very often at lower levels and require you to use a lot of food, significantly reducing experience and profit per hour. The best location to pickpocket a master farmer is in Hosidius north of the market square, which has a house where it is easy to trap one to a spot where he cannot move elsewhere. Players can gain up to 115,000 experience per hour.

Level 99+: TzHaar-Hur[edit | edit source]

Rogue mask.png
Thieving cape(t).png
Dodgy necklace.png
Dragon spear.png
Rogue top.png
Rogue trousers.png
Ice gloves.png
Rogue boots.png
Ring of life.png
The roaming TzHaar-Hur at the sourthern part of Mor Ul Rek near the TzHaar-Hur-Rin's Ore and Gem Store is trapped in this alcove (with the Shove special attack) and cannot move north.

Pickpocketing TzHaar-Hur in the inner part of Mor Ul Rek is a viable option past level 99. Similarly to Knights of Ardougne, TzHaar-Hur can be lured into a spot where they cannot move on more than two tiles, allowing the player to repeatedly left-click to pickpocket them. As their loot does not include coins, the only other required interaction is healing and optionally replacing the dodgy necklace. This makes pickpocketing TzHaar-Hur much less attention demanding than Knights of Ardougne, although with higher requirements.

For this method, players will need to wear the Thieving cape and have completed the Ardougne hard diary for increased pickpocket chance. The Thieving cape and the Ardougne hard diary perks do stack, which makes this method viable. Even though this method becomes available at level 90, it is generally not worth doing without the Thieving cape bonus, as this would lower experience rates a lot.

Accessing the inner part of Mor Ul Rek requires having a fire cape. Players must wear ice gloves to be able to pickpocket the TzHaar-Hur. Wearing a dodgy necklace is also strongly recommended. Players should also take Saradomin brews and spare dodgy necklaces to prolong trips. Wearing rogue equipment (excluding the gloves) is recommended for increased tokkul and gems.

If banking the gems, having a gem bag is strongly recommended, as gems are automatically stored there if it is open. Otherwise, they will fall to the floor if the inventory is full. Players are advised to take 3 dodgy necklaces and 3-4 Saradomin brews for each trip when banking the gems. Each trip would last around 45 minutes.

At level 99 Thieving, players can gain up to around 250,000–260,000 experience per hour. Banking the gems would lower the rate to around 240,000 experience per hour.

References[edit | edit source]

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