Third Age

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The Third Age, also known as The God Wars, is one of the five ages of Gielinor, between the Second and Fourth Age. The Third Age lasted four thousand years and officially began when Zamorak, now as a god, returned from his banishment and began a massive war. These God Wars would last throughout the entire Third Age, and their end was marked by the establishment of the Edicts of Guthix. The God Wars led to millions of deaths, the destruction of dozens of major settlements and cities, the near complete eradication of all references to Zaros and extinction of several races. The God Wars and concurring conflicts are by far the most notable events that happened during the Third Age, although others did occur. For example, the Void Knights were established during the Third Age and the dwarves founded Keldagrim (albeit as a result of them fleeing from the war).

Major events[edit | edit source]

Ver Sinhaza, the former castle of Queen Efaritay, after the vampyre conquest of Hallowvale.
  • The Dorgeshuun tribe rebels against Bandos and goes into hiding.
  • Azzanadra, a powerful high-ranking Zarosian Mahjarrat, is imprisoned in the Jaldraocht Pyramid.
  • A Saradominist crusade is led into Morytania to liberate it from Lord Drakan. The six Barrows Brothers, who have been empowered by the devious Mahjarrat Sliske, are an unstoppable force, until they reach the walls of Darkmeyer, where Sliske removes their powers, and the crusaders are slaughtered by Lord Drakan.
  • The cities of Uzer and Ullek in the Kharidian Desert are destroyed by the forces led by the demons Thammaron and Balfrug Kreeyath respectively.
  • The burgeoning kingdom of Great Kourend is established by people escaping the wars on the main continent.
  • Skotizo betrays Zamorak and steals a powerful artefact. His sister Zalcano is punished and tasked with hunting him down, but is imprisoned by the elves.
  • The capital city of the Zarosian Empire, Senntisten, eventually falls, reducing the once great Zarosian Empire to nothing.
  • Saradominists seizes control over the remains of Senntisten from the Zamorakians, founding the city Saranthium.
  • The Godsword is forged by a combined alliance of Saradomin, Armadyl and Bandos to use against Zamorak. The transportation unit is assaulted by Zamorakians, and a great fight breaks out in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • Zamorak incinerates the land of Forinthry, scarring and cursing it, turning it into the Wilderness.
The once lush land of Forinthry, today known as the Wilderness.
  • Extinction of virtually all aviantese, icyene, centaurs, light creatures, wyrms, white dragons, orks, ourgs, fayrgs, and raurgs that resided on Gielinor.
  • Guthix awakens from his slumber and alongside loyal followers retaliates against the other gods and their forces.
  • A loyal servant of Guthix freezes the combatants in the God Wars Dungeons in time.
  • Guthix banishes the most powerful gods and establishes the Edicts of Guthix to keep them out.
  • Seren shatters herself into many crystal pieces to avoid being forced to leave after establishment of the Edicts.
  • Guthix travels the world to witness the destruction, his mourning manifests as the Tears of Guthix.
  • Guthix returns to his slumber deep beneath the earth, not to be heard from again.