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Thralls are undead beings which can be summoned to attack enemies.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In order to summon thralls, the player must be on the Arceuus spellbook, have the book of the dead wielded or in their inventory, the required Magic level, runes, 2-6 prayer points and completion of A Kingdom Divided.

Thralls are very powerful allies as while they hit very low (1-3 depending on tier), they are almost always guaranteed to hit and ignore the target's defensive bonuses, which is especially useful for combat achievements requiring speed kills and places where magic spells (not including powered staves) are not needed. Thralls have an attack speed of 4, or once every 2.4 seconds.

Thralls will remain for a set amount of time ( seconds). There is a ten second cooldown before the player can cast another resurrection spell, although the current thrall will despawn in the process.

As the thrall's duration is dependent on the player's Magic level, boosting it will subsequently increase the thrall's duration:

  • At level 38 Magic, a thrall would last for 22.8 seconds, allowing up to 9 attacks before despawning.
  • At level 57 Magic, a thrall would last for 34.2 seconds, allowing up to 14 attacks before despawning.
  • At level 76 Magic, a thrall would last for 45.6 seconds, allowing up to 19 attacks before despawning.
  • At level 99 Magic, a thrall would last for 59.4 seconds, allowing up to 24 attacks before despawning.
  • With an imbued heart to boost Magic by 10 levels to 109 Magic, a thrall would last for 65.4 seconds, allowing up to 27 attacks before despawning.
  • In the Chambers of Xeric and using a Kodai (+) or Overload (+) which provides 21 Magic levels and boost up to 120 Magic, a thrall would last for 72 seconds, allowing up to 30 attacks before despawning.

Thralls cannot be resurrected at the Ungael crater or during the fight against Galvek.

Types of thralls[edit | edit source]