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Thread is used along with a needle to make armour out of leather, dragon leather and cured yak-hide. Each thread spool has 5 uses before it is consumed. A "use" means an action performed, not number of leathers used (e.g. making vambraces, which use 1 hide each, consumes thread at the same rate as making chaps, which use 2 hides each).

There is a spawn point in the kitchen of the Jolly Boar Inn, located north-east of Varrock.

Stores stocking thread[edit | edit source]

Drop sources[edit | edit source]

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Baby impling Multicombat.png1Common
Baby impling jar Multicombat.png1Common
Greater demon92; 100; 101; 104; 113 Multicombat.png10Rare
H.A.M. Guard12; 18; 22 Multicombat.png1–4Uncommon
H.A.M. Member Thieving icon.png2–10Common
Jelly78 Multicombat.png101/128
Screaming twisted banshee144 Multicombat.png10Rare
Tyras guard110 Multicombat.png10Common
Vitreous Jelly206 Multicombat.png101/128
Vitreous warped Jelly241 Multicombat.png10Rare
Warped Jelly112 Multicombat.png10Rare