Throne of Miscellania

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Throne of Miscellania (#64)
Throne of Miscellania.png
Released 29 November 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest series Miscellania, #1
Official difficulty Experienced
Lead developer(s) Chris S, Jonathan S

Throne of Miscellania is a quest about the Fremennik island Miscellania. The king, Vargas, has unfortunately become a yeti, thus making him require a regent to rule his kingdom while he is unable to.

Details[edit | edit source]

Start pointQuest point icon.png Talk to King Vargas in the Miscellania Castle. Take the longboat from Rellekka to access Miscellania.
Official difficultyExperienced
DescriptionRumours have been coming back from Miscellania that all is not well, it is said that the king has been turned into a monster! An exceptional hero is required to investigate. Experience in ruling kingdoms, wooing royalty and negotiating peace would be an advantage.
Official lengthMedium
Items required
Enemies to defeat None

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Take the longboat from Rellekka to Miscellania (largest one, same sailor from Fremennik Trials) or use the fairy ring code cip (if Fairytale II - Cure a Queen has been started) to arrive north of the castle. If you don't have flowers yet, you can buy them from the Flower Girl in the castle courtyard. If you need or forget anything, the bank in Etceteria is available for use.

Speak to King Vargas located upstairs in the castle (south-west) to begin the quest. He will agree to let you be ruler of the kingdom if you can marry either his daughter or son, make peace with Etceteria, and gain the support of the population.

Marrying[edit | edit source]

Note: Be sure to use the items mentioned below on the [Princess/Prince] and do the emotes or [she/he] will continue to repeat "Good day".

Warning: Changing your gender twice at the Make-over mage (e.g. Female to male and back to female) prior to giving the prince or princess a ring, you will have to redo that section. If you have given them the ring, they will speak to you as if you are not engaged but it does not matter.

Princess Astrid (if male)[edit | edit source]

Impressing Princess Astrid with a dance.

Enter Princess Astrid's room, which is north of the throne room, and speak with the Princess of Miscellania. Start to tell her about your desire to become regent. She interrupts you to say she has many suitors. She will, however, give you a chance to impress her.

Speak to the princess a few times, and agree with whatever she says. Then, use the flowers on her. You can buy mixed flowers for 15 coins from the Flower Girl in the marketplace just outside the building from where the king presides. Now, use the Dance emote in her room.

Speak to her a few more times, responding with agreeable answers. Once she has nothing left for you to agree with, use a bow (No Comp Bows, Or Magic Bows) (the weapon, not the emote) on her.

Again, speak to her a few more times. When she calls you "dear" and you call her "darling", select the Blow Kiss emote. Use the Blow Kiss emote on her before you give her the ring.

Once she has nothing left for you to agree with, use the ring on her. She finally agrees to marry you. She says you two will have to put off the actual ceremony until you can find a priest, but you can tell her father of the marriage.

Prince Brand (if female)[edit | edit source]

Enter Prince Brand's room, which is south of the throne room, and speak with the Prince of Miscellania. Start to tell him about your goal of becoming ruler of the kingdom. He interrupts you and asks why he would be interested in a "crass adventurer like yourself?" He will, however, give you a chance to impress him.

Continue to talk with the prince, selecting the most flattering answers, until he asks if you would like to hear his poem. Tell him, of course, you would love to. After he recites his poem, select "Be still, my heart" and use the Clap or Cheer emote (Must be standing inside the room, and not the doorway for both emotes). He thanks you. Use your flowers on him to continue the dialogue. When he asks if they are for him, say, "Yes".

Continue to talk with the prince (he will ask you your name), providing him with flattering answers, until he asks if you would like to hear his saga. You wonder if you have the time to hear a whole saga, but he launches into it anyway. Continue to flatter and talk with the prince, give him the cake or chocolate cake, and tell him it is for him (be careful not to eat it).

When he calls you "my darling", select the Blow Kiss emote and use the ring on him. If he says he could not possibly accept the ring, keep talking to and flattering him. Eventually, after you blow him a kiss and use the ring on him, he says, "Is this for me? Really?". Say "Yes".

You ask the prince to marry you, and he says "Yes!" He says that you two love birds will have to put off the actual ceremony until you can find a priest but you can tell his father he has agreed to marry you.

Peace deal[edit | edit source]

Talk with Advisor Ghrim, who is off to the side behind the king, and ask him how to make peace with Etceteria. He tells you to talk with Queen Sigrid of Etceteria. Head east, cross the bridge over into Etceteria, enter the large building in the east side of town, go upstairs, and enter the centre room, where you will find Queen Sigrid.

Speak to Queen Sigrid. After you tell her you have been sent by King Vargas to negotiate a treaty, she says she will agree to a peace deal if King Vargas will accept Etceteria officially as a sovereign nation. Return to Vargas, and tell him what the queen said. He says he will recognise her country if she changes Etceteria's national anthem.

Audio options icon.png
Awful anthem
The awful anthem's music, which plays when obtaining the lyric sheet from Prince Brand.
Sigrid singing the current version of the Etceterian anthem.

Dash back to Queen Sigrid, and speak with her. Although she, at first, says it is a great anthem and that she composed it herself, she eventually agrees but requests that you come up with a new anthem. Return to Miscellania, enter the room to the south of King Vargas's throne room, and speak to Prince Brand. You tell him you need a new anthem, and he agrees to write you one immediately. It is, however, terrible. He gives you the awful anthem.

Enter the throne room next door, and talk to Advisor Ghrim about the anthem. You give the advisor the awful anthem, and he makes a few adjustments, turning it into a good anthem. Return to Queen Sigrid, and tell her you have a new anthem. She is pleased with her new anthem and hands you a treaty - which she has already signed - to be signed by King Vargas.

Take the treaty back to King Vargas, and tell him it is awaiting his signature. He says he cannot sign it with an ordinary pen. He needs a pen large enough for him to hold. Head to the northern shore of Miscellania, to the east of the mining icon, where you will find Derrik. He is in the house with the anvil. Talk to Derrik, and tell him you have a strange request. He says he can make a giant nib if you have an iron bar.

Give him your iron bar, and he gives you the giant nib. Use the nib on logs, and you end up with a giant pen. There are a few evergreens around the islands, so you don't need to go to the mainland if you have not brought logs. Take the giant pen to King Vargas, who then signs the treaty, bringing an end to the rivalry between the two kingdoms.

Public support[edit | edit source]

Note: The end time of the Throne of Miscellania quest determines the time at which your Kingdom will lose favour, take money from the coffer and produce resources. Consider finishing the quest at a time which is convenient for this.

After the treaty, you must get the support of the people in order to be the new ruler. You will need the support of 75% of Miscellania to finish the quest. You will start off with 25% (you will start with less if you killed any of the villagers or stole from the stalls) and you gain 0.33% with each action you do.

You can check your approval rating by speaking with Advisor Ghrim. You won't be able to check your progress with the local laborers until you finish the quest - they will ask, "Who are you?"

If your aim is 100% approval rating, you can continue working until the person receiving the items stops you. (Your chat box also tells you that you've completed a hard task for your Fremennik achievement diaries.)

Good ways to get support[edit | edit source]

Gaining support by chopping maple trees.

Ways to lose it[edit | edit source]

  • Kill villagers.
  • Steal from stalls.

Talk to Advisor Ghrim to keep track of how much support you have. After you have 75% of the public support, talk to King Vargas and congratulations! You have completed Throne of Miscellania!

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Throne of Miscellania reward scroll.png

Required for completing[edit | edit source]

Completion of Throne of Miscellania is required for the following:

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
15 January 2015

Advisor Ghrim's name is no longer displayed incorrectly during the final conversation of Throne of Miscellania.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The examine text for the lumberjack on Miscellania is "He's a lumberjack and he's okay." This is a reference to Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • During the courtship process, the Princess will say something disagreeable if the player gives an answer she does not like, to which the player may respond with "Well excuse me, Princess.", which is a direct reference to a famous line from the The Legend of Zelda animated series.
  • If you try to feed the prince a rock cake, he politely declines.
  • Princess Astrid does not accept Trollweiss.
  • Both Prince and Princess react to multiple emotes.

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