Tinderbox (Cabin Fever)

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This item cannot be obtained legitimately.
Tinderbox (Cabin Fever) can only be acquired through illegitimate means. The Old School RuneScape Wiki does not condone rule-breaking actions.
Tinderbox (Cabin Fever) detail.png

The Tinderbox is an unobtainable item seen during Cabin Fever. It can be found on the south-east corner of The Adventurous.

The item has a "Take" option - however, this will give the standard Tinderbox instead, and the item will not despawn. Therefore, it is designed to serve as an infinite source of tinderboxes.

It can later be found on the wrecked ship at Harmony Island. Attempting to cast Telekinetic Grab gives the message "You can't cast this spell on that object."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Due to an oversight, it was previously possible to obtain the item via Telekinetic Grab, and drop it elsewhere for an infinite source of tinderboxes.