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Tirannwn (pronounciation: /ˈtir.ɪn.ən/ "TEER-in-uhn" or /tə.ræn.ɪn/ "tuh-RANN-inn") is a heavily forested region located west of Kandarin. It can only be accessed by starting Regicide. Other ways of entry include boarding a charter ship to Port Tyras (upon completion of Regicide), travelling through Arandar (also upon completion of Regicide), iorwerth camp teleport scrolls, and elf teleport crystals obtained during Mourning's End Part I.

The elves lived for many hundreds of years and saw the God Wars. It is said that the elves retreated there, but it is not said when.

Apart from elves, rabbits, dire wolves, and grizzly bears inhabit Tirannwn. The many traps and dense forest make travelling through Tirannwn difficult and potentially dangerous (see Traps for more details). It is wise to bring anti-poison potions and food. Level 56 Agility is required to navigate Tirannwn fully, as players will come across dense forest that requires 56 Agility to pass.

Places of interest[edit | edit source]

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Traps[edit | edit source]

A set of spring traps.

Tirannwn is littered with traps that are not easily noticed, so be wary. There are three types of traps:

  • Leaf trap: Deals 15 damage. Approach and select jump at the side nearest to you.
  • Stick traps: Deals 8 damage. Select at the base of the trap to pass. Stand right next to it then spam click the trap until you pass it. Failure to pass will give you a face full of spikes, hit damage and throw you back.
  • Tripwire: Hard to spot and require you to select to hop over. Failure results in two arrows being fired dealing 5 damage and poisoning you (starting at 2). The success chance of passing this trap ranges linearly from 30/255 at level 1 Agility to 155/255 at level 99 Agility[1]

Quests[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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