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This article is about the cleaned herb. For the grimy herb, see Grimy toadflax.
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Toadflax is a low level herb, requiring level 30 Herblore to clean. It can be acquired from Random events or grown with a Farming level of 38, by planting toadflax seeds in herb patches. It can also be acquired by trading in 3 tickets from the Brimhaven Agility Arena or as a reward from Temple Trekking. It is used to make agility potions, and most commonly, Saradomin brews.

Increase their value and save time training Herblore by adding them to Vials of Water without hesitation; using Toadflax in the coconut milk based Antidote+ potion is often considered a waste, as Antidote++ is highly more preferred by PvM'ers, whereas the one plus version of Antidote is not usually in demand or used often. However, Antidote+ can be a viable and cheaper option in certain situations, such as fending off poison while training Ranged or Magic at the Skeletal Monkeys on Ape Atoll.

According to the book Gielinor's flora - herbs, the flowers of a toadflax plant are often believed to resemble a toad's mouth, which is likely where it got the name. In addition, it is often mistaken for snapdragon and is widespread in rural spots.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Potion/item Level Secondary ingredient XP Effect
Agility potion.png: Inventory image of Agility potionAgility potion HerbloreHerblore icon.png 34 Toad's legs 80 Temporarily raises a player's Agility level by 3.
Antidote+.png: Inventory image of Antidote+Antidote+ HerbloreHerblore icon.png 68 Yew roots 155 Cures poison and provides immunity for 9 minutes.
(Made in a vial of Coconut milk instead of water.)
Saradomin brew.png: Inventory image of Saradomin brewSaradomin brew HerbloreHerblore icon.png 81 Crushed bird's nest 180 Heals a player's hitpoints by 15% + 2 of their maximum hitpoints and can temporarily boost hit points above maximum by the same amount. Also increases a player's Defence by 20% + 2 , but lowers Strength, Attack, Magic and Ranged by 10%.