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There are three toilets in Old School RuneScape. While actual toilet models do not exist, these locations are implied to be toilets, specifically outhouses. Every toilet is occupied and interacting with the door or the individual inside will lead to humorous dialogue.

In the quest The Feud, it's stated that Traitorous Ali left the bar in search of a toilet, however the bartender claims that they've never seen one anywhere in Gielinor.

After the quest Making Friends with My Arm, Yellow Snow mentions that his homeland has few toilets. This leads to the events of his unfortunate name.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Banisoch implies that she uses the southern entrance to Brimhaven dungeon as a toilet when the player talks to her after paying the one-time entry fee.
  • There is an escape route from a troll prison the player finds themself in during Making Friends with My Arm. This "smelly hole" is implied to be a makeshift troll toilet by Yellow Snow post quest.

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