Tombs of Amascut

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Tombs of Amascut
Tombs of Amascut.png
Also called Raids 3, ToA
Released 24 August 2022 (Update)
Type Raid
Members Yes
Location Jaltevas Pyramid
Participants 1-8
Skills Combat
Music See below

The Tombs of Amascut is a raid set in the Kharidian Desert, within the Jaltevas Pyramid at the necropolis. To participate in the raid, players will have to complete the Beneath Cursed Sands quest.

Despite the name of the raid, the tomb is in actuality that of the Pharaoh Osmumten, where players must help him drive Amascut away from his tomb by freeing the lesser gods of the Menaphite Pantheon from her control and stopping her from acquiring the divine weapons found within that would allow her to ascend to godhood.

Up to eight players may attempt the raid.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

The quickest methods of reaching the necropolis are as follows:

  • Teleporting to Jaltevas via the Pharaoh's sceptre. This method requires having used the sceptre on the obelisk north of the necropolis mine.
  • Teleporting via fairy ring code AKP. This method requires level 62 Agility.

Slower methods:

  • Using the magic carpet from Shantay Pass to Pollnivneach, another carpet from the south side of Pollnivneach to Sophanem, and then walk south-east. This costs 400 coins without Rogue Trader and 200 coins with the Rogue Trader miniquest.
  • Teleport to Nardah and run south-west.

Official worlds[edit | edit source]

The following official worlds are assigned to the Tombs of Amascut:

World Location Members Activity
329 United States flag.png United States (east) Members Tombs of Amascut
331 United States flag.png United States (west) Members Tombs of Amascut
333 United Kingdom flag.png United Kingdom Members Tombs of Amascut
531 Australia flag.png Australia Members Tombs of Amascut

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The Tombs of Amascut can be completed in a group of 1-8 players. In group encounters, the the 2nd-3rd member will add 90% of the base health of bosses each, while the 4th and beyond will add 60% each.

It is not possible to cast standard spellbook utility spells inside the raid (with the exception of Telekinetic Grab), although utility spells from the Lunar spellbook do work.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

The Tombs of Amascut comprise four paths, each one themed after one of Tumeken's avatars: Apmeken, Crondis, Scabaras, and Het. Each path consists of a challenge section followed by a boss. These can be taken on in any order the player(s) choose to do so. If path leveling is active, the order in which the bosses are killed may matter; otherwise, there is not much of a difference.

Once all four paths are completed, the lower level where the final boss fight takes place becomes accessible, which consists of two twin bosses. Only after they are defeated can players claim their rewards.

Invocations and Raid Level[edit | edit source]

Mode Tombs of Amascut - raid level icon.png Raid Level
Tombs of Amascut - Entry Mode icon.png Entry Mode 0 - 149
Tombs of Amascut - Normal Mode icon.png Normal Mode 150 - 299
Tombs of Amascut - Expert Mode icon.png Expert Mode 300 - 600
Tombs of Amascut - invocations icon.png

The Tombs of Amascut makes use of the invocation system, which allows players to customise the difficulty of the raid by choosing to enable various invocations, setting a Raid Level which adjusts the stats of NPCs within the raid; for every 5 raid levels, an NPC's hitpoints, defence, accuracy, and damage are increased by 2% additively, with damage capping out at +150%. For example, a raid level of 100 will modify these stats for all enemies within the raid by +40%, whereas a raid level of 500 will modify enemy hitpoints, defence, and accuracy by +200%, and damage by +150%.

Apart from making the raid harder, a higher raid level increases the player's overall drops and the chances for unique items to be rolled, which are shown in the raid party's invocation tab within the raid party interface, accessed via the Grouping Obelisk where players can form raid parties.

The invocations interface where players can select preferred invocations, as well as view the raid level and unique rewards that are realistically obtainable at that raid level.

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Consumable items are received from supplies given by the Helpful Spirit in the Nexus of the Tombs of Amascut. They can be claimed from the spirit once after completing two paths, and once again after completing the remaining two paths and before proceeding to the final encounter.

The amount of supplies offered varies based on the raid's active invocations: "Need Some Help?", "Need Less Help?", and "No Help Needed" reduce the given supplies down to 66%, 33%, and 10% respectively. There will always be a minimum of one supply of that type regardless of reduction percentage.

Item Effect
Honey locust inventory image Honey locust Stacks in the inventory. Heals 20 Hitpoints (can overheal), and restores prayer points equal to a dose of prayer potion. Automatically given during wipes, unless the "On a Diet" invocation is enabled.
Ambrosia (2) inventory image Ambrosia Has 2 doses. Fully restores hitpoints, prayer points, and run energy, as well as acting as a dose of antidote++. Can not be consumed if the "Dehydration" invocation is enabled.
  • Hitpoints are fully restored, then boosted by:
  • Prayer points are fully restored, then boosted by:
Blessed crystal scarab (2) inventory image Blessed crystal scarab Has 2 uses. Restores 8 Prayer points every 4 ticks (2.4 seconds), 9 times.

This yields a total restoration of 72 Prayer points over the course of 40 ticks (24 seconds).

Liquid adrenaline (2) inventory image Liquid adrenaline Has 2 doses. Halves special attack costs for the next 150 seconds.
Nectar (4) inventory image Nectar Has 4 doses. Heals Hitpoints (can overheal), and drains Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, and Magic. Can not be consumed if the "Dehydration" invocation is enabled.
  • Hitpoints are restored by: .
  • Combat stats are drained by: .
Silk dressing (2) inventory image Silk dressing Has 2 uses. Heals 5 hitpoints every 5 ticks (3 seconds), 20 times.

This yields a total restoration of 100 hitpoints over the course of 100 ticks (60 seconds). Not provided if the "On a Diet" invocation is enabled.

Smelling salts (2) inventory image Smelling salts Has 2 uses. Restores run energy by 25% and boosts Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, and Magic by .

The combat boost is refreshed every 15 seconds for 8 minutes.

Tears of elidinis (4) inventory image Tears of elidinis Has 4 doses. Restores combat stats and prayer points, and affects party members in a 3x3 area.
  • Stat restoration:
  • Prayer restoration:
  • Prayer restoration (receiver):

Death within the Tombs[edit | edit source]

By default, players may die any number of times if the team does not have a limited attempt invocation enabled. If one of these invocations are enabled, however, then an attempt is counted once the entire team dies during a challenge. Additionally, the team will have to restart the room they have all died in, with previous progress being saved and being given honey locusts should the "On a Diet" invocation be inactive.

If the entire team is killed and there are no more limited attempts left, players will lose all unprotected items, which can later be reclaimed from a storage where the reclaim fee is based on the items' respective Grand Exchange values, up to a maximum fee of 500,000 coins.

If players die a second time without reclaiming the items from the storage, they will be permanently lost, unless the death occurs within a minigame deemed safe, such as Pest Control.

Dying in the Tombs of Amascut is a dangerous death - Hardcore Ironmen who die within the tomb will lose their Hardcore status.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A player receives the lightbearer from Osmumten's sarcophagus.

Upon defeating the Wardens, the party will be able to access the treasure room and receive their reward for helping Osmumten defeat Amascut's thralls.

Like the Theatre of Blood, if a unique drop is rolled at the end of the raid, Osmumten's sarcophagus will glow purple instead of white with the designated player being able to open it instead of the chests by the side. When the sarcophagus is opened, an animation plays which reveals the item. Only one unique can be obtained per raid, if any at all. If no unique item is rolled, then the chest will contain three rolls from the common drop table. The unique drops that players can obtain from the sarcophagus include:

Additionally, there are tertiary items which can be rolled alongside any reward. The unique tertiary rewards from Tombs of Amascut include

If the player finished the raid with fewer than 1,500 points, they will instead receive fossilised dung.

If the player leaves the room after opening the chest, rewards can be found through the rewards niche in the south-east corner of the lobby room. If the player re-enters the raid without claiming their rewards from the rewards niche, they will be lost; the player will be warned of this prior to entering another raid.

Players can also find six books during the raid:

  1. Apmeken's capture inventory imageApmeken's capture
  2. Crondis' capture inventory imageCrondis' capture
  3. Het's capture inventory imageHet's capture
  4. Scabaras' capture inventory imageScabaras' capture
  5. The wardens inventory imageThe wardens
  6. The jackal's torch inventory imageThe jackal's torch

Raid Summary[edit | edit source]

The Raid Summary interface, where the raid party can review their performance. The gold star denotes the Most Valuable Player (MVP).

At the end of a raid, players can review their performance in the raid by reading the scoreboard on the eastern side of the burial chamber, where they can view a summary of the raid, including details such as total damage dealt and received, number of deaths, and an honorary title.

The list of possible titles given in the Raid Summary interface are as follows:

Title Description
The Leech Earn the least amount of contribution points in at least five rooms.
The Swimmer Spent at least 30 seconds in Zebak's pool.
The Specialist Used the most special attack energy.
The Picky Eater Used the least food.
The Peasant Finished the raid with the lowest value loadout.
The Showoff Finished the raid with the highest value loadout.
The Tank Took the most damage.
The Baller Dropped more than 20 orbs during the Akkha fight.
The Entomophobe Killed the most scarabs.
The Moth Died to a light beam in Het's path.
The Carry Had the highest overall damage.
The Anchor Died the most.
The Glutton Ate the most food.
The Sorcerer Dealt the most magic damage.
The Archer Dealt the most ranged damage.
The Brawler Dealt the most melee damage.
The Clutch Finished off the Wardens on their own.

Combat Achievements[edit | edit source]

Entry Mode[edit | edit source]

There are 5 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 16 points) available for Tombs of Amascut: Entry Mode.

Confident RaiderComplete a Tombs of Amascut raid at level 100 or above.RestrictionHard (3 pts)
Novice Tomb LooterComplete the Tombs of Amascut in Entry mode (or above) 25 times.Kill CountHard (3 pts)
Novice Tomb ExplorerComplete the Tombs of Amascut in Entry mode (or above) once.Kill CountHard (3 pts)
Movin' on upComplete a Tombs of Amascut raid at level 50 or above.RestrictionHard (3 pts)
Novice Tomb RaiderComplete the Tombs of Amascut in Entry mode (or above) 50 times.Kill CountElite (4 pts)

Normal Mode[edit | edit source]

There are 23 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 104 points) available for Tombs of Amascut.

I'm in a rushDefeat Ba-Ba after destroying four or fewer rolling boulders in total without dying yourself.MechanicalElite (4 pts)
Helpful spirit who?Complete the Tombs of Amascut without using any supplies from the Helpful Spirit and without anyone dying. Honey locusts are included in this restriction.RestrictionElite (4 pts)
Perfect CrondisComplete the Crondis room without letting a crocodile get to the tree, without anyone losing water from their container and in under one minute.PerfectionElite (4 pts)
No skipping allowedDefeat Ba-Ba after only attacking the non-weakened boulders in the rolling boulder phase, without dying yourself. The Boulderdash invocation must be activated.MechanicalElite (4 pts)
Tomb ExplorerComplete the Tombs of Amascut once.Kill CountElite (4 pts)
Hardcore TombsComplete the Tombs of Amascut solo without dying.PerfectionElite (4 pts)
Dropped the ballDefeat Akkha without dropping any materialising orbs and without dying yourself.MechanicalElite (4 pts)
Hardcore RaidersComplete the Tombs of Amascut in a group of two or more without anyone dying.PerfectionElite (4 pts)
Perfect HetComplete the Het room without taking any damage from the light beam and orbs. You must destroy the core after one exposure.PerfectionElite (4 pts)
Down Do SpecsDefeat the Wardens after staggering the boss a maximum of twice during phase two, without dying yourself.MechanicalElite (4 pts)
Perfect ApmekenComplete the Apmeken room in a group of two or more, without anyone allowing any dangers to trigger, standing in venom or being hit by a volatile baboon. You must complete this room in less than three minutes.PerfectionElite (4 pts)
Better get movin'Defeat Elidinis' Warden in phase three of the Wardens fight with 'Aerial Assault', 'Stay vigilant' and 'Insanity' invocations activated and without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Perfect ZebakDefeat Zebak without anyone taking any damage from: poison, Zebak's basic attacks off-prayer, blood spawns and waves. You also must not push more than two jugs on the roar attack during the fight (you may destroy stationary ones). You must have all Zebak invocations activated.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
Tomb LooterComplete the Tombs of Amascut 25 times.Kill CountMaster (5 pts)
Tomb RaiderComplete the Tombs of Amascut 50 times.Kill CountMaster (5 pts)
Perfect WardensDefeat The Wardens in a group of two or more, without anyone taking avoidable damage from the following: Warden attacks, obelisk attacks, lightning attacks in phase three, skull attack in phase three, Demi god attacks in phase three. You must have all Wardens invocations activated.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
Perfect Ba-BaDefeat Ba-Ba in a group of two or more, without anyone taking any damage from the following: Ba-Ba's Attacks off-prayer, Ba-Ba's slam, rolling boulders, rubble attack or falling rocks. No sarcophagi may be opened. You must have all Ba-Ba invocations activated.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
Perfect KephriDefeat Kephri in a group of two or more, without anyone taking any damage from the following: egg explosions, Kephri's attacks, Exploding Scarabs, Bodyguards, dung attacks. No eggs may hatch throughout the fight.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
ChompingtonDefeat Zebak using only melee attacks and without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Perfect ScabarasComplete the Scabaras room in less than a minute without anyone taking any damage from puzzles.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
Perfect AkkhaComplete Akkha in a group of two or more, without anyone taking any damage from the following: Akkha's attacks off-prayer, Akkha's special attacks (orbs, memory, detonate), exploding shadow timers, orbs in the enrage phase or attacking Akkha with the wrong style. You must have all Akkha invocations activated.PerfectionMaster (5 pts)
Tombs Speed RunnerComplete the Tombs of Amascut (normal) within 18 mins at any group size.SpeedMaster (5 pts)
You are not preparedComplete a full Tombs of Amascut raid only using supplies given inside the tomb and without anyone dying.RestrictionMaster (5 pts)

Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

Note: Even if the game description does not say "(Expert mode)", all of these must be completed in Expert mode in order to be accomplished. Do not be fooled by the lack of clarity and also the failure notices which you might get while doing Normal modes.

Additionally, you must end the raid with at least 300 raid level. For example, even though it is possible to get an Expert mode kill count with 250 raid level at the end (due to failing the 25 minute time invocation), you will be ineligible for completing Expert mode combat achievements.

There are 23 Combat Achievement tasks (totalling 126 points) available for Tombs of Amascut: Expert Mode.

Expert Tomb ExplorerComplete the Tombs of Amascut (Expert mode) once.Kill CountElite (4 pts)
Rockin' around the crocDefeat Zebak with all Zebak invocations activated and the path levelled up to at least four, without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Expert Tomb LooterComplete the Tombs of Amascut (Expert mode) 25 times.Kill CountMaster (5 pts)
Fancy feetComplete phase three of The Wardens in a group of two or more, using only melee attacks and without dying yourself. The 'Insanity' invocation must be activated.RestrictionMaster (5 pts)
Resourceful RaiderComplete the Tombs of Amascut with the "On a diet" and "Dehydration" invocations activated and without anyone dying.RestrictionMaster (5 pts)
Doesn't bug meDefeat Kephri with all Kephri invocations activated and the path levelled up to at least four, without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Warden't you believe itDefeat the Wardens with all Wardens invocations activated, at expert level and without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
All out of medicsDefeat Kephri without letting her heal above 25% after the first down. The 'Medic' invocation must be activated. You must do this without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
But... DamageComplete the Tombs of Amascut without anyone in your party wearing or holding any equipment at tier 75 or above.RestrictionMaster (5 pts)
Something of an expert myselfComplete the Tombs of Amascut raid at level 350 or above without anyone dying.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Ba-BananzaDefeat Ba-Ba with all Ba-Ba invocations activated and the path levelled up to at least four, without dying yourself.MechanicalMaster (5 pts)
Perfection of ScabarasComplete 'Perfect Scabaras' and 'Perfect Kephri' in a single run of Tombs of Amascut.PerfectionGrandmaster (6 pts)
Perfection of HetComplete 'Perfect Het' and 'Perfect Akkha' in a single run of the Tombs of Amascut.PerfectionGrandmaster (6 pts)
Tombs Speed Runner IIComplete the Tombs of Amascut (expert) within 20 mins at any group size.SpeedGrandmaster (6 pts)
Perfection of CrondisComplete 'Perfect Crondis' and 'Perfect Zebak' in a single run of the Tombs of Amascut.PerfectionGrandmaster (6 pts)
InsanityComplete 'Perfect Wardens' at expert or above.PerfectionGrandmaster (6 pts)
Maybe I'm the boss.Complete a Tombs of Amascut raid with every single boss invocation activated and without anyone dying.MechanicalGrandmaster (6 pts)
All Praise ZebakDefeat Zebak without losing a single prayer point. You must also meet the conditions of the 'Rockin' Around The Croc' achievement.MechanicalGrandmaster (6 pts)
Perfection of ApmekenComplete 'Perfect Apmeken' and 'Perfect Ba-Ba' in a single run of the Tombs of Amascut.PerfectionGrandmaster (6 pts)
Amascut's RemnantComplete the Tombs of Amascut at raid level 500 or above without anyone dying.MechanicalGrandmaster (6 pts)
Tombs Speed Runner IIIComplete the Tombs of Amascut (expert) within 18 mins in a group of 8.SpeedGrandmaster (6 pts)
Expert Tomb RaiderComplete the Tombs of Amascut (Expert mode) 50 times.Kill CountGrandmaster (6 pts)
Akkhan't Do itDefeat Akkha with all Akkha invocations activated and the path levelled up to at least four, without dying yourself.MechanicalGrandmaster (6 pts)

Music unlocked[edit | edit source]

Audio options icon.png
Challenge complete
The jingle that plays upon completing a challenge room.
Audio options icon.png
Boss defeated
The jingle that plays once a boss has been defeated.
Name Unlock details Music track
Into the Tombs Unlocks in the raid lobby
Beneath Cursed Sands Unlocks in the tomb's Nexus
Test of Strength Unlocks in the Path of Het
Sands of Time Unlocks during the fight with Akkha
Test of Companionship Unlocks in the Path of Apmeken
Ape-ex Predator Unlocks during the fight with Ba-Ba
Test of Isolation Unlocks in the Path of Scabaras
A Mother's Curse Unlocks during the fight with Kephri
Test of Resourcefulness Unlocks in the Path of Crondis
Jaws of Gluttony Unlocks during the fight with Zebak
Amascut's Promise Unlocks during the fight with the Wardens
Laid to Rest Unlocks upon entering the burial chamber

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
5 April 2023

A bug was fixed in Tombs of Amascut where freezing a Warden just as it was waking up would remove it from existence.

22 March 2023

Party leaders in Tombs of Amascut can now promote other members of the party while the group is forming in the lobby.

13 December 2022

Mapping issues within 'purgatory' of the Crondis room have been corrected.

30 November 2022

Combat Achievements were added for the raid.

19 October 2022
  • It is no longer possible to smuggle additional mirrors between phases in the Path of Het challenge room.
  • Players can no longer receive the 'Leech' title if they have the highest damage, or are the raid MVP.
11 October 2022
  • An issue was fixed in which the corner tiles of the puzzles within the Path of Scabaras were difficult to step on when the camera was facing east.
  • Using the escape crystal on another player in the raid no longer consumes two crystals.
5 October 2022
  • The Akkha and the Warden fights should now be back to normal after the previous update's code optimisation caused various issues.
  • Various potions, when dropped within the raid, will now appear immediately for other party members.
  • The reward interface has been slightly adjusted to look better.
  • Energy Siphons should no longer be misaligned in parties of two or more.
  • Players can no longer stand on a certain tile in the waters during the fight with Zebak.
  • Players who inadvertently stand in the void upon the end of the raid should no longer be prevented from leaving the room.
29 September 2022
  • A safespot unintentionally added during the third phase of the Wardens fight, where players can avoid the floor slam attacks entirely, has been removed.[1]
  • The supplies' "Withdraw 1" option no longer withdraws all the items.
28 September 2022
  • Items can now be directly dropped from the supplies interface.
  • When withdrawing an item, the slot that was actually selected is the one that is withdrawn, instead of the one at the top of the supplies.
  • The jugs at Zebak have been given an attack delay so as to not use extra ammunition after the first attack.
  • The Raid Summary in the burial chamber will now acknowledge party members that left mid-raid.
21 September 2022
  • The Raid Summary interface now correctly reflects prayer effectiveness when the Deadly Prayers invocation is active.
  • The amount of supplies offered by the Helpful Spirit when the Need Less Help invocation is active has now been restored back to expected numbers.
  • The max hit threshold on Het's Seal has been reduced from level 102 Mining to level 100.
  • The spawn pattern of crocodiles on the Path of Crondis should now be more consistent.
  • Players can no longer avoid Zebak's melee attack by standing on certain tiles of the rocks adjacent to him.
  • The obelisk's Converging Beam attack during the second phase of the Warden fight now stops when the Warden's core is ejected.
14 September 2022
  • Invocations:
    • Players can now save and load up to five invocation presets within the invocation selection interface.
    • Various invocations have been rebalanced:
      • Silent Prayers: Replaced with Deadly Prayers, with raid level reduced from +35 to +20.
      • Upset Stomach: +10 to +15
      • Stay Vigilant: +10 to +15
      • Feeling Special?: +15 to +20
      • No Help Needed: 100% supplies reduction to 90%
  • Bosses:
    • A third pickaxe-storing statue has been added to the entrance to Akkha's chamber in the Path of Het.
    • Players will stop attacking when Akkha changes attack styles/protection prayers.
    • Players fighting Ba-Ba can no longer walk inside the rubbles.
    • Arcane Scarabs now use the proper spawning animation during the Kephri fight.
    • Crocodiles in the Zebak fight are now cleared properly.
  • The Wardens:
    • The supplies interface can now be opened if a bomb is flying towards the player at the end of phase 1.
    • During phase 3, Akkha's Phantom will no longer change attack styles as frequently when the Stay Vigilant invocation is enabled.
    • During phase 3, the Warden will no longer briefly stop attacking after the death of a party member.
    • During phase 3, red lightning will no longer occasionally stop unexpectedly.
  • Other:
    • Players may now specify Entry/Normal/Expert Modes as clan event activities.
    • Players will no longer obtain duplicate keris partisan jewels from the reward chest, unless all three have been obtained once.
8 September 2022
  • The Wardens:
    • The raid timer now ends when the Warden reaches 0 health, rather than when the death animation ends.
    • Monster Examine now works on the obelisk.
    • An issue in which players could get stuck in purgatory has been fixed.
    • An issue in which the Warden could attack during the transition to phase 3 has been fixed.
  • Supplies:
    • Liquid adrenaline and ambrosia are once again two-dose potions, though the quantity offered is now decreased.
    • Life and Chaos supplies packs have been rebalanced to be more appealing.
    • The Chaos supplies pack once again offers ambrosia on a rare occasion.
  • Invocations:
    • Various invocations have been rebalanced to give more/less raid levels:
      • Walk the Path: +45 to +50
      • Pathfinder: +25 to +40
      • Pathmaster: +40 to +50
      • On a Diet: +20 to +15
      • More Overlords: +10 to +15
      • Lively Larvae: +10 to +5
      • Arterial Spray: +5 to +10
      • Blood Thinners: +10 to +5
      • Upset Stomach: +5 to +10
      • Acceleration: +15 to +10
      • Overclocked: +15 to +10
      • Overclocked 2: +15 to +10
    • The blood clouds that appear with Blood Thinners now have slightly higher health.
    • Increased the speed at which boulders come out when Boulderdash is activated.
    • Path leveling now affects mechanics at path levels 2 and 4, instead of 1 and 2.
    • Altered the amount of hitpoints and damage that Path Levels add from +10/20/30/40/50/60% to +8/13/18/23/28/33%.
    • Path leveling now no longer affects the speed at which the Arcane Scarab charges.
  • Other:
    • Right-click "Quick pass" options have been added for various entryways in the raid.
    • Ornament kits and pet transmogs have been added for completing challenging raids.
    • Tumeken's shadow now has a x4 modifier for magic attack bonus and magic damage when inside the raid instead of the usual x3.
    • The time in which it takes for waterfalls to replenish has been reduced slightly in all scales.
    • The rocks next to Zebak that were added to discourage melee safespotting should no longer block ranged attacks.
    • The boulders in the Ba-Ba fight may no longer become invisible.
    • An issue has been fixed in which Kephri's and Ba-Ba's defence were unable to be reduced.
2 September 2022
  • The Wardens:
    • The Warden core's health has been increased.
    • The health scaling of the core has been reduced by 75% when additional invocations are active.
    • The core's duration of exposure now lengthens with each subsequent ejection from the Warden.
    • The small delay of movement when the final phase begins has been reduced.
    • The time needed to successfully clear skull mechanic in phase 3 has been reverted to its original duration.
  • Supplies:
    • Life and Chaos supplies packs now have increased quantities.
    • The Chaos supplies pack once again offers liquid adrenaline and ambrosia on occasion.
    • Liquid adrenaline duration increased from 30 seconds to 150 seconds.
    • The resupply option on the supplies item no longer deletes liquid adrenaline and ambrosia on occasion.
  • Other:
    • The waves 2 and 3 in the Path of Apmeken has been merged to help speed things up.
1 September 2022
  • Path of Apmeken:
    • 100 neutralising potions are acquired from the crate instead of 20.
    • The hammer acquired from the crates is removed upon completing the challenge.
    • Reduced baboon quantity per wave and made the transition more smoother.
  • Path of Het:
    • The health of Het's Seal has been increased for larger groups.
  • Zebak:
    • Health increased by roughly 10%.
    • Some rubble has been added around Zebak to prevent melee safespotting.
    • Zebak's Great Roar no longer knocks players into the safe areas at the edges of the room.
    • Two extra jugs now appear during jug-related mechanics.
    • Jugs no longer roll between rocks and more reliably break on contact.
    • Jugs no longer have an attack delay if they are attacked before Zebak.
    • Jugs roll two tiles further before stopping.
  • Akkha:
    • Unstable Orbs will now only damage one player.
    • Reduced the amount of unstable orbs that spawn. To compensate, they will deal increased damage, up to a max of 25.
    • Akkha will change combat styles and prayers if he has not done so after 60 seconds.
  • Ba-Ba:
    • Banana peels now appear upon killing a baboon rather than randomly. The damage they deal has also been significantly reduced.
    • Energy blasts from open sarcophagi now damage players in a 1x1 area instead of 3x3.
  • Kephri:
    • Arcane Scarabs should no longer nullify damage in various situations, or teleport immediately after firing.
    • Bomber scarabs should detonate more consistently.
  • Supplies:
    • Ambrosia now only appears in the life pack.
    • Liquid adrenaline now rarely appears in the chaos pack.
    • Ambrosia and liquid adrenaline are now 1-dose potions.
    • Adjusted quantity of items from the chaos pack.
    • Increased amount of run energy restored by smelling salts.
    • Mid-raid loot interface should no longer impede with movement.
  • The Wardens:
    • Players should no longer be able to click through the obelisk during phase 1.
    • Adjusted damage formula during phase 2 to benefit less from accuracy and have a lower max ceiling.
    • Reduced core's exposure time by 7 ticks.
    • Increased Warden's health in phase 2 for larger groups.
    • Slightly increased the Warden's health in phase 3.
    • Slightly reduced the Warden's magic attack bonus in phase 3.
    • Reduced time needed to successfully clear the skull mechanic in phase 3.
    • Damage dealt to the Warden from successfully clearing the skull mechanic in phase 3 reduced.
    • Players are no longer forced into unwalkable terrain when the phantom removes a row of floor tiles.
  • Other:
    • Increased drop rate of uniques with higher raid level.
    • Monster Examine now displays the defensive bonuses of all monsters inside the raid.
    • 1-dose versions of nectar and tears of Elidinis are now more distinct.
    • The raid summary interface has been adjusted to allow players a better chance of achieving a wider variety of titles.
26 August 2022
  • Unstable Orbs now spawn consistently.
  • Ba-Ba can no longer be safespotted via use of rubble placements.
  • Players now only deal their max hit on cores with melee. Previously, some magic weapons were able to do so.
  • Saradomin brews can now be consumed when the "On A Diet" invocation is active.
  • Thralls and pets will no longer appear on top of Energy Siphons.
25 August 2022
  • Zebak can no longer perform special attacks upon re-entry after a wipe.
  • Disassembling Armadyl armour pieces now provides the correct number of Armadylean plates.
  • Logging out or disconnecting in a raid with no limit on the number of wipes will no longer count as a wipe.
  • Dying at specific points in the Wardens fight no longer leads to inconsistencies in boss behaviour.
  • Venom pools on the floor in the Path of Apmeken now last for 20 seconds, rather than 30 seconds.
  • Pickaxe damage on Het's Seal now scales properly with tier.
24 August 2022
  • In the Path of Het Challenge Room, placing 2 mirrors at the same time on top of each other will no longer cause players to lose a mirror.
  • In the Path of Het Challenge Room, pushing a mirror into the wall will no longer trap the mirror.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • On release, a competition was held for the first teams to complete a Normal Mode and Expert Mode raid, with winners receiving 12 months of membership. The winners were announced on 16 September 2022:[2]
Mode Winner(s)
Normal Mode Oblv Yuumi, Oblv Poenari, 54N Kappa, Animeme, Hardesnikkel, Kanao
Expert Mode Oblv Jraze
  • The Tombs of Amascut is the only raid that:
    • Has a different purple indicator, with Osmumten's sarcophagi glowing purple instead of the chest, which is instead opened for that player.
    • Has their boss pet have reskin(s) that does not require the raid to be completed in a set amount of time.
    • Does not provide extra bonuses for completing a raid on time.

References[edit | edit source]

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