Tome of water

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Tome of water (empty)
Tome of water (empty).png
Released24 March 2021 (Update)
Quest itemNo
OptionsWield, Pages
Worn optionsPages
ExamineAn ancient tome containing the secrets of water magic.
Value19,500 coins
High alch11,700 coins
Low alch7,800 coins
Weight1 kg
Grand Exchange
Exchange1,514,364 coins (info)
Buy limit-
Daily volume224
Advanced data
Item ID25576
Tome of water (empty) detail.png
Tome of water detail.png

The tome of water is a book held in place of a shield that is a possible reward from Tempoross. The tome of water requires level 50 in Magic to wield.

The tome can be charged with soaked pages to act as a source of water runes whilst equipped. Each page adds 20 charges to the tome. It can hold 1,000 pages and requires 1,521,000 to fully charge. Each charge costs 76.05. If a charge (1/20 or more) is consumed and the page is removed, the entire page will be consumed.

Casting water spells with a charged tome equipped will increase the spell's accuracy and damage by 20% (multiplicative bonus on top of magic damage bonus), while curse spells (such as Confuse but not Bind) have their accuracy and effectiveness increased by 20% and 50% respectively; both types of spells will consume one charge. In addition, casting a non-combat spell requiring water runes will not consume any charges.

Even though Ice spells and bind spells are combat spells (or combat-related), and both require water runes to cast, they do not receive the 20% accuracy and damage bonus, and do not consume any charges.

Empty tomes can be traded in for 25 soaked pages per tome (value of 38,025) by speaking to the retired sailor. Non-ironmen players are recommended to sell excess tomes on the Grand Exchange instead, as they are far more valuable when sold to other players.

Attack icon.png Attack bonusesTome of water (empty) equipped.pngTome of water (empty) equipped female.png
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Item sources[edit | edit source]

For an exhaustive list of all known sources for this item, see here (include RDT).
Reward poolN/A Casket.png11/1,600

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
30 June 2021
(update | poll)

Curse spells from the standard spellbook are now 50% more effective when the tome of water is equipped.

7 April 2021

The Tome of Water can now appear in the Skill Guide and level-up messages.