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The tooth half of key is an item dropped by any monster that has access to the rare drop table. It is also a reward from various random events, the gnome restaurant, from Managing Miscellania, caskets, looting magpie implings, and unlocking the crystal chest in Taverley. It can also be found in the Barrows chest as a separate item if the player has 100%[1] rewards potential.

The tooth half of a key is used with a loop half of key to make a crystal key, granting 10 Crafting experience. This is used to unlock the crystal chest, which contains a dragonstone and an assortment of other items.

Dropping monsters[edit | edit source]

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Magpie impling jar N/A 1 2; Common
Crystal chest N/A 1 3; Uncommon (~1/25)
Reward casket (elite) N/A 1 3; Uncommon
Reward casket (master) N/A 1 3; Uncommon
Barrows chest 98; 115 1 3; Uncommon
Casket N/A 1 4; Rare (1/128)

References[edit | edit source]

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