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A player harvests the herbs from a herbiboar.

Tracking is a Hunter technique that is used to catch several kebbits and herbiboars. With this technique the player inspects scenery objects in the creature's habitat to uncover a creature's tracks. These tracks will eventually lead the player towards the hiding creature. When the hiding creature is found, right-click 'Attack' while wielding a noose wand to receive loot and experience. Each player follows a unique track and does not compete with other players to get kebbits.

Catching a kebbit gives the player bones, raw beast meat, and kebbit fur. The hides obtained from kebbit tracking can be used to make camouflage costumes. All camouflage outfits can be put in the armour case in the costume room.

A ring of pursuit may help with speeding up the process, since there is a 25% chance to reveal the kebbit's entire track at once, when equipped.

Catching herbiboars doesn't require wielding a noose wand. Instead, the player will need secateurs or magic secateurs to harvest the herbs from the creature.

Creatures[edit | edit source]

The following Hunter creatures may be caught using the tracking technique.

Hunter Creature Exp. Location
1 Polar kebbit.png Polar kebbit 30 Rellekka Hunter area
3 Common kebbit.png Common kebbit 36 Piscatoris Hunter area
7 Feldip weasel.png Feldip weasel 48 Feldip Hunter area
13 Desert devil.png Desert devil 66 Uzer Hunter area
49 Razor-backed kebbit.png Razor-backed kebbit 348 Piscatoris Hunter area
80 Herbiboar.png Herbiboar 1950+ Mushroom Forest