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A player unlocks a new area in the Trailblazer League.

In the Trailblazer League, players are locked to certain areas within Gielinor. All players will begin the league restricted to Misthalin and unlock Karamja for free during the tutorial. Up to three other areas can be unlocked after completing 60, 140, and 300 League tasks.

Death's office, the Player Owned House, Random Events and the Essence mine will be accessible from all areas. Slayer assignments will also only take place in unlocked areas. Usage of transportation methods such as Charter Ships, Fairy Rings, Customs Officers, Gnome Gliders, etc. will require the destination area be unlocked before they can be used.

There are a total of 9 areas: Asgarnia, Fremennik, Kandarin, Karamja, Desert, Misthalin, Morytania, Tirannwn, and Wilderness.

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Trailblazer unlock jingle
The jingle that plays upon unlocking a new region.
Infographic of the 9 areas available in Trailblazer League.
All areas available to unlock in the Trailblazer League

Misthalin[edit | edit source]

Misthalin Area slideshow from the in-game interface

The Misthalin area covers the Kingdom of Misthalin as well as Fossil Island, Zanaris, and some Realms accessible by Fairy Rings (Abyssal Area, Abyssal Nexus, Cosmic Entity's Plane, Enchanted Valley, Gorak Plane). The Abyss is not included within Misthalin despite the Leagues interface stating otherwise. Underground areas and instanced zones with an entrance in the area are also included. Magical barriers prevent access to Al-Kharid, Port Sarim, and the western exit of Barbarian Village.

The notable settlements within the Misthalin area are Barbarian Village, Draynor Village, Edgeville, Fossil Island, Lumbridge, The Digsite, Varrock, and Zanaris.

The following quests are automatically completed: Dragon Slayer I, Druidic Ritual, Elemental Workshop I, Tears of Guthix, Dig Site, Bone Voyage, The Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Nature Spirit, Lost City, Fairytale I - Growing Pains, and Fairytale II - Cure a Queen.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whipAbyssal demon1/5121/2561/170
Abyssal dagger.pngAbyssal daggerAbyssal demon1/32,0001/16,0001/10,666
Unsired.pngUnsiredAbyssal Sire1/1001/501/33
Wyvern visage.pngWyvern visageAncient wyvern1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333
Wyvern visage.pngWyvern visageLong-tailed, spitting,
and taloned wyvern
Hill giant club.pngHill giant clubObor1/1181/591/39
Bryophyta's essence.pngBryophyta's essenceBryophyta1/1181/591/39

Karamja[edit | edit source]

The Karamja area covers the entire island of Karamja along with the island of Crandor and the Realm of the Fisher King. When purchasing a Player Owned House from an Estate Agent your house will be placed in Brimhaven so that Construction can be trained from level 1.

The notable settlements within Karamja are Brimhaven, the Ship Yard, Musa Point, Shilo Village, Tai Bwo Wannai, and Mor Ul Rek.

Shilo Village and Jungle Potion are automatically completed when Karamja is unlocked.

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Obsidian armour set.pngObsidian helmet, platebody, and legsTzHaar-Ket1/2,0001/1,0001/666
Toktz-ket-xil.pngTzHaar weaponryTzHaar-Ket and TzHaar-Xil1/5121/2561/170
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageSteel and Iron dragons1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333
Dragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Steel dragon1/5121/2561/170
Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Iron dragon1/1,0241/5121/341

Asgarnia[edit | edit source]

The Asgarnia area covers the entire Kingdom of Asgarnia along with the island of Entrana, the Void Knights' Outpost, and Troll Country (excluding Weiss). Access to Catherby from White Wolf Mountain will be restricted and prevented through the use of magical barriers.

Other notable settlements and points of interest are Burthorpe, the Dwarven Mine, Falador, Goblin Village, God Wars Dungeon, Port Sarim, Rimmington, and Taverley.

Merlin's Crystal, My Arm's Big Adventure, and all required subquests are automatically completed when Asgarnia is unlocked.

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Primordial crystal.pngPrimordial, pegasian,
and eternal crystals
Armadyl helmet.pngArmadyl armourKree'arra1/3811/1901/127
Bandos chestplate.pngBandos armourGeneral Graardor1/3811/1901/127
Saradomin sword.pngSaradomin swordCommander Zilyana1/1271/631/42
Saradomin's light.pngSaradomin's lightCommander Zilyana1/2541/1271/84
Armadyl crossbow.pngArmadyl crossbowCommander Zilyana1/5081/2541/169
Armadyl hilt.pngArmadyl hiltKree'arra1/5081/2541/169
Bandos hilt.pngBandos hiltGeneral Graardor1/5081/2541/169
Saradomin hilt.pngSaradomin hiltCommander Zilyana1/5081/2541/169
Zamorak hilt.pngZamorak hiltK'ril Tsutsaroth1/5081/2541/169
Steam battlestaff.pngSteam battlestaffK'ril Tsutsaroth1/1271/631/42
Zamorakian spear.pngZamorakian spearK'ril Tsutsaroth1/1271/631/42
Staff of the dead.pngStaff of the deadK'ril Tsutsaroth1/5081/2541/169
Godsword shard 2.pngAny Godsword shardKree'arra, General Graardor,
Commander Zilyana, K'ril Tsutsaroth
Dragon boots.pngDragon bootsSpiritual mages1/1281/641/42
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageSkeletal wyvern1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333

Fremennik Provinces[edit | edit source]

The Fremennik Provinces area covers the entire Fremennik Province including Lunar Isle, and Weiss. Magical barriers prevent access to Kandarin via the bridge south of Rellekka.

Other notable settlements within the area are: Keldagrim, Miscellania & Etceteria, Neitiznot & Jatizso, Rellekka, the Island of Stone, the Mountain Camp, the Pirates' Cove, Ungael, and Waterbirth Island.

Horror from the Deep, Dragon Slayer II, Mountain Daughter, and all required subquests are automatically completed when Fremennik Provinces are unlocked.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Skeletal visage.pngSkeletal VisageVorkath1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Draconic visage.pngDraconic VisageVorkath1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragonbone necklace.pngDragonbone NecklaceVorkath1/1,0001/5001/333
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageRune Dragon1/8,0001/4,0001/2,666
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageAdamant Dragon1/9,0001/4,5001/3,000
Dragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Rune dragon1/1271/631/42
Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Adamant dragon1/1101/551/36
Dragon limbs.pngDragon limbsRune dragon1/8001/4001/266
Dragon limbs.pngDragon limbsAdamant dragon1/1,0001/5001/333
Dragon metal slice.pngDragon metal sliceAdamant dragon1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragon metal lump.pngDragon metal lumpRune dragon1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Basilisk jaw.pngBasilisk JawBasilisk Knight[d 1]1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragon axe.pngDragon AxeDagannoth Kings[d 2]1/1281/641/42
Seers ring.pngSeers RingDagannoth Prime1/1281/641/42
Berserker ring.pngBerserker RingDagannoth Rex1/1281/641/42
Warrior ring.pngWarrior RingDagannoth Rex1/1281/641/42
Archers ring.pngArchers RingDagannoth Supreme1/1281/641/42
Mud battlestaff.pngMud BattlestaffDagannoth Prime1/1281/641/42
Seercull.pngSeercullDagannoth Supreme1/1281/641/42
Leaf-bladed sword.pngLeaf-bladed swordKurask1/3841/1921/128
Leaf-bladed sword.pngLeaf-bladed swordTuroth1/5001/2501/166
Leaf-bladed battleaxe.pngLeaf-bladed battleaxeKurask and King Kurask1/1,0261/5131/342
  1. ^ Base rarity is 1/1,000 when on a basilisk Slayer task
  2. ^ From Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Rex or Dagannoth Supreme

Kandarin[edit | edit source]

The Kandarin area covers the entire Kingdom of Kandarin along with the Feldip Hills, Ape Atoll, and Crash Island. Underground areas and instanced areas with an entrance in the area are also included, with the exception of Taverley Dungeon and the Underground Pass.

Some other notable settlements and points of interest are Ardougne, the Barbarian Outpost, Catherby, Corsair Cove, Gu'Tanoth, Myths' Guild, Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Port Khazard, Seers' Village, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Tree Gnome Village, and Yanille.

Monkey Madness II, Swan Song, and all required subquests are automatically completed when Kandarin is unlocked.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Angler hat.pngAngler's outfitFishing Trawler1/81/41/2
Zenyte shard.pngZenyte shardTortured gorilla1/3,0001/1,5001/1,000
Zenyte shard.pngZenyte shardDemonic gorilla1/3001/1501/100
Ballista limbs.pngBallista limbsTortured gorilla1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Ballista limbs.pngBallista limbsDemonic gorilla1/5001/2501/166
Ballista spring.pngBallista springTortured gorilla1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Ballista spring.pngBallista springDemonic gorilla1/5001/2501/166
Light frame.pngLight frameTortured gorilla1/7,5001/3,7501/2,500
Light frame.pngLight frameDemonic gorilla1/7501/3751/250
Heavy frame.pngHeavy frameTortured gorilla1/15,0001/7,5001/5,000
Heavy frame.pngHeavy frameDemonic gorilla1/1,5001/7501/500
Monkey tail.pngMonkey tailTortured gorilla1/15,0001/7,5001/5,000
Monkey tail.pngMonkey tailDemonic gorilla1/1,5001/7501/500
Trident of the seas.pngTrident of the seasKraken1/5121/2561/170
Kraken tentacle.pngKraken tentacleKraken1/4001/2001/133
Kraken tentacle.pngKraken tentacleCave kraken1/1,2001/6001/400
Uncharged trident.pngUncharged tridentCave Kraken1/2001/1001/66
Occult necklace.pngOccult necklaceNuclear smoke devil and smoke devil1/5121/2561/170
Occult necklace.pngOccult necklaceThermonuclear Smoke Devil1/3501/1751/116
Smoke battlestaff.pngSmoke battlestaffThermonuclear Smoke Devil1/5121/2561/170
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbodyThermonuclear Smoke Devil1/2,0001/1,0001/666
Dragon full helm.pngDragon full helmMithril dragon1/32,7681/16,3841/10,922
Dragon full helm.pngDragon full helmChewed bones1/2561/1281/85
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageMithril dragon1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333
Mist battlestaff.pngMist battlestaffWaterfiend1/3,0001/1,5001/1,000

Kharidian Desert[edit | edit source]

The Kharidian Desert area covers the entirety of the Kharidian Desert. Notable settlements include the Bandit Camp, Bedabin Camp, Desert Mining Camp, Menaphos, Nardah, Pollnivneach, Ruins of Uzer, and Sophanem

Desert Treasure, Icthlarin's Little Helper, and all required subquests are automatically completed when the Kharidian Desert is unlocked.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Pharaoh's sceptre.pngPharaoh's sceptrePyramid plunder1/1,0001/5001/333
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbodyKalphite Queen1/1281/641/42
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbodyDust devil1/32,7681/16,3841/10,922
Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h swordKalphite Queen1/2561/1281/85
Dust battlestaff.pngDust battlestaffDust devil1/4,0001/2,0001/1,333

Morytania[edit | edit source]

Darkness of Hallowvale, The Great Brain Robbery, Recipe for Disaster/Freeing Pirate Pete, and all required subquests are automatically completed when Morytania is unlocked.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Ahrim's hood.pngBarrows armour pieces[d 1]Barrows1/349.71/1741/116
Granite gloves.pngGranite gloves[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/5001/2501/166
Granite ring.pngGranite ring[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/5001/2501/166
Granite hammer.pngGranite hammer[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/7501/3751/250
Black tourmaline core.pngBlack tourmaline core[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/1,0001/5001/333
Ring of endurance (uncharged).pngRing of endurance (uncharged)Grand Hallowed Coffin1/2001/1001/66
Message (Theatre of Blood).pngUnique reward[d 3]Theatre of Blood1/9.11/41/3
Nightmare staff.pngNightmare staff[d 4]The Nightmare1/4001/2001/133
Inquisitor's great helm.pngInquisitor's armour[d 4]The Nightmare1/6001/3001/200
Inquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's mace[d 4]The Nightmare1/1,2001/6001/400
Eldritch orb.pngNightmare staff orbs[d 4]The Nightmare1/1,8001/9001/600
Black mask.pngBlack maskCave horror1/5121/2561/170
Blood shard.pngBlood shardVyrewatch sentinel1/1,5001/7501/500
Blood shard.pngBlood shardVyre1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
  1. ^ The listed rarity is for a specific unique
  2. ^ 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Grotesque Guardians roll their drop tables twice
  3. ^ The listed rarity is for deathless run
  4. ^ 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 The listed rarity is for a 5-person team

Tirannwn[edit | edit source]

Eagles' Peak, Song of the Elves, and all required subquests are automatically completed when Tirannwn is unlocked.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Elven signet.pngElven signetCrystal impling1/1281/641/42
Crystal armour seed.pngCrystal armour seed and
Crystal weapon seed
The Gauntlet1/1201/601/40
Blade of saeldor.pngBlade of saeldorThe Gauntlet1/2,0001/1,0001/666
Crystal armour seed.pngCrystal armour seed and
Crystal weapon seed
The Corrupted Gauntlet1/501/251/16
Blade of saeldor.pngBlade of saeldorThe Corrupted Gauntlet1/4001/2001/133
Crystal tool seed.pngCrystal tool seedZalcano1/2001/1001/66
Zalcano shard.pngZalcano shardZalcano1/7501/3751/250
Tanzanite fang.pngTanzanite fangZulrah1/5121/2561/170
Magic fang.pngMagic fangZulrah1/5121/2561/170
Serpentine visage.pngSerpentine visageZulrah1/5121/2561/170
Dark bow.pngDark bowDark beast1/5121/2561/170
Dragonstone full helm.pngDragonstone armourEnhanced crystal chest1/2,5001/1,2501/833
Enhanced crystal teleport seed.pngEnhanced crystal teleport seedElf (Thieving), Guard (Prifddinas),
Iorwerth Warrior
Mist battlestaff.pngMist battlestaffWaterfiend1/3,0001/1,5001/1,000
Leaf-bladed sword.pngLeaf-bladed swordKurask and King Kurask1/3841/1921/128
Leaf-bladed battleaxe.pngLeaf-bladed battleaxeKurask and King Kurask1/1,0261/5131/342

Wilderness[edit | edit source]

Eagles' Peak and Enter the Abyss are automatically completed when the Wilderness is unlocked.

Notable Drops[edit | edit source]

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Amulet of eternal glory.pngAmulet of eternal gloryFountain of Rune1/25,0001/12,5001/8,333
Dragon pickaxe.pngDragon pickaxeCallisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion1/170.71/851/56
Dragon pickaxe.pngDragon pickaxeChaos Elemental1/2561/1281/85
Dragon pickaxe.pngDragon pickaxeKing black dragon1/1,5001/7501/500
Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h swordCallisto, Venenatis, Vet'ion1/2561/1281/85
Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h swordChaos Elemental1/1281/641/42
Malediction shard 1.pngMalediction shard 1Chaos Fanatic1/2561/1281/85
Malediction shard 2.pngMalediction shard 2Crazy Archaeologist1/2561/1281/85
Malediction shard 3.pngMalediction shard 3Scorpia1/2561/1281/85
Odium shard 1.pngOdium shard 1Chaos Fanatic1/2561/1281/85
Odium shard 2.pngOdium shard 2Crazy Archaeologist1/2561/1281/85
Odium shard 3.pngOdium shard 3Scorpia1/2561/1281/85
Treasonous ring.pngTreasonous ringVennenatis1/5121/2561/170
Tyrannical ring.pngTyrannical ringCallisto1/5121/2561/170
Ring of the gods.pngRing of the godsVet'ion1/5121/2561/170
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageBlack dragon, lava dragon1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageKing black dragon, black dragon1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dagon'hai robe top.pngDagon'hai robesLarran's big chest1/2561/1281/85
Arcane sigil.pngArcane sigilCorporeal beast1/1,3651/6821/455
Spectral sigil.pngSpectral sigilCorporeal beast1/1,3651/6821/455
Elysian sigil.pngElysian sigilCorporeal beast1/4,0951/2,0471/1,365
Fedora.pngFedoraCrazy Archaeologist1/1281/641/42