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The Fremennik Provinces Area covers the entire Fremennik Province including the Fremennik islands, Lunar Isle, and Weiss. Underground areas and instanced areas with an entrance in the area are also included. Magical barriers prevent access to Kandarin via the bridge south of Rellekka.

Overview of area[edit | edit source]

Notable settlements[edit | edit source]

Restricted travel[edit | edit source]

The following travel options are restricted unless the appropriate area is unlocked:

  • The log shortcut leading to the Fremennik Province north of Sinclair Manor
  • The rubble separating the Fremennik Province and the Death Plateau
  • The cave entrance in the tunnel leading to Keldagrim that leads to the bottom of Trollweiss mountain
  • The basalt rock agility shortcut leading from the Lighthouse to the Barbarian Outpost

Notable combat-related activities[edit | edit source]

Notable non-combat activities[edit | edit source]

Notable shops[edit | edit source]

Slayer tasks added[edit | edit source]

Unlocking the Fremennik Province will add the following tasks to your slayer list:

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

The following quests and achievement diary tasks are automatically completed after unlocking the area.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Achievement diary tasks[edit | edit source]

Automatically completed diary tasks upon area unlock
Fremennik Diary
Easy Tasks
  • Enter the Troll Stronghold
Medium Tasks
  • Mine some gold at the Arzinian Mine
  • Travel to the Snowy Hunter Area via Eagle
Hard Tasks
  • Teleport to Trollheim
Elite Tasks
  • Kill each of the God Wars Dungeon Generals
  • Slay a spiritual mage within the God Wars Dungeon

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

These items are highlighted as key drops from the area which are affected by the boosted drop rate granted by passive relics at tier 3 and tier 5.

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Skeletal visage.pngSkeletal VisageVorkath1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Draconic visage.pngDraconic VisageVorkath1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragonbone necklace.pngDragonbone NecklaceVorkath1/1,0001/5001/333
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageRune Dragon1/8,0001/4,0001/2,666
Draconic visage.pngDraconic visageAdamant Dragon1/9,0001/4,5001/3,000
Dragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Rune dragon1/1271/631/42
Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon platelegs and
Dragon plateskirt
Adamant dragon1/1101/551/36
Dragon limbs.pngDragon limbsRune dragon1/8001/4001/266
Dragon limbs.pngDragon limbsAdamant dragon1/1,0001/5001/333
Dragon metal slice.pngDragon metal sliceAdamant dragon1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragon metal lump.pngDragon metal lumpRune dragon1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Basilisk jaw.pngBasilisk JawBasilisk Knight[d 1]1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
Dragon axe.pngDragon AxeDagannoth Kings[d 2]1/1281/641/42
Seers ring.pngSeers RingDagannoth Prime1/1281/641/42
Berserker ring.pngBerserker RingDagannoth Rex1/1281/641/42
Warrior ring.pngWarrior RingDagannoth Rex1/1281/641/42
Archers ring.pngArchers RingDagannoth Supreme1/1281/641/42
Mud battlestaff.pngMud BattlestaffDagannoth Prime1/1281/641/42
Seercull.pngSeercullDagannoth Supreme1/1281/641/42
Leaf-bladed sword.pngLeaf-bladed swordKurask1/3841/1921/128
Leaf-bladed sword.pngLeaf-bladed swordTuroth1/5001/2501/166
Leaf-bladed battleaxe.pngLeaf-bladed battleaxeKurask and King Kurask1/1,0261/5131/342
  1. ^ Base rarity is 1/1,000 when on a basilisk Slayer task
  2. ^ From Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Rex or Dagannoth Supreme