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The Kharidian Desert Area covers the entirety of the Kharidian Desert. Underground areas and instanced areas with an entrance in the area are also included. Access to Misthalin north of Al-Kharid and south of Varrock is restricted and prevented through the use of magical barriers.

Overview of area[edit | edit source]

Notable settlements[edit | edit source]

Restricted travel[edit | edit source]

The following travel options are restricted unless the appropriate area is unlocked:

  • The gate east of Lumbridge leading to Al-Kharid
  • The grapple shortcut across the river Lum to al-Kharid
  • The stepping stone south of Lumbridge swamp leading to the Kharidian Desert

Notable combat-related activities[edit | edit source]

Notable non-combat activities[edit | edit source]

Notable shops[edit | edit source]

Slayer tasks added[edit | edit source]

Unlocking the Kharidian Desert will add the following tasks to your slayer list:

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

The following quests and achievement diary tasks are automatically completed after unlocking the area.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Achievement diary tasks[edit | edit source]

Automatically completed diary tasks upon area unlock
Desert Diary
Easy Tasks


Medium Tasks
  • Travel to the Desert via the Eagle transport system
Hard Tasks
  • Slay a dust devil in the desert cave with a Slayer Helmet equipped
  • Refill your waterskins in the Desert using Lunar spells
Elite Tasks
  • Bake a wild pie at the Nardah clay oven
  • Speak to the Kq head in your POH[1]
  1. ^ This task will automatically complete when you receive a Kq head or Kq head(tattered) drop.

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

These items are highlighted as key drops from the area which are affected by the boosted drop rate granted by passive relics at tier 3 and tier 5.

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Pharaoh's sceptre.pngPharaoh's sceptrePyramid plunder1/1,0001/5001/333
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbodyKalphite Queen1/1281/641/42
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbodyDust devil1/32,7681/16,3841/10,922
Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h swordKalphite Queen1/2561/1281/85
Dust battlestaff.pngDust battlestaffDust devil1/4,0001/2,0001/1,333