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The Misthalin Area covers the Kingdom of Misthalin as well as Fossil Island, Zanaris, and some Realms accessible by Fairy Rings (Abyssal Area, Abyssal Nexus, Cosmic Entity's Plane, Enchanted Valley, Gorak Plane). The Abyss is not included within Misthalin despite the Leagues interface stating otherwise. Underground areas and instanced areas with an entrance in Misthalin are also included. Magical barriers prevent access to Al-Kharid, Port Sarim, and the western exit of Barbarian Village.

Overview of area[edit | edit source]

Notable settlements[edit | edit source]

Restricted travel[edit | edit source]

The following travel options are restricted unless the appropriate area is unlocked:

Notable combat-related activities[edit | edit source]

Notable non-combat activities[edit | edit source]

Slayer tasks added[edit | edit source]

Unlocking Misthalin will add the following tasks to your slayer list:

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

The following quests and achievement diary tasks are automatically completed after unlocking the area.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Achievement diary tasks[edit | edit source]

Automatically completed diary tasks upon area unlock
Lumbridge & Draynor Diary Varrock Diary
Easy Tasks
  • Catch some anchovies in Al-Kharid
  • Mine some iron ore at the Al-Kharid mine
Medium Tasks
  • Complete a lap of the Al-Kharid rooftop course
  • Grapple across the River Lum
  • Craft some lava runes at the Fire Altar in Al-Kharid
  • Purchase an upgraded device from Ava
  • Select a colour for your kitten
  • Use the Spirit tree in the north-eastern corner of Grand Exchange
  • Pick a white tree fruit
  • Use the balloon to travel from Varrock
Hard Tasks
  • Recharge your prayer at the Duel Arena with Smite activated
  • Cast Bones to Peaches in Al-Kharid Palace
  • Purchase some Barrows gloves from the Culinaromancer's Chest
  • Take the train from Dorgesh-Kaan to Keldagrim
  • Trade furs with the Fancy Dress Seller for a Spottier cape and equip it
  • Teleport to Paddewwa
Elite Tasks
  • Chop some magic logs at the magic training arena
  • Steal from the Dorgesh-Kaan rich chest
  • Pickpocket Movario on the Dogesh-Kaan Agility Course
  • Perform the Quest Point cape emote in the Wise Old Man's house
  • Use Lunar magic to make 20 mahogany planks in the Varrock Lumber Yard
  • Smith and fletch ten rune darts within Varrock

Notable drops[edit | edit source]

These items are highlighted as key drops from the area which are affected by the boosted drop rate granted by passive relics at tier 3 and tier 5.

Item Source Base
Relic Tier 4
Relic Tier 6
Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whipAbyssal demon1/5121/2561/170
Abyssal dagger.pngAbyssal daggerAbyssal demon1/32,0001/16,0001/10,666
Unsired.pngUnsiredAbyssal Sire1/1001/501/33
Wyvern visage.pngWyvern visageAncient wyvern1/10,0001/5,0001/3,333
Wyvern visage.pngWyvern visageLong-tailed, spitting,
and taloned wyvern
Hill giant club.pngHill giant clubObor1/1181/591/39
Bryophyta's essence.pngBryophyta's essenceBryophyta1/1181/591/39