Trailblazer League/Areas/Morytania/NotableDrops

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Item Source Base
Relic Tier 3
Relic Tier 5
Ahrim's hood.pngBarrows armour pieces[d 1]Barrows1/349.71/1741/116
Granite gloves.pngGranite gloves[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/5001/2501/166
Granite ring.pngGranite ring[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/5001/2501/166
Granite hammer.pngGranite hammer[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/7501/3751/250
Black tourmaline core.pngBlack tourmaline core[d 2]Grotesque Guardians1/1,0001/5001/333
Ring of endurance (uncharged).pngRing of endurance (uncharged)Grand Hallowed Coffin1/2001/1001/66
Message (Theatre of Blood).pngUnique reward[d 3]Theatre of Blood1/9.11/41/3
Nightmare staff.pngNightmare staff[d 4]The Nightmare1/4001/2001/133
Inquisitor's great helm.pngInquisitor's armour[d 4]The Nightmare1/6001/3001/200
Inquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's mace[d 4]The Nightmare1/1,2001/6001/400
Eldritch orb.pngNightmare staff orbs[d 4]The Nightmare1/1,8001/9001/600
Black mask.pngBlack maskCave horror1/5121/2561/170
Blood shard.pngBlood shardVyrewatch sentinel1/1,5001/7501/500
Blood shard.pngBlood shardVyre1/5,0001/2,5001/1,666
  1. The listed rarity is for a specific unique
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Grotesque Guardians roll their drop tables twice
  3. The listed rarity is for deathless run
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 The listed rarity is for a 5-person team