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Trailblazer League
Trailblazer League/Guide/Quests.png Trailblazer League/Tasks.png Trailblazer League/Relics.png Misthalin
Guides Karamja
Trailblazer League/Guide/Skills.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Agility.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Mining.png Asgarnia
Trailblazer League/Guide/Melee.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Herblore.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Smithing.png Fremennik
Trailblazer League/Guide/Ranged.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Thieving.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Fishing.png Kandarin
Trailblazer League/Guide/Prayer.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Crafting.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Cooking.png Desert
Trailblazer League/Guide/Magic.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Fletching.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Firemaking.png Morytania
Trailblazer League/Guide/Runecraft.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Slayer.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Woodcutting.png Tirannwn
Trailblazer League/Guide/Construction.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Hunter.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Farming.png Wilderness

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Interface teleports[edit | edit source]

As soon as an area is unlocked, unlimited teleports can be used from the area interface without a cooldown. The location for each area's teleport is below.

Area Teleport
Misthalin Misthalin Lumbridge Castle
Karamja Karamja Brimhaven
Asgarnia Asgarnia Falador
Desert Desert Al Kharid Palace
Fremennik Fremennik Rellekka
Kandarin Kandarin East of Ardougne Market
Morytania Morytania Canifis
Tirannwn Tirannwn Tower of Voices in Prifddinas
Wilderness Wilderness Ferox Enclave

Fairy rings[edit | edit source]

Fairy rings are unlocked by default within the Trailblazer League, allowing for quick travel without relying on teleportation spells. Some notable codes are: