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Trailblazer League
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Overview[edit | edit source]

The only house portal available in the starting region of the Trailblazer League is the Brimhaven house portal on Karamja.

The Mahogany homes minigame is disabled during Trailblazer League.

A servant like the Demon butler is only obtainable after unlocking the Kandarin area.

Construction only tangentially benefits from two tier 1 relics.

Training[edit | edit source]

Daddy's Home can be completed for early Construction experience and supplies. After 12 Construction, beginner STASH units around Varrock and Lumbridge can be built with 2 planks and 10 nails for 150 base experience each. After 21 Construction, the Fossil Island Museum Camp can be rebuilt. After 27 Construction, easy STASH units as are available to build. These STASH units may be created without the items needed to fill them, for more experience than the planks would provide from building POH furniture.

Plank generation Required region Notes
Sawmill Operator (Varrock) Misthalin Misthalin Starting area. Recommended Kandarin region for Hot Air Balloon transportation. The Asgarnia region may also be required to unlock the Hot Air Balloon destination. Mahogany and teak logs may be obtained on Karamja.
Sawmill Operator (Prifddinas) Tirannwn Tirannwn Conveniently located near mahogany and teak trees, and a short distance from a bank.
Demon butler Kandarin Kandarin Must be hired at the Servants' Guild in East Ardougne. Costs a minimum of 48 gp per item processed. E.g. A mahogany plank costs a minimum of 1,548 gp to create.
Plank Make Fremennik Fremennik Requires the Lunar Spellbook and 86 Magic to cast. Minimum rune cost if purchasing from Baba Yaga's Magic Shop is 340 gp. E.g. A mahogany plank costs a minimum of 1,390 gp to create.
Revenants Wilderness Wilderness Revenants have common mahogany plank drops.

Restrictions[edit | edit source]

Certain constructed items require specific regions to unlock the resources necessary to create them. For example, the best prayer training available without unlocking the Fremennik, Wilderness, or Morytania regions is the limestone altar which offers 275% Prayer experience. Additionally the only jewellery box available without unlocking the Fremennik Region only offers games necklace and ring of dueling teleports. Many portal chamber or portal nexus teleports will be unavailable due to destination restrictions or spellbook restrictions.

The best option for healing in a POH for most players may be to create a flame pit in their oubliette at 77 Construction to suicide to; since upgrading the pool space in the superior garden enough to be useful requires either multiple region unlocks and/or multiple Dr Jekyll random events to obtain stamina potions.

Constructed item Required Areas
Servant's moneybag.png Servant's Moneybag Kandarin Kandarin AND Fremennik Fremennik
Limestone altar.png Limestone altar Misthalin Misthalin
Gilded altar.png Gilded altar Fremennik Fremennik
Lunar altar.png Lunar altar Fremennik Fremennik
Ancient altar.png Ancient altar Fremennik Fremennik AND Desert Desert
Basic jewellery box.png Basic jewellery box Misthalin Misthalin
Fancy jewellery box.png Fancy jewellery box Fremennik Fremennik
Ornate jewellery box.png Ornate jewellery box Fremennik Fremennik AND Wilderness Wilderness
Mahogany portal.png Mahogany portal Misthalin Misthalin
Portal Nexus.png Crystalline portal nexus Fremennik Fremennik
Mounted digsite pendant.png Mounted digsite pendant Fremennik Fremennik
px Spirit tree Kandarin Kandarin
Obelisk (Construction).png Obelisk (Construction) Fremennik Fremennik AND Wilderness Wilderness
Restoration pool.png Restoration pool Misthalin Misthalin
Revitalisation pool.png Revitalisation pool Stamina Potion[1]
Rejuvenation pool.png Rejuvenation pool Stamina Potion[1]
Fancy rejuvenation pool.png Fancy rejuvination pool Stamina Potion[1] AND Fremennik Fremennik
Ornate rejuvenation pool.png Ornate rejuvination pool Stamina Potion[1] AND Fremennik Fremennik AND Tirannwn Tirannwn
  1. ^ 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Obtaining stamina potions is very difficult as it requires the Dr Jekyll random event or buying them from the supply chest in second round of the Theatre of Blood, unless the Asgarnia area is unlocked to purchase Amylase crystals.

Other equipment[edit | edit source]

Item Region Notes
Plank sack.png Plank sack N/A Mahogany homes is disabled, so this item is unobtainable in the Trailblazer League.
Carpenter's helmet.png Carpenter's outfit N/A Mahogany homes is disabled, so this item is unobtainable in the Trailblazer League.

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Item Region Notes
Crystal saw.png Crystal saw Kandarin Kandarin Invisible +3 Construction boost, but only on objects requiring a saw to construct. Quest requirement is auto-unlocked in Kandarin, Crystal saw should be immediately obtainable.
Spicy stew.png Spicy stew (orange spice) Desert Desert Boosts Construction by ±0-5. Requires manual completion of the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in Recipe for Disaster.
Cup of tea (clay).png Cup of tea (clay) Misthalin Misthalin Boosts Construction by 1. Must be consumed within a player-owned house.
Cup of tea (porcelain).png Cup of tea (porcelain) Misthalin Misthalin Boosts Construction by 2. Must be consumed within a player-owned house.
Cup of tea (trimmed).png Cup of tea (trimmed) Fremennik Fremennik Boosts Construction by 3. Must be consumed within a player-owned house. Limited by access to gold leaf.

Skillcape[edit | edit source]

Item Region Master Notes
Construct. cape.png Construction cape Misthalin Misthalin Any estate agent Unlimited teleports to the player's own house and to the house portals located in RimmingtonAsgarnia, TaverleyAsgarnia, PollnivneachDesert, RellekkaFremennik, BrimhavenKaramja, YanilleKandarin and PrifddinasTirannwn.[1]
  1. ^ Hosidius teleport disabled during Trailblazer League.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Base XP
Requirements Required Regions Autocompleted Regions
Daddy's Home 400 - Misthalin Misthalin
Tower of Life 1,000 Construction 10 Construction Kandarin Kandarin
Cold War 1,500 Agility 30 Agility
Construction 34 Construction
Crafting 30 Crafting
Hunter 10 Hunter
Kandarin Kandarin
Fremennik Fremennik
Making Friends with My Arm 2,000 Agility 68 Agility
Construction 35 Construction
Firemaking 66 Firemaking
Mining 72 Mining
Asgarnia Asgarnia
Kandarin Kandarin
Fremennik Fremennik
The Fremennik Isles 5,000 Agility 40 Agility
Construction 20 Construction
Crafting 46 Crafting
Woodcutting 56 Woodcutting
Fremennik Fremennik

XP rewards with skill choice[edit | edit source]

Quest Base XP
Requirements Required Regions Autocompleted Regions
X Marks the Spot 300 - Asgarnia Asgarnia
A Taste of Hope 2,500 Agility 45 Agility
Attack 40 Attack
Crafting 48 Crafting
Herblore 40 Herblore
Slayer 38 Slayer
Morytania Morytania
A Tail of Two Cats 2,500 twice - Asgarnia Asgarnia
Desert Desert
Fremennik Fremennik
King's Ransom 5,000 Defence 65 Defence
Magic 45 Magic
Asgarnia Asgarnia
Kandarin Kandarin
Sins of the Father 15,000 3 times Woodcutting 62 Woodcutting
Fletching 60 Fletching
Crafting 56 Crafting
Agility 52 Agility
Attack 50 Attack
Slayer 50 Slayer
Magic 49 Magic
Morytania Morytania