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Overview[edit | edit source]

Training Hunter actively can pose a challenge if certain regions are not unlocked. Kandarin Kandarin contains the most variety in hunter creatures, but there are options in other areas. Misthalin Misthalin allows the semi-passive training of Hunter through bird house trapping, which can be completed every 50 minutes. The Natural History Quiz can also be completed in Misthalin at level 1 Hunter, and grants 1,000 base experience. This will bring Hunter to level 20 with the 5x boosted rate of relic tier 1.

Elnock Inquisitor will only provide free Impling jars to players once, and more cannot be purchased without trading in implings (in jars). You may also receive one Impling Jar per day via the Leagues Tutor.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

There are only two Hunter shops and are the only place most Hunter equipment can be acquired.

Training[edit | edit source]

Birdhouses[edit | edit source]

Birdhouses are a lucrative way to train hunter passively on Fossil Island.

The required clockworks can be made on a Crafting table 2 in the workshop of a player owned house. They require a steel bar and 8 Crafting.

Other notable methods[edit | edit source]

Region Hunting area Hunter level range Notable Creatures
Desert Desert Uzer Hunter Area 5-47 Orange salamanders
Karamja Karamja Karamja Hunter area 41 Horned graahk
Kruk's Dungeon 60 Maniacal monkey (Hunter)
Fremennik Fremennik Rellekka Hunter area 1-55 Polar kebbits
Kandarin Kandarin Feldip Hunter area 1-63 Carnivorous chinchompas
Piscatoris Hunter Area 3-53 Copper longtails, Ferrets, Chinchompas
Piscatoris falconry area 43-69 Spotted, dark, and dashing kebbits
Ourania Hunter area 59 Red salamanders
Red chinchompa hunting ground[1] 63 Carnivorous chinchompas
Morytania Morytania Canifis Hunter area 29 Swamp lizards
Tirannwn Tirannwn Gwenith Hunter area 63 Carnivorous chinchompas
Wilderness Wilderness South of the Lava Maze 73 Black chinchompas
Boneyard Hunter area 67 Black salamanders
Misthalin Misthalin Fossil Island 80 [2] Herbiboars
  1. ^ Requires completion of hard Western Provinces Diary
  2. ^ Also requires Herblore 31 Herblore

Temporary boosts[edit | edit source]

Item Region Notes
Spicy stew.png Spicy stew (yellow spice) Desert Desert Boosts Hunter by ±0-5. Requires manual completion of the Freeing Evil Dave subquest in Recipe for Disaster.
Hunter potion.png Hunter potion Fremennik Fremennik Boosts Hunter by 3. Requires 53 Herblore and 51 Hunter for the secondary ingredient.

Skillcape[edit | edit source]

Item Region Master Notes
Hunter cape.png Hunter Cape Kandarin Kandarin Hunting expert Five teleports per day to the Red chinchompas in the Feldip Hunter areaKandarin or to Black chinchompasWilderness.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest Base XP
Requirements Required Regions Autocompleted Regions
Natural History Quiz 1,000 - Misthalin Misthalin
Eagles' Peak 2,500 Hunter 27 Hunter Kandarin Kandarin Tirannwn Tirannwn
Wilderness Wilderness

XP rewards with skill choice[edit | edit source]

Quest Base XP
Requirements Required Regions Autocompleted Regions
X Marks the Spot 300 - Asgarnia Asgarnia
A Taste of Hope 2,500 Agility 45 Agility
Attack 40 Attack
Crafting 48 Crafting
Herblore 40 Herblore
Slayer 38 Slayer
Morytania Morytania
A Tail of Two Cats 2,500 twice - Asgarnia Asgarnia
Desert Desert
Fremennik Fremennik
King's Ransom 5,000 Defence 65 Defence
Magic 45 Magic
Asgarnia Asgarnia
Kandarin Kandarin
Sins of the Father 15,000 3 times Woodcutting 62 Woodcutting
Fletching 60 Fletching
Crafting 56 Crafting
Agility 52 Agility
Attack 50 Attack
Slayer 50 Slayer
Magic 49 Magic
Morytania Morytania