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Overview[edit | edit source]

Attack, Strength, and Defence are all trained in similar ways through combat. Strength can be trained slowly through barbarian fishing, and Defence can also be trained with Ranged or Magic while on the defensive combat style.

The tier 3 and tier 6 relics are combat related.

Fluid Strikes interactions (T3 Melee Relic)[edit | edit source]

Fluid Strikes has the effect "The attack speed of all melee weapons is halved (rounded up)."

Rounded up is important here, this means that any weapon with uneven attack speed (Notably Dragon longsword, Granite maul, Dharok's greataxe, Dragon 2h sword, Scythe of vitur and Crystal halberd) gains less than 100% increased attack speed of Fluid Strikes; only 66% and 75% for 5/7 tick attack speed respectively.

As such in ex. a comparison of damage between a Dragon longsword and a Dragon scimitar the Dragon scimitar has 50% faster attack speed, compared to the normal 25% faster attack speed. (5/4 to 3/2)

In effect this means that for DPS output, weapons with uneven tick attack speed is always significantly worse and should be avoided if possible.

Notable gear by region[edit | edit source]

Regions in the required column are always required. However, only one of the optional regions is required.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Notes
Dragon scimitar.pngDragon scimitar Kandarin Kandarin Can be purchased for 100,000 coins from Daga's Scimitar Smithy
Dragon longsword.pngDragon longsword Misthalin Misthalin Can be purchased for 100,000 coins from Jukat (shop)
Rapier.pngRapier Morytania Morytania Can be purchased for 25,600 by speaking to Smith, identical stats to Rune Scimitar but with the stab and slash attack bonuses swapped
Abyssal bludgeon.pngAbyssal bludgeon Misthalin Misthalin The components to make the bludgeon are obtained from the unsired
Abyssal whip.pngAbyssal whip Misthalin MisthalinMorytania Morytania Dropped by abyssal demons and Abyssal Sire
Abyssal tentacle.pngAbyssal tentacle Kandarin Kandarin Misthalin MisthalinMorytania Morytania Made by combining a tentacle with an abyssal whip
Dragon 2h sword.pngDragon 2h sword Desert DesertWilderness Wilderness The dragon 2h sword is dropped by most Wilderness bosses and the Kalphite Queen
Granite maul.pngGranite maul Morytania Morytania Since LMS is disabled, the special attack cannot be reduced to 50%
Saradomin sword.pngSaradomin sword Asgarnia Asgarnia Unlike most two-handed weapons in the game, the Saradomin sword has an attack speed of 4
Zamorakian spear.pngZamorakian spear Asgarnia Asgarnia
Zamorakian hasta.pngZamorakian hasta Asgarnia AsgarniaKandarin Kandarin The hasta is made by taking a Zamorakian spear to Otto Godblessed, along with a payment of 300,000 coins
Crystal halberd.pngCrystal halberd Kandarin KandarinTirannwn Tirannwn The special attack can deal damage against large groups of enemies
Dharok's greataxe.pngDharok's greataxe Morytania Morytania Attacks deal more damage as hitpoints decrease if the rest of Dharok the Wretched's equipment is worn
Barrelchest anchor.pngBarrelchest anchor Morytania Morytania A damaged anchor can be obtained from Brother Tranquility and repaired by speaking to Smith for 230,000 or bought repaired from Perdu for 290,000
Blade of saeldor.pngBlade of saeldor Tirannwn Tirannwn Best slash weapon
Ghrazi rapier.pngGhrazi rapier Morytania Morytania Highest stab and Stength bonus for any weapon of its attack speed
Scythe of vitur.pngScythe of vitur Morytania Morytania Can hit up to three enemies simultaneously
Inquisitor's mace.pngInquisitor's mace Morytania Morytania Best crush weapon
Viggora's chainmace.pngViggora's chainmace Wilderness Wilderness When Viggora's chainmace is charged with revenant ether, an additional 50% melee accuracy and damage boost is applied when attacking any NPC in the Wilderness

Helmets[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Black mask.pngBlack mask Morytania Morytania Strength +16.67% Provides a 16.67% boost to Attack and Strength against all monsters on the player's current Slayer task
Slayer helmet (i).pngSlayer helmet (i) Kandarin KandarinMorytania Morytania Strength +16.67% 1,250,000 coins are required to imbue at the Nightmare Zone
Dragon full helm.pngDragon full helm Kandarin Kandarin Strength +0 Can be obtained as a rare drop from mithril dragons
Helm of neitiznot.pngHelm of neitiznot Fremennik Fremennik Strength +3
Neitiznot faceguard.pngNeitiznot faceguard Fremennik Fremennik Strength +6 Made by combining a basilisk jaw with a helm of neitiznot
Serpentine helm.pngSerpentine helm Tirannwn Tirannwn Strength +5 Grants immunity to poison and venom
Inquisitor's great helm.pngInquisitor's great helm Morytania Morytania Strength +4 When equipped, the great helm boosts damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style
Obsidian helmet.pngObsidian helmet Karamja Karamja Strength +3

Shield slot[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Dragon sq shield.pngDragon sq shield Fremennik FremennikKandarin Kandarin Strength +0 Made by combining the shield left half and the shield right half.
Dragon defender.pngDragon defender Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +6 Farmable at Warriors' Guild. Bring a black armour purchasable from Horvik's Armour Shop. and Champions' Guild. Food purchasable on site. Excellent to combine with Slayer Task: Hill giants (substitutes them). ~4-6 hours to get.
Avernic defender.pngAvernic defender Asgarnia AsgarniaMorytania Morytania Strength +8 Requires Dragon defender
Dragonfire shield.pngDragonfire shield Karamja KaramjaFremennik Fremennik Strength +7 Dropped by dragons in Brimhaven Dungeon or Lithkren Vault
Crystal shield.pngCrystal shield Tirannwn Tirannwn Strength +0 Made by combining 40 crystal shards with one crystal weapon seed at a singing bowl in Prifddinas
Elysian spirit shield.pngElysian spirit shield Wilderness Wilderness Strength +0 Requires Prayer 75 to equip
Toktz-ket-xil.pngToktz-ket-xil Karamja Karamja Strength +5 Provides a +5 Strength bonus. Awards League Points when equipped. (As all Obsidian equipment does)

Chest slot[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Dragon chainbody.pngDragon chainbody Desert DesertKandarin Kandarin Strength +0
Dragon platebody.pngDragon platebody Fremennik FremennikKandarin Kandarin Strength +0 Made by combining a dragon metal lump and dragon metal shard with a dragon chainbody
Obsidian platebody.pngObsidian platebody Karamja Karamja Strength +3
Fighter torso.pngFighter torso Kandarin Kandarin Strength +4 Obtained from Barbarian Assault
Bandos chestplate.pngBandos chestplate Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +4 Unlike the other body armours which provide a strength bonus, the Bandos chestplate also has substantial defensive bonuses
Inquisitor's hauberk.pngInquisitor's hauberk Morytania Morytania Strength +4 When equipped, the hauberk boosts damage and accuracy by 0.5% when using the crush attack style

Legs slot[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Obsidian platelegs.pngObsidian platelegs Karamja Karamja Strength +1 Can be purchased for 100,500 tokkul
Bandos tassets.pngBandos tassets Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +2 Highest Strength bonus for the leg slot
Dragon plateskirt.pngDragon plateskirt Karamja Karamja Fremennik Fremennik Strength +0 Drops semi-frequently from Steel Dragon and Skeletal Wyvern. Very good to combine with slayer task.
Dragon platelegs.pngDragon platelegs Karamja Karamja Fremennik Fremennik Strength +0 Drops semi-frequently from Steel Dragon and Skeletal Wyvern. Very good to combine with slayer task.
Granite legs.pngGranite legs Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +0 Drops semi-frequently from Skeletal Wyvern. Very good to combine with slayer task.

Boots[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus
Rune boots.pngRune boots Morytania MorytaniaTirannwn Tirannwn Strength +2
Dragon boots.pngDragon boots Asgarnia AsgarniaWilderness Wilderness Strength +4
Primordial boots.pngPrimordial boots Asgarnia Asgarnia Wilderness Wilderness Strength +5
Guardian boots.pngGuardian boots Asgarnia AsgarniaMorytania Morytania Strength +3
Bandos boots.pngBandos boots Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +0
Granite boots.pngGranite boots Morytania Morytania Strength +3
Climbing boots.pngClimbing boots Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +2

Jewellery[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Berserker ring.pngBerserker ring Fremennik Fremennik Strength +4 Always provides at least 1 max hit
Berserker ring (i).pngBerserker ring (i) Fremennik FremennikKandarin Kandarin Strength +8 Requires 650,000 coins to imbue
Explorer's ring 1.pngExplorer's ring 1 Misthalin Misthalin Strength +0 Provides +1 to Prayer. Easy to get.
Amulet of strength.pngAmulet of strength Misthalin Misthalin Strength +10 Lootable from the H.A.M. Store room. Lvl 49 magic to enchant. Common drop from the Giant Mole
Amulet of power.pngAmulet of power Misthalin Misthalin Strength +6 Lootable from the H.A.M. Store room. Lvl 57 magic to enchant
Amulet of fury.pngAmulet of fury Karamja KaramjaAsgarnia AsgarniaTirannwn Tirannwn Strength +8
Amulet of blood fury.pngAmulet of blood fury Morytania Morytania Strength +8 Has a 20% chance to heal for 30% of the damage dealt
Amulet of torture.pngAmulet of torture Kandarin Kandarin Strength +10 Requires a zenyte
Regen bracelet.pngRegen bracelet Karamja KaramjaAsgarnia AsgarniaTirannwn Tirannwn Strength +7 Requires an onyx
Combat bracelet.pngCombat bracelet Misthalin Misthalin Strength +6 Requires a dragonstone which can be found in a variety of places

Other items and bonuses[edit | edit source]

Gear Required regions Optional regions Strength bonus Notes
Piety.pngPiety Asgarnia AsgarniaKandarin Kandarin Strength +varies Gives a 25% boost to Defence, a 23% boost to Strength, and 20% to Attack.

Requires Prayer 70

Adamant gloves.pngAdamant gloves Asgarnia AsgarniaKandarin Kandarin Strength +7
Rune gloves.pngRune gloves Asgarnia AsgarniaKandarin Kandarin Desert DesertFremennik Fremennik Strength +8
Cape of legends.pngCape of legends Fremennik FremennikKandarin Kandarin Strength +0
Mythical cape.pngMythical cape Fremennik FremennikKandarin Kandarin Strength +1
Fire cape.pngFire cape Karamja Karamja Strength +4
Infernal cape.pngInfernal cape Karamja Karamja Strength +8
Obsidian cape.pngObsidian cape Karamja Karamja Strength +0
Void melee helm.pngVoid melee helm Asgarnia Asgarnia Strength +10% Provides a 10% bonus to melee damage and accuracy if worn with the rest of the Void set