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Trailblazer League
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Coins are useful for many things within Trailblazer League such as:

General methods[edit | edit source]

  • Selling cabbages to Lunderwin in Zanaris market for 100 coins each. Requires a diamond to get enter the market area. Players with Last Recall relic can teleport back to the area without having to pay another diamond.
  • Casting High Level Alchemy, at Level 55 (boostable) Magic, to earn gold. Common items include: slayer drops, fletched bows, smithed weapons and armours, crafted jewellery, and duplicate rare drops of high value.

Shops[edit | edit source]

Certain shops buy items for more than the High Level Alchemy value if the stock is low.

Shop Value Region
Grum's Gold Exchange [1] 70% Asgarnia Asgarnia
Bandit Duty Free 60% Wilderness Wilderness
Rogues' Den general store [2] 60% Asgarnia Asgarnia
Davon's Amulet Store [3] 90%[4] Karamja Karamja
West Ardougne General Store 55% Kandarin Kandarin
  1. ^ Only buys unenchanted jewellery
  2. ^ Requires level 50 Thieving and Agility
  3. ^ Only buys a select few amulets
  4. ^ 100% when any pair of Karamja gloves are equipped

Methods by region[edit | edit source]

Method Profit Requirements Region Category Notes
Collecting steel platebodies 33.6k gp per inventory None Wilderness Wilderness Collection Collect steel platebodies on the ground in the Lava Maze, and sell at Bandit Duty Free
Collecting earth staves 25.2k gp per inventory None Wilderness Wilderness Collection Collect earth staves on the ground in the Lava Maze, and sell at Bandit Duty Free
Completing the Agility Pyramid 200k gp per hour Agility 30 Agility Desert Desert Skilling Hourly cash depends on Agility level. Each pyramid top can be sold to Simon Templeton for 10,000 coins.
Stealing silk 1,680 gp per inventory Thieving 20 Thieving

Desert Desert
Kandarin Kandarin
Tirannwn Tirannwn

Skilling Cannot be sold back to silk merchant until 30 minutes have passed
Pickpocketing knights of Ardougne 280,000 gp per hour Thieving 55 Thieving Kandarin Kandarin Skilling It becomes impossible to fail at pickpocketing at level 95 Thieving with the Medium Ardougne Diary
Blackjacking bandits in Pollnivneach Thieving 45 Thieving Desert Desert Skilling Blackjacking is an excellent way to train Thieving while making gp
Revenant Caves Combat level High Combat level Wilderness Wilderness Combat The revenants are a great source of high value items that can be sold or High Alched. All drops are noted while wearing the amulet of avarice at the cost of being permanently skulled.
Stealing from H.A.M. Store rooms ~15,000 gp per inventory (varied jewellry)

70,000-150,000 gp per hour

Thieving 20 Thieving


Thieving 50+ Thieving

35+ Magic for teleports with

Crystal of Memories


55+ Magic for High Alch

Asgarnia Asgarnia Skilling The guards in the storeroom can be pickpocketed and commonly give keys which unlock a reward chest.

Sell to Grum's Gold Exchange, if stock is more than 10 then change worlds.

Teleports with Crystal of Memories / High Level Alchemy makes runs significantly faster. (70k/hour -> 150k/hour)

Fastest way is to pickpocket 100+ of each key and bring entire inventories of a single type. Use any teleport/Crystal of Memories to quickly bank any loot and then bring noted loot to Grum's Gold Exchange and sell 10-15 per world of each.

Another method is High Alching on spot, but this costs nature runes which unless you have good runecrafting is in short supply or prohibitevely expensive to buy from vendors.

Slaying rune dragons Combat level High Combat level Fremennik Fremennik Combat Rune dragons always drop a runite bar and dragon bones. They also commonly drop rune and dragon equipment.
Pest Control Combat Level x 10 gp per win Combat level 40 Combat level Asgarnia Asgarnia Minigame Can earn participation points in mini game via combat or repairing barricades.
Looting coffins in the Hallowed Sepulchre Thieving 66 Thieving Morytania Morytania Skilling The high-tier loot contains high level runes, rune alchables, and 17,500-20,000 coins
Alching ecumenical keys Combat level High Combat level Wilderness Wilderness Combat Ecumenical keys are dropped by the minions in the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon and can be high alched for 61,500 coins.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

There are many bosses that can be slain for gold and other high value drops.

Fremennik Fremennik Vorkath commonly drops rune longswords and kiteshields, as well as some dragon equipment. Battlestaves are also a common drop which can be made into elemental battlestaves for Crafting experience and alched for gp.

Tirannwn Tirannwn The Gauntlet can be completed for a common drop of rune armour. Crystal armour seeds are boosted by the passive relic increase and can be high alched for 300,000 coins. Uncut gems are also a common drop which can be turned into jewellery for selling or alching.