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Trailblazer League
Trailblazer League/Guide/Quests.png Trailblazer League/Tasks.png Trailblazer League/Relics.png Misthalin
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Trailblazer League/Guide/Skills.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Agility.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Mining.png Asgarnia
Trailblazer League/Guide/Melee.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Herblore.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Smithing.png Fremennik
Trailblazer League/Guide/Ranged.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Thieving.png Trailblazer League/Guide/Fishing.png Kandarin
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Completable quests by area[edit | edit source]

This table identifies which regions are needed for quests completable within Trailblazer League. Quests that involve travelling to Great Kourend and the Kebos Lowlands are not included.

If an area icon is present for a quest, that area is required to fully complete the quest. Starting area requirements have been exempt from the table for quests requiring a region choice and a starting area for the sake of clarity when sorting by region. A green cell with 'auto' means that quest is automatically completed when unlocking that area. Auto-completed quests do not reward experience. A red row indicates the quest is impossible to complete. Read carefully, as a quest can be doable before it is auto-completed, depending on your order and choices.

Some quest items have been highlighted in the notes column, but all items should be available in starting regions and regions with entries.

For Recipe for Disaster, Morytania or Kandarin are required to start doing the other subquests, as those are the only regions that complete Another Cook's Quest.