Traitorous Ali

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Traitorous Ali is a man from Pollnivneach. He was a member of the Menaphites but apparently betrayed them, gaining his nickname. He used to visit The Asp & Snake Bar.

During The Feud, the player must poison the drink he left in the bar. After the quest, when the player has turned against the bandits and Menaphites to help the town, the bartender can be informed about the poison and will give the player a free beer.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Ali the Barman will say he went to find a bathroom, if asked where he went. Your character will begin a conversation about never seeing a bathroom before. This is possibly a reference to the fact that no toilets or bathrooms could be found in Runescape at the time of the quest's release. As of 2023, the closest bathroom to Pollivneach is the toilet stall on Fossil Island, followed by the other two toilet stalls in Zeah.