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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

A random dialogue will be selected every time you speak to 'Betty' B.Boppin.

Dialogue 1[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Ah, good day to you milady! Your face is unfamiliar, did you perhaps join us aboard the ship at Lunar Isle?
  • Player: No, Lokar offered me a lift in Rellekka actually.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Oh, really? You don't look like a Fremennik to me!
  • Player: Well... I kind of am, and I kind of aren't. It's a long story.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Sorry I don't have time to hear it then! See you around young fremennik-who-is-not-really-a- fremennik!
  • Player: 'Bye.
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 2[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Player: You know, I've always wondered what life as a pirate actually entails.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Well, at the moment it mostly involves being asked random questions by a stowaway.
  • Player: I'm not a stowaway! I was invited aboard! By Lokar! Ask him!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Hey, whatever love. Just make sure the captain doesn't catch you, pirates don't like stowaways much.
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 3[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Player: Brrrr! Its cold up here!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: You think this is cold? Up by Acheron it gets so cold that when you talk you see the words freeze in the air in front of you!
  • Player: REALLY?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Nah, not really. I was exaggerating for humourous effect. It is very very cold though!
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 4[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Sorry, can't stop, the Captain will have my guts for garters if he catches me slacking off talking to the stowaway.
  • Player: I'm not a stowaway! I was invited aboard!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Yeah, whatever lady, it doesn't really matter who you are I'll get in trouble!
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 5[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Hello.
  • Player: So... You're a pirate, huh?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: It's what it says on my pay-packet at the end of the month.
  • Player: How's that working out for you?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Pretty good so far. All the grog and loot that we can plunder, plus full medical including dental.
  • Player: You mean you have insurance?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Not as such. If any of us get sick we kidnap a doctor and don't let him go until we're better.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: You'd be surprised what an incentive for expert health care that is.
  • Player: I can imagine.
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 6[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Hello there. So what brings you aboard the Lady Zay?
  • Player: Well, I was planning on visiting the Moon Clan, but I have to say your ship is very impressive.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Aye, she's a beauty alright! The Lady Zay has been my home for many hard months, through storm and sun, and she always gets us to here we were headed!
  • Player: Yes, she's certainly one of the finest boats I've seen on my travels!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: That she is lass, that she is.
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 7[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Player: So how's life as a pirate?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: What kind of question is that? How's life as a... I dunno. Whatever it is that you do for a living.
  • Player: I'm a freelance troubleshooter.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: What does that entail then?
  • Player: Mostly killing things for money and delivering items around the planet for people.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: So how's that life?
  • Player: Can't complain, can't complain...
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Well, there you go.
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 8[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Player: Aren't you a little short for a pirate?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: My mother was a gnome. Apparently it was a very painful birth.
  • Player: More info than I wanted, thanks!
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 9[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • Player: No! I'm not a stowaway! Honest! I was invited here!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Oh, sorry, my mistake then.
  • Player: Why, what do they usually look like?
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Erm... I've never actually met one...
  • Player: Okay then...
  • (End of dialogue)

Dialogue 10[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Hello to you too.
  • Player: Yar! We be pirates, yar! Avast, ye scurvy land-lubbing lychee!
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Please don't talk like that, it is extremely irritating.
  • 'Betty' B.Boppin: Also, please don't call me a lychee, whatever that may be.
  • Player: Oh. Okay. Sorry.
  • (End of dialogue)