Dialogue for Al Kharid Camel

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Contacting through NPC Contacts Random option[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hi there!
  • Al Kharid Camel: Why, helloooo!
  • Player: A camel?
  • Al Kharid Camel: Well this is grand darling. How nice it is to make your acquaintance!
  • Player: Thank you. Nice to meet you too.
  • Player: Wait a minute. How am I talking to you without a Camulet?
  • Al Kharid Camel: My dear, I'm a camel, how should I know?
  • Player: Hmmm. I suppose this spell must tap directly into your mind. So, there's no need for language to get in the way.
  • Al Kharid Camel: I think I am somewhat confused.
  • Al Kharid Camel: May one ask how you contacted me?
  • Player: I'm just using one of the Lunar spells.
  • Al Kharid Camel: Oh my, oh my. These youngsters today and their new-fangled gadgets!
  • (End of dialogue)