Dialogue for Blasidar the sculptor

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Standard Dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Blasidar the sculptor: The new statue looks beautiful, don't you agree?
  • Player: Oh yes, quite.
  • Blasidar the sculptor: My finest piece of work, without a doubt.
  • Player: Say, I was wondering, did you do the statues down in the mines as well?
  • Blasidar the sculptor: What, out with the trolls?
  • Blasidar the sculptor: If only! But no, they've been there for many thousands of years, actually. Been there before dwarven recorded history.
  • Player: No no, I'm sure they weren't there before!
  • Blasidar the sculptor: Of course they were, don't be silly!
  • Player: Alright... my mistake then.
  • (End of dialogue)