Dialogue for Calin

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Calin: Hey it's the Hero! Wow! You're amazing, how on earth did you manage to tackle those two juvinates and Gadderanks? And the town is lovely, you've done a great job!
  • Player: You're more than welcome.
    • What do you do here?
      • Player: What do you do here?
      • Calin: I'm Calin, I'm trying to stay warm by this fire.
        • (Initial options shown)
    • How do you like your town?
      • Player: How do you like your town?
      • Calin: It's just perfect, thanks so much for your efforts.
        • (Initial options shown)
    • What's happening around here?
      • Player: What's happening around here?
      • Calin: Oh, not much really, we're all still hiding from the vampyres and eking out a living from this terrible place, hopefully soon we'll be strong enough to make the journey to the temple on the Salve.
        • (Initial options shown)
    • Is there anything I can do to help out?
      • Player: Is there anything I can do to help out?
      • Calin: Not as far as I know, we have some basic amenities now which is so very useful, we're all incredibly grateful to you. I've never really seen or known a hero before, so I have nothing to compare one to, but I suspect in
      • Calin: most people's judgement, you would be one! I for one am very pleased to have met you.
        • (Initial options shown)
    • Ok, thanks.
      • Player: Ok, thanks.