Dialogue for Captain Kalt

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Kalt: Hello there.
  • Player: Tell me about the Wintertodt.
    • Captain Kalt: Ignisia claims it's some kind of evil spirit.
    • Player: You don't believe her?
    • Captain Kalt: Nah, I believe in things I can stab and kill. This is all just a storm in a teacup. I mean, how can wind and snow be evil? My toad is more of a threat!
    • Player: Your... toad?
    • Captain Kalt: Yeah, just a bit of fun, I have a pet - he's around here somewhere, assuming that troublesome cat hasn't eaten him.
    • Player: That's a bit weird, but okay.
    • Captain Kalt: No weirder than being scared of snow.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Player: Tell me about yourself.
    • Captain Kalt: I'm Captain Kalt, proud member of the Shayzien Guard.
    • Player: How long have you been a guard?
    • Captain Kalt: Man and boy I've worn the uniform. Earned Captain a few years back and never looked back. Not too happy about babysitting delusional wizards though. But Orders is Orders.
    • (End of dialogue)
  • Player: Tell me how I'm doing.
    • Captain Kalt: Ignisia appears to be quite happy with you.
    • Chatbox displays amount of times you have subdued the Wintertodt, your lifetime score, and your highest score.