Dialogue for Captain Rachelle

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Captain Rachelle: Attention! Front and centre!
  • Player: Yes Ma'am!
  • Captain Rachelle: I have to ask you to get back from here sir/ma'am.
  • Player: Why is that then? What if I want to stand here?
  • Captain Rachelle: We have manipulated the landscape to our advantage in the fight against the lizardmen.
  • Captain Rachelle: If it wasn't for us, the lizardmen would have invaded all of Great Kourend by now. It was a genius strategic decision by the honourable Lord Shayzien.
  • Player: I'm a very strong adventurer, would I be able to help out in the battle?
  • If the player has less than 5% Shayzien favour:
    • Captain Rachelle: No! We would never trust a stranger in the importance of a battle! A lot is at stake <player name>
    • You do not have enough Shayzien favour. Current favour: <current favour in %> - Required: 5.0%
  • If the player has at least 5% Shayzien favour:
    • Captain Rachelle: You may. You can find access into the canyon to the west of here.