Dialogue for Cavey Davey

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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Cavey Davey: Be ye mad? There be Horrors in this cave!
  • Player: What do you mean?
  • Cavey Davey: Have ye ever heard of the sort of evil, flesh-eatin' horrors that dwell in the darkest pits of the world?
  • Cavey Davey: The sort of dark, sanity-breakin' THINGS that cause the livin' to drop to their knees and weep for the fate of all creation?
  • Cavey Davey: Well, have ye?
  • Player: Yes, I think I've killed a few of them as well.
  • Cavey Davey: Well, that's ok then.
  • Cavey Davey: But, ye'll need a Witchwood Icon from a slayer master if ye want te go in these caves and live.
  • Player: Why?
  • Cavey Davey: Well, ye see them Jungle Horrors? Well down in the caves there be Cave Horrors.
  • Cavey Davey: They are bigger, badder, meaner, and have a howl that freezes the blood in yer veins.
  • Cavey Davey: Wearin' earmuffs or a helmet won't work, cos them masks they wear make the sound magical. Only thing that works is wearin' a Witchwood Icon.
  • Cavey Davey: That is, o'course, if ye can see them, cos if ye don't have any light down there then yer likely te be picked te bones by the insects before the Horrors get ye.
  • Player: I see, thanks for the warning.
  • Cavey Davey: Yer welcome.
  • (End of dialogue)