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Standard dialogue[edit | edit source]

  • Ceto: Greetings, I suppose you're one of those twolegs obsessed with fish?
  • Player: Maybe. I could just like swimming around.
  • Ceto: Well, if you are, you've come to the right plaice.
  1. Plaice? Really?
    • Player: Plaice? Really?
    • Ceto: Is there somefin wrong with that? I mean, it's not like I have anyfin better to do.
    • Player: Please stop.
    • Ceto: Reely? And there I trout you were here to sea what you could sea and experience the opportunaty of a lifetime swimming with the fishes.
    • Player: Really. Really stop.
    • Ceto: What's wrong, do you need a herring aid?
    • Player: Nooooo....
    • Ceto: Oh don't be so crabby. You should be more up to date with current affairs. Shoaly you like puns chum?
    • Player: ...
    • Ceto: A blenny for your thoughts?
    • Player: Make it stop.
    • Ceto: Ahh, salty I sea. You provoked me into this and now you'll feel the wrasse of my tongue.
    • Player: *whimpers*
  2. I'd like to enter a private instance please.
    • Player: I'd like to enter a private instance please.
    • Ceto: I'll want 200 numulites first. If you pay me that, I'll let you in there as much as you like for the rest of this day.
    1. Okay, here's 200 numulites. (Only visible if player has 200 numulites)
      • Player: Okay, here's 200 numulites.
    2. Maybe another time.
      • Player: Maybe another time.
      • Chat ends
    3. Can I pay for permanent access?
      • Player: Can I pay for permanent access?
      • Ceto: I suppose so. Give me 20,000 numulites and I'll stop charging you for entry forever.
      1. Okay, here's 20,000 numulites.
        • Player: Okay, here's 20,000 numulites.
        • Ceto: Thanks - no more entry fees for you!
        • (End of dialogue)
      2. Maybe another time
        • Player: Maybe another time.
        • (End of dialogue)
  3. Who are you?
    • Player: Who are you?
    • Ceto: My name is Ceto. I used to be a carefree soul, but now that the twolegs are interested in these little bits of bone, I just keep my little fish farm going and the twolegs pay me a few squid.
    • Player: Shouldn't you be with your people or something?
    • Ceto: Well, they said I was too young to swim with them, an I should be responsible and get a job. They're so old school.
  4. How do I catch fish here?
    • Player: How do I catch fish here?
    • Ceto: Ahh well, I've set up a pretty good fish trrap here, the terrain really lends itself to it. But you'll need a couple of drift nets.
    • Player: How do I get those?
    • Ceto: Well I weave mine from my sisters' hair, but you'll have to make do with some plant fibres I guess. I think the twolegs have ways to do that, right?
    • Player: Yes, usually we use jute on a loom.
    • Ceto: Fintastic. You may also find something spikey helps to disturb the fish and make them panic.
    • Player: Spikey?
    • Ceto: Yes, something with lots of spikes, maybe like a trident.
  5. Bye.
    • Player: Bye
    • Ceto: Sea you later.
    • Chat ends