Dialogue for Councillor Halgrive

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Standard dialogue before Sheep Herder[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello. How are you?
  • Councillor Halgrive: I've been better.
    • What's wrong?
      • Player: What's wrong?
      • Councillor Halgrive: You may or may not be aware, but a plague has spread across West Ardougne. Now, so far, our efforts to contain it have been largely successful, for the most part.
      • Councillor Halgrive: However, some sheep recently escaped from a farm near the city. When they were found, we noticed that they were strangely discoloured, so we asked the mourners to examine them.
      • Councillor Halgrive: They believe that the sheep have become infected with the plague.
      • Player: Are you sure it's the plague?
      • Councillor Halgrive: Well the mourners seemed convinced and they're the experts. Even if it's not though, the sheep are clearly diseased in some way.
      • Councillor Halgrive: As the councillor responsible for public health and safety here in East Ardougne, I am in charge of dealing with this problem.
      • Councillor Halgrive: We need someone to herd these sheep into a safe enclosure, kill them quickly and cleanly and then dispose of the remains hygienically in a special incinerator.
      • Councillor Halgrive: Unfortunately, nobody wants to risk catching the plague, and I am unable to find someone willing to undertake this mission for me.
        • I can do that for you.
          • Player: I can do that for you.
          • Councillor Halgrive: You will? That is excellent news! Head to the enclosure we have set up on Farmer Brumty's land to the north of the city; the four infected sheep should still be somewhere in that vicinity.
          • Councillor Halgrive: Before you will be allowed to enter the enclosure, however, you must ensure you have some kind of protective clothing to prevent contagion.
          • Player: Where can I find some protective clothing then?
          • Councillor Halgrive: Doctor Orbon should have something suitable. You should be able to find him in the chapel just north of here.
          • Councillor Halgrive: Please also take this poisoned sheep feed; we believe poisoning the sheep will minimise the risk of airborne contamination, and is of course also more humane to the sheep.
          • Player receives Sheep feed.
          • Player: How will I know which sheep are infected?
          • Councillor Halgrive: The poor creatures have developed strangely discoloured wool and flesh. You should have no trouble spotting them. There should be four in total.
          • (End of dialogue)
        • That's not a job for me.
          • Player: That's not a job for me.
          • Councillor Halgrive: I do not blame you adventurer. It is not particularly pleasant work. My problem remains however. If you know of anyone suitable please send them this way; time is of the essence.
          • (End of dialogue)
    • That's life for you.
      • Player: That's life for you.
      • Councillor Halgrive: That's what concerns me... There might not be much life around here soon.
      • (End of dialogue)

Standard dialogue after Sheep Herder[edit | edit source]

  • Player: Hello again sir.
  • Councillor Halgrive: Well hello again adventurer! How are you today?
  • Player: Fine thank you. And yourself?
  • Councillor Halgrive: I'm okay. Sadly some more diseased sheep have appeared so I have them to deal with.
  • Player: Do you need me to help again?
  • Councillor Halgrive: Thank you for the kind offer. You've done enough though. We'll find someone else to deal with these ones.
  • (End of dialogue)