Dialogue for Councillor Unkar

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After completing The Forsaken Tower quest[edit | edit source]

  • Councillor Unkar: Thank you for helping to repair the Doors of Dinh. Kourend is a safer place because of you.
  1. Player: Who are you?
    • Councillor Unkar: I'm Councillor Unkar, one of the members of the Kourend Council. We are responsible for running the entire Kingdom of Great Kourend.
    • Player: What brings you to lovakengj then?
    • Councillor Unkar: It's important for the council to maintain a good relationship with the rulers of the five houses. Although it is the council that rules, we can only do so with their support.
    • Councillor Unkar: I'm here to help Lady Lovakengj out and to make sure she has everything she needs to rule effectively.
  2. Player: What are the Doors of Dinh.
    • Councillor Unkar: They are a great set of doors built by the legendary smith, Dinh, in the early days of Kourend. They were created to imprison a deadly beast known as the Wintertodt.
    • Councillor Unkar: Unfortunately, the doors were recently damaged, putting Kourend at risk. The master smith Undor, managed to repair them though, something he couldn't have done without you
  3. Player: I'll get going.